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Internet marketing services provide a wide range of services for small businesses and large businesses alike. Some of the more commonly promoted services offered by Internet marketing providers include web marketing and email advertising.

The role of your Internet services provider is to provide the framework for a strong online presence and marketing campaign. Once this is established you can fill in the gaps by creating strong relationships with your customers. How do you do that? There are lots of ways.

Many people think the web is a barrier to strong relationships. It doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some ways you can create strong customer relationships over the Web.

* When sending out email advertising, be sure to greet your recipients.

* When possible, use the recipient’s first name in all communications.

* Provide some personal information about yourself when communicating with your clients by email, newsletter or e-zine. You don’t have to write an autobiography, but you can provide them with enough information so they feel they know you enough to buy from you.

* Remember to provide weekly or monthly updates to your customers.

* Send thank you notes to customers that are repeat customers so they feel they are at home shopping with you.

* Respond to complaints promptly and handle them with great care, and customers are likely to shop with you again even if they had to return something.

* Every now and again provide your customers – especially your loyal customers – with special offers, and let them know you are doing this to thank them for their loyalty.

Remember you can send all of these messages out through email, through newsletters, through your blog or through some other web page on your website. Communicating by Web is now easier than ever before. Don’t let a screen get in the way of building strong relationships with people that support your business.

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