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Successful Web Directory Submission

Web directory submission is a service that many online business owners will want to use, at least one time, for their website or blog, or both. This allows individuals to get their website out into all of the search engines, or as many as they would like. While it is true that Google is the largest search engine, followed by Yahoo! and MSN, the fact is that there are many smaller search engines that really can help with your website’s traffic. Getting your website out into these directories can help you to get more people to your website.

Web directory submission can be done manually, by visiting each of the directories and manually entering the necessary information they require. While this may be a good option for some, it is highly time consuming and could be riddled with errors. Instead, another option you have is to purchase submission software, which could do the work for you. This is often troublesome and also costs a good deal of money. It is not something that many people want to do on their own, and rightfully so.

Instead of handling the web directory submission yourself, you should instead get the help of a professional company, including a web marketing service company or Internet advertising service. They will provide you with all of the help you need to get the website out there. The professional services make the process faster and more effective. In addition, you can gain a variety of other services from these professionals too, which could also boost your web presence and increase targeted traffic to your website.

Along with getting web directory submission, you may want to consider article marketing services, blog services, email marketing services, press releases and search engine optimization. These are just a few of the many services that an Internet advertising service can provide to your business online. The combination of these tools can really help to push your website forward, bringing in the quality results that you need for it, including more website visitors that are likely to make a purchase or otherwise do what you want them to do online.

Take some time to consider how well your website is doing. Then, consider the added benefit of using web directory submissions to help boost the website online. This could help to get you more targeted visitors who are more likely to buy from you or invest in you in the way appropriate for them. Ultimately, you have to make key decisions about your business, like how to market it and how to make sure it is the top leading resource online. In order to get this level of recognition for your website, you need to make sure that the website is readily available online and that it is easily accessible to anyone who needs or wants to be there. Using web directory submission is one method of going this. For others, use an Internet marketing service to help you.


The Main Features of Directory Submission Sites

Web directories, also called link directories, are directories on the Internet that specialize in linking to other websites and in categorizing these links. Websitedirectory submission sites are important because Web masters are able to include links with their site’s description and title in them for exposure to a greater Web audience. These directories are similar to RSS directories, the only difference being that RSS directories carry RSS feeds and not links to websites. It is important that you know the features of directory submission websites. These include:

Categorizing – Web directories are not search engines and they do not display Web page lists based on keywords, categorizing is done by the listing of websites by their categories and subcategories.

Manual and automatic submission – directory submission sites allow for manual Web directory submissions and automatic submissions. Automatic submissions are advantageous in that you are able to make submissions to hundreds of directories after a single click, meaning you will spend less time and reach a lot more directories. Manual submissions are however, more effective because the submission directories are chosen carefully, meaning submissions will be to directories with high PageRank and they will therefore be more effective.

Scope of listing – most of these directories have a general scope and they list sites across different categories, languages, and regions. Popular examples of these are Open Directory Project or ODP and Yahoo! Directory. A few niche directories focus on particular languages, specialist sectors, and regions. An example of a niche directory is a shopping directory that specializes in listing retail e-commerce websites.

Price for inclusion – directory submission sites are either free submission whereby reviewing and listing is not charged or paid submission where recurring or one-time charges are necessary for listing and/or reviewing.

Keywords – keywords are included in the submissions. Most SEO services recommend that you pick a maximum of 10 related keywords per package.

Natural links – the links created with Web directory submissions to credible and reliable submission directories are 100% natural. This is important because it leads to search engine optimization. Avoid SEO services that submit websites to link farms and to FFA websites since this is Black Hat SEO.

There are differences in terms of reciprocating, with some Web directory submissions requiring reciprocal links and others requiring no reciprocating. Some submissions are No-Follow, some come with featured listing, some allow for bidding for position, and some have affiliate links.


Using Web Directory Submission to Promote Your Site

If you’ve recently launched a blog or website, you’re probably looking for ways to promote it. Arguably, the single most important aspect of website promotion for a new site is Web directory submission. This strategy can work in conjunction with link exchanges, article submissions, and even traffic exchanges. Each of these is highly effective but works in a slightly different way.

With Web directory submission, you are providing links to your website. All of the links sent to a website directory submission are indexed according to the appropriate category and subcategory. From there, you then submit your website to the category that best complements or enhances what you sell. As a result, you’ll be more likely to get noticed by search engines and increase your website traffic.

There are two primary options for Web directory submission: automatic submission and manual submission. With automatic submission, special software makes the process of submission easier, saving you time and effort. The first drawback to this method is that the software doesn’t always select the proper categories, thereby lessening or negating its effectively. The second drawback is that submitting to a large number of directories can have the unwanted effect of tagging your site as a spam site.

In contrast, manual Web directory submission provides the needed human touch, both in terms of the categories selected and in the number of submissions conducted over time. The manual method requires more dedication in time and effort, but there are excellent Internet marketing companies that can provide this service for you.

After a Web directory submission is complete, the directory will then check the content on the site prior to accepting it. Because of this, the process is more effective if you create a list of the top directories to where you want to submit. This includes looking for directories that have a one-way back link, which is a link on a website that points directly back to your own website.

Generally, the larger, more prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN all use one-way back links in their ranking algorithms. Keep in mind that the goal is to create the most one-way back links possible, so your site will attain a high ranking position and display when people conduct an online search.
The process of Web directory submission is actually quite simple – but it is time-consuming. You will need to be prepared with links and site details; in some instances, a directory may require an anchor text. When you submit your website, you have to stick with a particular type of directory. For example, if you have a website that offers financial information and guidance, then you want to focus your attention on directories that relate to the financial arena. Because the price of getting Web directory submission wrong is so high (in terms of negatively impacting your search engine ranking), it pays to get professional help in manual submissions.


Vital Considerations When Picking a Web Directory Submissions Service

Web directory submissions are submissions of websites’ links and titles to Web directories for listing and categorizing/sub-categorizing (following review). You could submit the website yourself, but hiring a pro gives you professionalism and unparalleled convenience. There are several considerations that you should make if you are to get the best and these include:

Monitoring – the company you go for should allow you to monitor the whole process so that you have total control of the process. Most companies feature a customer administration section. The company should allow you to make the final decision.

Submission type – some SEO services have software that do automatic submissions. Although you will reach a lot more people this way, go for a service that does 100% manual submissions. Manual submissions are more effective since you will reach the best directories and because search engine robots see through automatic Web directory submissions.

The number and PageRank of website submission directories – go for a service that has a wide range of submission directories.

Customer support – the Web directory submissions company you go for should provide 24/7 customer support and it should offer advice if you need any.

Comprehensive service – the company should offer different White Hat SEO techniques under one roof for your SEO campaign to be successful. Consider blog reviews, blog commenting, video distribution, and social bookmarking.

Cost benefits – cost considerations should be secondary if you are to get value for money, but note that some services exaggerate their rates. Compare different Web directory submissions companies so that you know what the average rates are. Go for a company with different packages so that you can choose exactly what is right for you.

Timeliness – go for a company that does not have too much on its plate since this will guarantee that your submission is handled in good time.

Credibility and reliability – there are several ways to determine the credibility and reliability of a website submission company. You could consider how long the service has been in business, you could check the training and the experience of the employees, and you could read customer testimonials.

Type of links – the best website submission company is one that offers permanent and one-way links. The company should only submit to directories with Do-Follow attributes.

You could get a good website submission company by reading independent reviews in magazines and in review sites, by asking for recommendations from people you trust, by joining online discussion forums, by checking with consumer protection agencies, and by checking with the relevant regulatory and professional bodies.


Advantages of Paid Web Directory Submission

The submission of site links and titles to Web directories is one of the most effective search engine optimization techniques. Web directory submissions are also advantageous in that they expose you to a global audience, they lead to brand awareness, and they provide a platform for you to search for link exchange partners. There are free and paid web directory submission sites. Free submission has the obvious advantage of saving you money, but paid web directory submission has a lot more benefits. These benefits include:

Quick and guaranteed/near guaranteed acceptance – submission to large directory submission sites such as Yahoo Directory and Open Directory Project (ODP) is associated with slow acceptance. This is unacceptable, particularly to Internet marketers. Paid submissions are given priority and you will almost be sure that you will be accepted.

Website owner’s supervision – a paid web directory submission is advantageous in that there is no risk of your time and effort going to waste due to the vanishing of free directories, which is a common occurrence. The fact that you pay for your submission means a lot of time and effort will be paid to your submission, meaning your site will always be clean. The service you pay for includes maintenance by the best brains in the job.

Permanent backlinks and one-way links – paid Web directory submissions are advantageous in that you get permanent backlinks. Permanent backlinks are important because Google values them and they are a major determinant of ranking. These links are often one-way links. These links are important because they do not require reciprocating, thereby adding to the credibility of your site.

Deep URLs – you get deeper links with paid Web directory submissions than you do with other SEO techniques, meaning you will achieve search engine optimization and there will be balance in all the Web pages in your site.

Unique content – in most cases, the Webmaster will be allowed to write a short descriptive paragraph about the site with a paid web directory submission. This information will lead to increased ROI.

Specific keyword targeting – paid submissions allow for use of targeted keywords. This is advantageous in that increased traffic through the search engine results page.

Other advantages of paid Web directory submissions are that you get long term results since paid directories are usually credible and reliable and will probably outlive you, they are safer and clutter-free, you get little or no distractions, and you are guaranteed SEO and ranking.