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The Benefits of Using a Press Release Service

More and more people are using a press release service to distribute their press releases to the various news outlets and to directories. With captivating titles and rich content, the reader is drawn into the press release all the way to the end. Upon reaching the end, they then click on the link in the resource box to visit the website of the press release owner.

Reaching the end of the press release is the goal. With a press release service, that goal can be realized because the service knows a good press release from a bad one. They also have the capability to write the press releases. The press release service can also submit the press releases rather fast, which means the information will be out there quickly.

Here are some of the benefits of using a press release service:

* Your client base will increase substantially. Actually, it goes a long way in a short period of time. This makes press release submissions very effective in getting the word out about a business. In public communication, it is used as a tool to relay information about a product, a service, or an event that is newsworthy.

* Linking back to websites is another reason why a press release service is a great investment. It can’t be expressed enough how important it is to have one-way links out there on the Internet. Every directory submission is a one-way link that connects to the owner’s website. This is great for driving more traffic.

* Those who are interested can stay informed. Many people enjoy reading news about a particular company. A press release allows these individuals to stay informed on the latest happenings.

These are all great benefits and they back up why it is important to invest in a press release service. Most business people don’t have the time to sit and submit to directories on their own. They don’t even have the time to write the press release. That is why they hire others to do it for them. The return on investment is incredible because the business that is going to be received will completely outweigh the cost of the press release service.


Tell the World with Press Release Distribution

Are you ready to get the world out about your company and what you have to offer? One of the best ways to get noticed, especially if you are a new company launching a new website or offering something new, is with a press release. First you have to write a quality press release. After this, you need quality press release distribution to get your press release to the public.

In early years of press releases, they were often done through the news and print media, through radio and other media. Recently, with the advent and popularity of the Internet, this has become a new way to distribute press releases. Not only can this be an additional method of press release distribution, it can also be faster, more effective and cheaper. You can get your press release to more people, in a shorter period of time and for a less amount of money.

Online press releases really caught on and there are now many new online press release services and online press release distribution services available to online businesses who want to get the help from experts on doing their press releases right. The world is a global village and a press release issued by a company in one country can be seen by people in countries all over the world with Internet access. There is now more exposure than you ever could have dreamed of in the past.

When you’re ready to tell the world with press release distribution, you first need to have a great press release to distribute. If you want to write it yourself, there are many resources available to help you know how to write a great release. If you don’t feel comfortable writing it yourself or you want to be absolutely certain you have the best release possible, you can also hire professionals to write your press release or news release for you.

Once you have a quality, polished release, you need to get it out there. You can now find many press release distribution sites on the Internet. There are many different sites that allow you to upload your press releases to be distributed on their site and to their readers. This is a great way to get the word out about your business, new website, new services and more. You can even consider doing a new press release each time your business has something new of quality to offer such as a special sale, new employees, new management and more.

Press release distribution services offered by a professional company may include the writing of the press release, editing of the release or just the distribution of it – depending on the types of services you require and that the company provides. Be sure you work only with qualified press release distribution services to make sure your job gets done right the first time around.


Reasons Why People Use Press Release Services

People know how important it is to get the word out about a press release and how important it is to get the press releases distributed. But there is some discussion about how important it is to use press release services in order to get your press release out and about.

Why is it such a good idea to use press release services to distribute your press releases? Here are some of the reasons why people choose to use the services instead of doing the legwork themselves.

1. They are busy

One reason that people choose to enlist the help of a press release service is that they are simply too busy to do the legwork themselves. After all, if they have a new business, they are concentrating on that and have a lot on their plate. When they use a service, that’s one less thing that they have to worry about.

2. They have had good experiences with the service before

If they have used a press release service in the past, they may decide that they want to use them again and give them repeat business. A lot of people who go to press release services are repeat customers.

3. They have connections

People know that press release services often have connections and resources that they don’t have. They are going to think of things that they may not have thought of, and newspapers and magazines may be more willing to deal with a service than they would be willing to deal with an individual.

4. They were referred by someone

They know of someone who has used a press release service and that person gave them a good recommendation. A lot of press release services get their business from referrals by satisfied customers.

5. Press release services know the business

One thing about press release services is that they know the business and they know what is going to work for certain situations. They are going to be able to give you the best suggestions and let people know about your business in the best way possible.

There are a lot of good reasons that you should use a press release service to distribute your press release. You will find that they are efficient and that they are going to do what needs to be done to let people know about you and your business.


Press Release Distribution Sites

When you’re trying to get the word out about your website or new online business, you can greatly benefit from press release distribution sites. Press releases are now available online and it’s easier, faster and more directly targeted to the right people than traditional press releases of other media venues.

When you want to use an online press release to get the word out about your business, new website or company event, you need to know which sites to distribute to. While there are many press release distribution sites on the Web, it can be well worth the expense to choose one that is paid. This is because it is general knowledge in the industry that paid PR sites hire people to sift through the many different press releases and sort out the bad ones. This means that your release will be held in higher esteem as a result of being on a paid PR site.

News professionals will most often go to these paid sites first to pick up the best releases and the best news to report. You have better chances of being noticed on a grander scale when you pay for the paid PR sites. There is a higher chance of getting picked up by high scale news sources and that more people online will see your news release.

This isn’t to say that you can’t post on free press release distribution sites as well. There are many respectable free PR sites on the web as well. You may want to research them and their requirements and submit your press releases or news releases to these as well for the added exposure.

Here are some of the most well known, dependable press release distribution sites on the Internet:


There are benefits to each of these sites and you may decide that you want to use one or more, depending on your situation and what it is your news release is about.

Prweb.com is considered to be one of the best press release web sites on the Internet. They will submit your press release to places such as Yahoo News, Google News, MSN News and more. Your press release will be reviewed and must receive a certain number score before it is sent out to these top news outlets. If you don’t rank high enough for this, it will still be published and distributed.

PRNewswire.com is another popular choice that does well in the search engines. Submission here can get your release noticed in Google news quite often, too. PR.com also receives a lot of traffic and can be very beneficial to you.

If you need help writing or distributing your press releases, there are services available to you. You can find qualified, professional services to help you get your press releases and news releases out on the Web. Be sure you do your homework when choosing a company to help you with your press release distribution. Wasting time with a company who isn’t qualified can hold you back.


Preparing to Meet with Press Release Service

When you are planning to hire a press release service to write a press release, you are going to want to get together some information for them before you meet with them. When you do, you will help them write the best press release that they can for you.

1. Information about your company

You are going to want to have information about your products or services and what it is that you do. You are going to want to let them know how long you have been in business and what is going on currently with your company.

2. Quotes from people

Quotes about your company and what it is doing for the community are terrific. When you have direct quotes about what the company is doing for the company and how it has improved their lives, it looks really great for the company and really dresses up the press release.

3. What the company can do for people

Another thing that people are going to want to know is why they should use your products instead of another company’s products. This shouldn’t be a sales pitch. It should be completely factual and not hype.

4. What is ground breaking in the company

The person is going to want to know that the information you give them is something that people are going to want to read. It should tell people about the news in the company and what is happening.

5. About yourself

As the owner of the company, the press release is going to include some information about you. This should include any credentials that you have and possibly where you went to school.

6. Logistics

The person is going to need information such as the name and address of the contact person, the address of the website, phone number and email address, if applicable. This will go on the top of the press release.

When you are going to talk to someone from a press release service about writing one for you, having all of this information will be a great help and speed up the process. The quicker that the press release service finishes your press release, the sooner you will find more business going to your website and more people using your products and services.

Preparing for a meeting with a press release service helps you, it helps them, and it helps your business.