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Internet Advertising Using MySpace and Facebook

If you have not considered utilizing social networking websites to leverage your Internet advertising dollars, you may be missing a tremendous opportunity. Follow these following steps so that you can establish profiles on MySpace and Facebook in an effort to market your business online:

1. If you are looking at utilizing either of these sites, the first step is to log in and create a free profile. This will only take a few minutes to do and you can find the sign up page on both of the home pages to these websites.

2. Once you create a profile, you will need to customize and add information. The more information that you can create in your profile, the wider audience you will have. These sites are designed to connect like-minded people and the more personal that you can be in your profile the better.

3. It is advised that you customize your profile so that it stands out from the rest of the online users. You may choose to pay someone to design your homepage, or you may choose to locate a free option. Either way, the more unique that you can make yourself, the better marketing opportunities you will have down the road. Consider using colors, bold headlines, a screen name that is descriptive rather than only your name, adding videos and embedding text links using some basic html to make your profile unique. Both websites offer specific and detailed instructions on how to add any of these customized features to your web pages.

4. Start marketing using your customized MySpace or Facebook URL. Each site will give you a direct link to your profile page. This can be used on your business cards, your email signature or on any other marketing techniques that you utilize.

5. In addition to adding your profile link to some of the basic marketing techniques that you already may be using, the next step is to start building your “Friends” list on both of the websites. To do this, it is recommended to start with your existing contact or leads list. Send out and email and let your list know that you have a new profile, asking them to add you as friends. In addition to this, you will want to manually add as many friends as you can find on both sites. This is simple and straightforward – when you click on someone’s profile picture, it will have a link that says, “add me.” The other person will get an add request and can choose to add you or not.

One of the most important things to consider is that, if you are adding someone to your profile that you do not know very well or at all, send a personalized message. For example, you may say, “I noticed that you are in the network marketing field and I thought that we may be able to share some ideas. I have invited you to be my friend.” By adding a personalized note, you will have a larger number of new friends than without it. This is important, as it can take a substantial amount of time to initially build your friends list.

Once you have added your initial batch of friends, you will want to regularly update your list.
One of the best things about these social networking sites is that by adding one friend, you are actually adding an exponential number of friends. You will have access to add the friends of each newly added friend to your profile. For example, if a newly added friend has 50 friends in their profile, you will be able to go through and select potential friends of theirs to invite to be friends of yours. So, imagine how many people you will be able to add if you spend time on this task regularly.


Internet Marketing Services: Social Media

If you are not sure how to improve the page rank of your websites, one place you can turn to is social media marketing. Internet marketing services can counsel you in this new form of Internet marketing. But some rely on old standbys, tools to improve your page rank that most Internet marketing services will direct you to because they are familiar.

For example, most Internet marketing services assist web owners with web marketing tools like article marketing and press release marketing. Internet marketing services are starting to learn that social media marketing is critical to survival in today’s newly competitive market. What is social media marketing?

The Ins and Outs of Social Media

If you find a qualified Internet marketing services company, find out how they can get you started in social media marketing. It is an invaluable tool web owners should include as part of their web marketing campaign. Social media marketing involves the use of branding and communication through social media networks. These are active websites where participants communicate with each other and share information online in a community-based forum.

You have probably heard of some of these websites and not realized they were social networks. Some good examples of these networks include sites like YouTube, Flickr, Squidoo, Facebook and similar websites like Del.ic.ious. These websites are at the forefront of modern technology.

Powerful Networking Tools a Click Away

Some of these websites have been around for a long time, but not every web owner has realized what a powerful web marketing tool many of these websites could be. You can use any of these websites as a powerful web marketing tool because customers browse these websites on a daily basis!

These websites have the power to let users bookmark your site. You can launch your marketing campaign and brand, and get people promoting and talking about your products and services for you. You can participate in each of these social networks and build your brand; you can increase your link building efforts: the choices are up to you. The best way to get involved may be to first work with Internet marketing services providers to learn more about how social networking sites work and then figure out how you want to present your company in this new media forum.

Some companies set up a profile on one or more of these websites and then present themselves to the public in a casual way. You can decide for example to create a video for your company and share it with the public. The opportunities for creative communication are endless.


Increase Web Traffic to the Millennial Generation

We hear about this generation a lot, but just who are they? Born between 1977 and 1998, they’re different from any generation we’ve seen before, and they’re now entering the work force in droves. They’re the result of a movement to make children the center of everything, and sometimes we don’t know what to do with them. They’re more confident than any group we’ve seen before. Add to that their use of cell phones, the Internet, and other electronic forms of communication. It’s the first bunch of young people to grow up completely online, and marketing to them is a different ball game. They tend to be team-oriented and band together to date rather than going off alone. They work well in groups, and that can be a marketing strength on your part. They’re skilled at multi-tasking since they studied while other things were going on – a good reason to use cross-media marketing to increase web traffic. They played a sport, attended school, and were involved socially. They believe strongly in a green world and have positive reactions to anything that is good for the environment. With regards to work, they like structure. They respect positions and titles and seek a relationship with their bosses. They need to be mentored and they like personal attention.

OK – that’s the target. How do you hit it with your marketing? First of all, they go to their MySpace and Facebook accounts three or four times a day. They send instant messages to friends and upload their videos to YouTube. What are they saying about your products or your company? You can sign up for Google Alerts to see what they’re blogging about. Get on the sites they belong to yourself. Get your name in front of them. See that your company has a space on social media outlets. Just don’t overdo the commercial aspects, or they’ll see right through you. Just let them know what you’re about and most particularly what you stand for.

Dialogue with them, making certain that you listen (read) as much as you speak (write). You can ask them to rate your products, for example, or comment on them and on you. Try to provide a socializing forum. However, be consistent, no matter what media you’re using. Don’t say one thing and do another or you’ll lose them quickly. Use creativity here. Come up with new ideas and new ways to reach them. Try to be meaningful and fun at the same time. It can work if you work it!



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If you need to take an hour off work, ask your boss to take the lead of other CEOs and give you the time off. Here’s a YouTube video that encourages all bosses to set aside a “Vote Hour.”

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The Brave New World of Web Links

When Tom Friedman called the world “flat” in his book, “The World is Flat,” he described a global universe that is very strange to most of us. Our neighborhoods are no longer down the street or even downtown; a person who has never ventured out of Germany can be “down the street” or “next door” through web links. Someone once asked me if I don’t get lonely as an editor and writer who doesn’t leave the office very frequently. My answer: “Hardly. I have this host of business associates, friends, and family members right here in my office. I can talk to them anytime I want via web links.”

Children coming of age have lived with this universe from the time they were born, so it’s not as strange to them as it is to the rest of us. Three-year-olds click web links and are able to watch cartoons. Teenagers are linked to their friends constantly and can carry on long conversations by texting, whereas in the past they were limited to a telephone. Teachers can’t be sure that the performance of any one student on a test is a measure of that student’s knowledge or ability because they can so easily get the answer from a web link on an easily concealed mobile phone in a pocket or on a lap.

We are quickly moving to a state where most of us have our own websites or blogs. We can insert web links on those sites to a universe of interesting and relevant other websites. Besides, we can carry on conversations with people all over the world – people we’ve never met before and people we could not have met except for the ability to link via the web.