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Web directory submissions are submissions of websites’ links and titles to Web directories for listing and categorizing/sub-categorizing (following review). You could submit the website yourself, but hiring a pro gives you professionalism and unparalleled convenience. There are several considerations that you should make if you are to get the best and these include:

Monitoring – the company you go for should allow you to monitor the whole process so that you have total control of the process. Most companies feature a customer administration section. The company should allow you to make the final decision.

Submission type – some SEO services have software that do automatic submissions. Although you will reach a lot more people this way, go for a service that does 100% manual submissions. Manual submissions are more effective since you will reach the best directories and because search engine robots see through automatic Web directory submissions.

The number and PageRank of website submission directories – go for a service that has a wide range of submission directories.

Customer support – the Web directory submissions company you go for should provide 24/7 customer support and it should offer advice if you need any.

Comprehensive service – the company should offer different White Hat SEO techniques under one roof for your SEO campaign to be successful. Consider blog reviews, blog commenting, video distribution, and social bookmarking.

Cost benefits – cost considerations should be secondary if you are to get value for money, but note that some services exaggerate their rates. Compare different Web directory submissions companies so that you know what the average rates are. Go for a company with different packages so that you can choose exactly what is right for you.

Timeliness – go for a company that does not have too much on its plate since this will guarantee that your submission is handled in good time.

Credibility and reliability – there are several ways to determine the credibility and reliability of a website submission company. You could consider how long the service has been in business, you could check the training and the experience of the employees, and you could read customer testimonials.

Type of links – the best website submission company is one that offers permanent and one-way links. The company should only submit to directories with Do-Follow attributes.

You could get a good website submission company by reading independent reviews in magazines and in review sites, by asking for recommendations from people you trust, by joining online discussion forums, by checking with consumer protection agencies, and by checking with the relevant regulatory and professional bodies.

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