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3 Types of Blog Posts That Draw In Readers

If there is one major lesson business owners have learned over the past few years, it’s that when you have a blog associated with your business, you have to do more than just write posts that advertise your products and services. Readers, especially today’s sophisticated ones, want more than an online advertisement disguised as a blog post. However, there are some types of posts that seem to not only attract readers, but also cause them to share them with their friends, family and social media connections. Here are three of them that we see the best results with.

The List

Perhaps one of the most sharable types of business blog posts is the list post. It can be a top ten favorites list or a list of 5 things to avoid in a particular situation. The theory behind the success of these types of posts is that they break down important information for the reader in an easily digestible format.

Instructive Posts

People go to the internet for information and life hacks, and instructive posts are exactly the type of information they are looking for. For example, you’re reading this blog post because you want to know which types of posts will attract the most readers to your blog, right? You can instruct readers on how to best use your products, or anything else that ties in with your business.

Posts that Offer Tips

Finally, if you can offer tips to your readers to make their lives easier, you will gain a loyal readership. Think about all of the cooking blogs that offer daily recipes, or the handyman blogs that give tips about how to make certain DIY projects easier. Anytime you give valuable information like this to your readers, you will have a successful blog.

At Majon, we use these and many other types of blog posts for business owners who want to grow their readership. If you don’t have the time to build your business blog on your own, contact us and learn about our blogging service.

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Three Ways to Build Your Business With a Blog

Are you looking for ways to build your business? If you’re like most business owners, you’re always on the lookout for different ways to build your clientele and get the word out about the products and services you offer. And while you may have heard about traditional internet advertising, such as paid advertising, pay per click and banner ads, there is a better way. When you create a business blog, it goes to work for you marketing your business in so many ways. Here are four of them that you should know.

Promote a New Product

Anytime you bring in a new product line or add complementary products to your existing ones, it’s critical that you let your existing and potential customers know about it. And sure, you can post banners in your store, or add pages to your website about the new products, but the only people who will see them are those who already do business with you. On the other hand, when you run an off-site blog, many people will have the opportunity to see your posts about the products who may never have even heard of your business.

Create a Hack for Your Product

These days, people are always looking for ways to save time and money, and those business owners who offer those types of tips on their blog get readers who consistently check back in for more. It’s a great way to build an audience, who you can tell about your great products and services. And if you can

Mix it Up

Today’s blog posts don’t just stay stagnant on a page somewhere, but smart business owners combine their posts with their social media platforms to bring them to life. For instance, if you own a food truck and blog about recipes and foodie hacks, you can write a great blog post about the history of salsa, and then tweet to your followers that you’re using that same salsa on today’s tacos—and then tell them location.

We have been building our customer’s businesses with blogs for years now, and we would love to work with you to build yours. If you don’t yet have a business blog, or you want a better one, contact us and we’ll tell you how our expert writers and social media stars can put your business on the map.

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Two Ways to Incorporate a Blog into Your Business

By now, you’ve surely heard about the benefits of maintaining a business blog. In fact, it’s rare these days for company not to have a blog associated with it because there are just too many benefits that come from it. But many business owners question whether they should create a blog that is attached to their website, or create one off-site. Here is a rundown of the benefits of each.

An Onsite Business Blog

Some people choose to include a blog as a part of their business website. Here are the benefits of this type of setup:

  • It makes it easy for your customers to find. All you need to do is create a button on your site that points visitors to your blog.
  • As long as you consistently post fresh content, an on-site blog will help improve your search engine rankings.
  • By posting up-to-date and relevant content, the blog will help to establish you as an expert in your field.
  • You can inform readers on how best to use your products and services, and offer suggestions for more ways to incorporate your products into their lives.
  • A good blog will help brand your business
  • You can use internal links to guide your visitors to your product pages and other areas of your site to increase sales and profitability

An Off-Site Business Blog

Another way to carry your company message across the internet is to establish a business blog that is not attached to your business website. There are some distinct advantages to creating an off-site blog. They are:

  • You will receive incoming links from your off-site blog to your website, which will help to improve you search engine rankings.
  • You will attract customers who may not have found you before.
  • Blogger.com, which is the site we use to set up our customer’s off-site blogs, gets indexed and ranks more quickly be the major search engines, which means it won’t take as long for your marketing efforts to pay off.
  • Because the blog isn’t associated with your company website, it will lend credibility to your brand, and increase the perception of your expertise in your industry.


At Majon, we set up both on-site and off-site blogs for our clients, and see great results with either choice. If you haven’t yet decided which type of business blog would best suit your business, contact us today and let us show you which type of blog would likely work best for your business.

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New Study Shows the Challenges Website Owners Face with Content Marketing

A new study titled Content Marketing Trends conducted by Allegra shows that 51 percent of small and medium business owners consider the “lack of content creation resources” the most challenging obstacle to content marketing success. It’s widely recognized that content marketing, such as blog postings, are the key to a successful online presence, but not until this study have experts realized just how difficult it is for some business owners to get the content they want created.  Here are some other fascinating results from the benchmark study:

  • Only 14 percent of business owners say content marketing has not been successful for them.
  • The biggest obstacle for business owners when it comes to content creation is the lack of content creation resources. In other words, they don’t know where to find quality content.
  • Half of the companies surveyed said that they plan to increase their content marketing budgets this year.
  • 28 percent of those interviewed say that articles are the most difficult content to have created.
  • 55 percent say that articles, like blogs, are the most effective content in their content marketing strategies.
  • 84 percent of those surveyed say that they outsource all or a part of their content creation, which allows them to access specialized skills and capabilities not available to them in house.
  • Researchers talked to more than 50,000 marketing sales, and business professionals to get the results from this landmark study.

At Majon, we understand the need for consistent, quality and well-researched content. After all, with each algorithm change, Google is making it more and more important for websites to not only have a wide variety of content pages, but those pages have to be well researched, written well and relevant to the  site. We hear from our customers time and time again how they can’t believe an outsider could write so knowledgeably about their industry. But that’s what we do, and we pride ourselves in providing business owners with unique content so they can take advantage of one of the best and most time-proven methods of driving traffic to their website.

If you haven’t yet realized the impact that quality content can have on your business, give us a call. We will create and maintain a business blog for you, and you will never have to be a part of the 55 percent of business owners who don’t know where to find quality content.

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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business Blog

Maybe you already realize that if you want your business to reap the most benefits from online marketing, you will need to create a business blog. But maybe you’re still trying to decide whether you should write it yourself, or outsource it to a blogging service like ours. Here are five reasons why outsourcing your blog might be the best business move for you.

It Takes a Lot of Time

When is the last time you sat down to write a blog? If you haven’t done it before, you may be surprised at how much time it really takes. Experts agree that in order to create and maintain a good blog, you will need to spend 5-6 hours a week. Can you really afford to take that much time away from your other business tasks?

It Takes Know-How

You probably are one of the foremost experts on your business, and even the industry you operate in, but that knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate to a blog that will get results. You see, in order to be a successful blogger, you must have industry knowledge, as well as the know how to format that knowledge into a compelling and attention grabbing blog. But when you hire a blogging service like ours, we have the experience needed to thoroughly research your business, and the skills to write blogs that sound like they were written by industry experts.

It Takes Consistency

One of the biggest mistakes of newbie bloggers is not realizing just how important it is to post blogs on a regular, consistent schedule. But many business owners who try to run their own blog fail to realize the time commitment necessary, and begin to miss postings. Some go for months without a new post, and then wonder why they aren’t receiving traffic! Our writers work on a schedule, and you can be assured that new posts will be made to your blog in a timely, consistent manner.

It Takes Promotion

After you write a blog post, there are steps you will need to take in order to promote it. For instance, you will need to tie in the post to your social media accounts, and submit it to RSS feeds for maximum exposure. We offer blog packages that will help ensure that your posts are seen.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not you should write your own blog, why not give us call? We’ll talk to you about all of the services we can offer to make sure your blog is a success.

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