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When you are planning to hire a press release service to write a press release, you are going to want to get together some information for them before you meet with them. When you do, you will help them write the best press release that they can for you.

1. Information about your company

You are going to want to have information about your products or services and what it is that you do. You are going to want to let them know how long you have been in business and what is going on currently with your company.

2. Quotes from people

Quotes about your company and what it is doing for the community are terrific. When you have direct quotes about what the company is doing for the company and how it has improved their lives, it looks really great for the company and really dresses up the press release.

3. What the company can do for people

Another thing that people are going to want to know is why they should use your products instead of another company’s products. This shouldn’t be a sales pitch. It should be completely factual and not hype.

4. What is ground breaking in the company

The person is going to want to know that the information you give them is something that people are going to want to read. It should tell people about the news in the company and what is happening.

5. About yourself

As the owner of the company, the press release is going to include some information about you. This should include any credentials that you have and possibly where you went to school.

6. Logistics

The person is going to need information such as the name and address of the contact person, the address of the website, phone number and email address, if applicable. This will go on the top of the press release.

When you are going to talk to someone from a press release service about writing one for you, having all of this information will be a great help and speed up the process. The quicker that the press release service finishes your press release, the sooner you will find more business going to your website and more people using your products and services.

Preparing for a meeting with a press release service helps you, it helps them, and it helps your business.

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