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This year will completely shake up the way business owners build traffic for their websites, says Majon International, one of the internet’s oldest and most distinguished online marketing companies. To stay current in the latest advances in the quickly changing internet marketing world, businesses will have to continually evolve the way they market their products and services. Successful Internet advertising will now require a thoughtful mix of new and old techniques, the company says, and more importantly, that mix will have to be tailored to meet the specific goals of the business.

In addition to the tactics currently used by most online businesses, such as an abundance of good content and a solid social media campaign in place, businesses that want to stay ahead of the internet marketing curve will have to engage in a technique that many thought was history: buying website traffic. This is a marketing tactic that has its detractors, but when it is done correctly, buying website traffic offers benefits that other types of marketing and promotion simply cannot provide. The most obvious benefit is speed. When site owners buy website traffic, they can expect to see an immediate increase in unique visitors to their online business. This can result in a domino effect; one that increases the search engine ranking of the site which then in turn, increases the amount of search engine traffic that is directed to their site. In other words, in 2015, creating a stream of traffic to client websites will be an important ingredient to the overall mix of a successful online business. This can be done by simply continuing to use other online marketing tactics, plus buying the specific targeted niche web traffic that is needed.

Targeted website traffic will offer even more benefits to the savvy website owner as 2015 progresses. Website visitors who are already interested in learning about products or a particular business are much more likely to convert from visitors into customers. But an increase in conversion rates is only one of the benefits of buying targeted niche traffic. Visitors who are genuinely interested in the material or products are much more likely to stick around and read more. Longer visits on a website reduce the website’s bounce rate, a metric used by major search engines to determine whether a website is delivering quality content. Additional visitors also make it easier for website owners to analyze traffic patterns and tweak their online marketing strategies. Finally, when visitors are genuinely interested in the material on the targeted website, they are more likely to share the link with their own social networks.

2015 will see a comeback for purchased website traffic, and savvy website owners should do all they can to take advantage of this uptrend now. Using a combined marketing approach that includes both content information blogging and social media promotion along with buying targeted niche customer traffic is a good one – two punch for online success.

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