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We Believe 2015 Will See the Return of Paid Website Traffic

This year will completely shake up the way business owners build traffic for their websites, says Majon International, one of the internet’s oldest and most distinguished online marketing companies. To stay current in the latest advances in the quickly changing internet marketing world, businesses will have to continually evolve the way they market their products and services. Successful Internet advertising will now require a thoughtful mix of new and old techniques, the company says, and more importantly, that mix will have to be tailored to meet the specific goals of the business.

In addition to the tactics currently used by most online businesses, such as an abundance of good content and a solid social media campaign in place, businesses that want to stay ahead of the internet marketing curve will have to engage in a technique that many thought was history: buying website traffic. This is a marketing tactic that has its detractors, but when it is done correctly, buying website traffic offers benefits that other types of marketing and promotion simply cannot provide. The most obvious benefit is speed. When site owners buy website traffic, they can expect to see an immediate increase in unique visitors to their online business. This can result in a domino effect; one that increases the search engine ranking of the site which then in turn, increases the amount of search engine traffic that is directed to their site. In other words, in 2015, creating a stream of traffic to client websites will be an important ingredient to the overall mix of a successful online business. This can be done by simply continuing to use other online marketing tactics, plus buying the specific targeted niche web traffic that is needed.

Targeted website traffic will offer even more benefits to the savvy website owner as 2015 progresses. Website visitors who are already interested in learning about products or a particular business are much more likely to convert from visitors into customers. But an increase in conversion rates is only one of the benefits of buying targeted niche traffic. Visitors who are genuinely interested in the material or products are much more likely to stick around and read more. Longer visits on a website reduce the website’s bounce rate, a metric used by major search engines to determine whether a website is delivering quality content. Additional visitors also make it easier for website owners to analyze traffic patterns and tweak their online marketing strategies. Finally, when visitors are genuinely interested in the material on the targeted website, they are more likely to share the link with their own social networks.

2015 will see a comeback for purchased website traffic, and savvy website owners should do all they can to take advantage of this uptrend now. Using a combined marketing approach that includes both content information blogging and social media promotion along with buying targeted niche customer traffic is a good one – two punch for online success.

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Best Business Blogging Practices – Who’s Got Time for That?

Let’s accept it as a given that blogging is a pro for your business. Actually, let’s not – let’s look at three statistics that make it clear.

  • Companies that have an active blog generate 67% more leads than companies that don’t. (SocialMediaB2B)
  • Companies that add blogs to their websites get 55% more visitors (Inbound Writer)
  • Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links (Inbound Writer)

When you add an active blog to your website, it will:

  • increase your leads
  • increase your visitors
  • increase your reach
  • increase your company’s visibility on the Internet

So What’s the Catch?

On the flip side, the biggest negative to adding a blog to your company website is the time it takes to maintain it. If you do just a little research about best business blogging practices, you’ll learn that these are just a few of the things you should be doing to make your business blog successful:

  1. Research your desired customers to find the subjects that will most engage them.
  2. Tie your blog posts into current events to increase their visibility.
  3. Research keywords that people use when searching for products like yours.
  4. Learn a whole new way of writing to match the short attention span of web readers.
  5. Find (or create) great pictures to go with content on your blog.
  6. Link from your blog posts to references that support your points.
  7. Include links to make it easy for readers to share your posts.

And those are all just suggestions from one online marketing company’s blog post (See what we did there? That’s best practice tip “F”on the list above.)

Who’s Got Time for That?

The long and short of it is that creating and maintaining a well-crafted, successful business blog is practically a part-time job all on its own. In fact, when you add in all the new skills and technology you’ll need to learn, you could conceivably spend two or more hours daily researching, writing, posting and promoting posts on your company blog. Who’s got time for that?

We do. Blogging services like ours allow you to outsource the pain and reap the gain of business blogging. Unlike content providers, who merely write articles for you, a blogging service will actually set up your blog for you, write the content, add images where appropriate, post the content and then promote it – all for one package price.

Even better, when you work with a blog writing service your posts will be written by experienced web writers who understand how to structure and optimize blog content for search engines while making them enjoyable and informative for your readers. Your blog posts will be well-researched, credible and tailored specifically to your market demographic.

Offsite Promotional Blogs

In addition to writing directly for your company blog, a blogging service can create offsite blogs specifically designed to highlight your products, services or company, as well as helping you create other written assets and content to promote your business. If you’re sold on the benefits of business blogging, but you don’t have time for all that goes into it, our blogging services could be the perfect fit for you.


Why All Online Businesses Need Internet Marketing

The need for Internet marketing is very important to any ecommerce business, or any business that is online hoping to make money. Marketing is a process of taking information and getting it out to the general public. It takes quality timing, construction and expert assistance to make any marketing campaign complete. As with an advertising campaign for a local company in the offline world, the goal of advertising is to increase brand recognition and to drive sales. Online, the only way to accomplish these goals is through Internet marketing techniques.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the means of getting your business, website or idea out into the general online public. Because of the size of the Internet, in comparison with a local market, the marketing methods have to be much more targeted to reach a larger audience. This does mean that your product or service is broadcast to more potential clients or customers. In many ways, a successful Internet marketing campaign can provide a business with the customers, orders, referrals or sales they need to sustain themselves both online and offline. Anyone who is considering getting online or increasing their online revenue needs Internet marketing strategies to help make that happen.

What Are Internet Marketing Strategies?

If you hired an ad agency to help tell the offline world about your company, chances are good that you would spend time coming up with a marketing strategy. This is simply a timeline, to do list and a step-by-step action plan of what will be done to advertise. The same is true online. You will want to have a game plan of the ways you will market, the people you will target, how you will do so and an action plan to getting it all done. Internet marketing strategies can help a business to go from making small or no profits online, to making a sizable return on their investment.

Making It A Success

As you consider Internet marketing’s importance for your business, keep in mind that you do need to invest in quality. Having a professional who knows the industry makes sense. Again, just like in the offline world, you would hire someone to handling your advertising campaign that knows the market and can translate your invested dollars into profits. This is the same as online marketing. You need to know when to do things, what to do and how to make them happen.

Internet marketing is necessary for nearly all businesses that want to draw potential customers to their websites. This increase in traffic should be targeted to people that are most likely to make a purchase from your company. The underlying goal should be the same: get your business’ name out there so that people know you are the best company to invest in to solve their problem. A successful marketing program is sure to provide this to your business if the Internet marketing has been done correctly.


Internet Marketing Services: Building Customer Relationships

Internet marketing services provide a wide range of services for small businesses and large businesses alike. Some of the more commonly promoted services offered by Internet marketing providers include web marketing and email advertising.

The role of your Internet services provider is to provide the framework for a strong online presence and marketing campaign. Once this is established you can fill in the gaps by creating strong relationships with your customers. How do you do that? There are lots of ways.

Many people think the web is a barrier to strong relationships. It doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some ways you can create strong customer relationships over the Web.

* When sending out email advertising, be sure to greet your recipients.

* When possible, use the recipient’s first name in all communications.

* Provide some personal information about yourself when communicating with your clients by email, newsletter or e-zine. You don’t have to write an autobiography, but you can provide them with enough information so they feel they know you enough to buy from you.

* Remember to provide weekly or monthly updates to your customers.

* Send thank you notes to customers that are repeat customers so they feel they are at home shopping with you.

* Respond to complaints promptly and handle them with great care, and customers are likely to shop with you again even if they had to return something.

* Every now and again provide your customers – especially your loyal customers – with special offers, and let them know you are doing this to thank them for their loyalty.

Remember you can send all of these messages out through email, through newsletters, through your blog or through some other web page on your website. Communicating by Web is now easier than ever before. Don’t let a screen get in the way of building strong relationships with people that support your business.


Internet Marketing Services: What To Expect

Internet marketing services are an important part of building a successful business. When you have these services in line, you can accomplish virtually everything that you need to, including getting your website out there, to anyone that wants to find it. Start up businesses or those already online who may be struggling to get the end result they need will want to consider hiring a professional service to provide this help to them. The expertise of Internet marketing professionals makes an important difference online.

What Do They Do?

Internet marketing services accomplish several key things. For starters, they help to get the website’s content primed for search engines. While your business may already have some great web pages set up, you will still need to have search engine optimization done. This helps your website to rank well in a search engine. This way, when someone comes to a search engine, types in something about a product or service they can get from you, your website shows up in their search engine results. The result is you get people who want what you have on your website.

Another service that you may want to consider is email marketing. Having an email marketing program is an important part of any business model. For example, if you have visitors who come to your website and make a purchase, you definitely want to connect with these people down the road. To do this, you should have an opt in list where they can easily sign up. When you have this in place, you can assume that people will keep your business in mind the next time that they need the services that you are offering.

In addition to this, you may wish to undertake Internet marketing services for other reasons like link building. Having links that point to your website is a great way to get even more traffic to your website. Though not all websites are the same, many can benefit from having other websites and blogs pointing in. For example, if you sell windows, you may want to have a link on a popular home improvement website. This way, people who get to the home improve website trust you to provide them with the windows they need.

Why Not Do It Alone?

One question many people ask is why not just do this type of advertising alone. The good news is that you can do so. The bad news is that it often takes an extensive amount of research, planning and experience. You will need to be trained in what works and how to make it work, too. Ultimately, many businesses do not do as well as they could because they do not have experience Internet marketing services behind them.

Before you consider going without, find out how affordable it can be to work with an Internet marketing service or company. For many businesses, they are the backbone of the success the business has had.