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When you’re trying to get the word out about your website or new online business, you can greatly benefit from press release distribution sites. Press releases are now available online and it’s easier, faster and more directly targeted to the right people than traditional press releases of other media venues.

When you want to use an online press release to get the word out about your business, new website or company event, you need to know which sites to distribute to. While there are many press release distribution sites on the Web, it can be well worth the expense to choose one that is paid. This is because it is general knowledge in the industry that paid PR sites hire people to sift through the many different press releases and sort out the bad ones. This means that your release will be held in higher esteem as a result of being on a paid PR site.

News professionals will most often go to these paid sites first to pick up the best releases and the best news to report. You have better chances of being noticed on a grander scale when you pay for the paid PR sites. There is a higher chance of getting picked up by high scale news sources and that more people online will see your news release.

This isn’t to say that you can’t post on free press release distribution sites as well. There are many respectable free PR sites on the web as well. You may want to research them and their requirements and submit your press releases or news releases to these as well for the added exposure.

Here are some of the most well known, dependable press release distribution sites on the Internet:


There are benefits to each of these sites and you may decide that you want to use one or more, depending on your situation and what it is your news release is about.

Prweb.com is considered to be one of the best press release web sites on the Internet. They will submit your press release to places such as Yahoo News, Google News, MSN News and more. Your press release will be reviewed and must receive a certain number score before it is sent out to these top news outlets. If you don’t rank high enough for this, it will still be published and distributed.

PRNewswire.com is another popular choice that does well in the search engines. Submission here can get your release noticed in Google news quite often, too. PR.com also receives a lot of traffic and can be very beneficial to you.

If you need help writing or distributing your press releases, there are services available to you. You can find qualified, professional services to help you get your press releases and news releases out on the Web. Be sure you do your homework when choosing a company to help you with your press release distribution. Wasting time with a company who isn’t qualified can hold you back.

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