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Article Advertising for Affiliate Marketing

If you are contemplating getting involved in affiliate marketing, the first thing that you need to know is your job is to identify a problem that people are having and then give solutions to that problem. Affiliate marketing does not involve the selling of products or services; rather it is about providing solutions. The best way of doing this is through article advertising. So what are some of the vital steps to being successful in this niche?

1. Identify yourself as an expert in the field that you will be an affiliate for. People would want to rest assured that you are credible and the only way of doing this would be by showing them how knowledgeable you are in your niche. You should get your articles published to show that the information you have is not only accurate, but relevant. People would be much more comfortable buying a product from someone that they deem an expert than simple someone who is being a salesperson.

2. Get some attention. One of the best and non-intrusive ways to do this would be through article advertising. Remember you are not cramming information down people’s throats. Rather, you are using these articles to convey how effective a certain product or service is in fixing whatever problem it is that they want to be resolved. If your article is informative and relevant, Internet users will deem it as something that was written by an expert. As such, they would be more willing to learn more about the solution you are providing and as such will follow the link that you provide at the end of the article.

3. Do not write promotional articles. When it comes to article advertising, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of not promoting products or services. The main aim of the articles is that they should be educational and informative. They are there to serve as a solution, not a sales pitch. The only way you can connect with Internet users is if they feel that the information you are providing is valuable. As such, if they want more information, they will proceed to click on your link to learn more.

4. Focus on one category. To earn a reputation as an expert, you need to focus your article writing on one category so as to build your reputation. The more information you have on that specific category, the more your credibility.


Great Tips for Article Marketing

When it comes time for website promotion, article marketing is by far one of the most successful tools you can use. However, for article marketing to work, the articles you write have to sell. As you will discover, there are a number of ways to do this, one being the resource box. By creating a resource box within your article, you have the opportunity to provide a brief biography, which actually markets your online business without being blatant. Some of the specifics that should be included in the resource box for article marketing include the following:

* Name – Put your first and last name in the resource box. Sometimes, people will also add their title, which is acceptable but not necessary.

* URL – Always include the URL to your website so people will know exactly how to reach your company.

* Pitch – Very briefly, no more than two to three sentences, explain to readers the reasons why your website’s product and/or service is superior to that of your competitors.

* Call to Action – You also want to create a call to action, which means you encourage the reader to buy what you sell. Although some people will use more than one, the resource box should have just one such action.

The above items are the most commonly used in resource boxes. These are usually very beneficial, but there are additional options that you could consider. For instance:

* Contact Information – If you want readers to have the ability to reach you then you can always add your company’s phone number

* Subscription Address – For ezines, you can provide readers with a URL that takes them to your subscription address.

* Autoresponder – Today, many people will use an autoresponder address and while it can work if done properly, you have to be careful in that this could cause the resource box of your article marketing to be deemed spam.

* Free Report – People love free things, even if it is information. Therefore, let readers know that they will receive a report, short ebook download, or some other type of free item when they visit your website.

Now, for article marketing, you can see that specific elements will make your resource box stronger and more powerful. However, just as there are things you want to include, there are also things that should never be used such as:

* Advertisements – When creating a resource box associated with article marketing, make sure your article and products are relevant.

* Multiple Websites – Even if you are the proud owner of several online businesses, you need to maintain your integrity in the Internet world by using only one website URL, again, specific to the product being sold and mentioned in the article.

* Accomplishments – While you can be proud of yourself for the degrees, certifications, and various accomplishments earned throughout life, you need to keep the resource box concise and focused. Clean and clear is your best bet for article marketing of this type.


Article Marketing Maximizes Your Advertising and Web Promotion Campaign

Any decent Internet marketing campaign includes article marketing. Article marketing is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to breathe life into an Internet marketing campaign.

The concept is simple. You write articles (or have someone write them for you) and submit them to article directories with an author resource box containing a link to your website. Those articles go to thousands of people that need content, so basically you get free advertising.

An effective Internet marketing campaign is only as good as the articles you write. So, as part of your overall internet marketing campaign you should consider collecting some strong keywords, and incorporating them into the articles you plan to send out to advertise your website.

You should also structure your articles in an informative manner so you don’t sound like you are selling something. Most publishers will not put your content up if it sounds too salesy. Remember, you can advertise using other aspects of Internet marketing, like your email advertising or sales letters. Your articles should be more friendly and content rich.

The goal of your articles should be to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Once people review your content, hopefully they will click the link in the author’s box to come to your website.

Now, a good internet marketing campaigner will know to have that link go to an important page on your website. You may not want to blast the prospect with a sales page, although many people do this. You may want to start off with a squeeze page. Some people just direct people to their home page, which is another content rich page.

Whatever you do, make sure you treat visitors and prospects like people. Remember, a lot of Internet marketing these days is about building relationships with people. There is far too much technology involved in a lot of marketing. Many times making the sale involves nothing more than remembering people are people, and they need to be treated like as such. Do that and you are one step ahead of the game.


Winning Article Marketing Strategies

If you are looking to attract and increase targeted traffic to your website, one of the best ways of doing so would be through article marketing. However, this is not simply about writing articles and posting them online. If you would like to increase your visibility as well as the credibility of your site, you would need to employ some article marketing strategies. Here are some of the strategies that you could use to do this.

1. Maintain high quality. A common mistake that most article marketers do is place emphasis on the quantity of the articles rather than the quality. This is based on the wrong belief that the more articles you have, the better your online presence. Internet users are not ignorant though. If your articles are not making sense to them, they will not be inclined to click the links that you provide. If you want to get a steady readership, you need to ensure that the articles you are writing are not only relevant, but that they also have fresh content. By providing informative articles, your readers will then want to learn more about what you are talking about especially if the information is helpful to them.

2. Keep your information fresh. As an article marketer, you need to ensure that you are exploring fresh topics in your niche subject all the time. Writing about the same thing over and over again will bore your audience and in no time you will lose your readership. This does not mean that you write about unrelated topics. It simply means that with article marketing, you would have to look for new angles that you can talk about relating to your website’s theme. For example, if you are talking about printers, you should find different topics about this such as product reviews, a buying guide and so on.

3. Keep your articles brief. One of the worst mistakes one can make in article marketing is being verbose. Online users do not want to be stuck reading one article for a long period of time. If you are going to hold on to your readers’ attention, you need to write as tightly a possible without sounding like you are giving scant information. Short informative articles are much better than those that are long as the readers will simply view them as rambling articles and chances are they will not want to read your articles again.


The Benefits of Article Marketing

If you were looking to advertise a business that you run online, one of the best ways of doing so would be through article marketing. The world has not been as much as a global village as it is now thanks to the Internet. More and more people are online and as such you have numerous opportunities to grow your business. Here are some of the benefits of opting for article marketing.


1. You expose your business to global distribution. By submitting articles to top article directories, you have the potential of reaching people all across the world. As aforementioned, the world is now a global village due to the Internet. As such, anyone anywhere in the world will have access to what you have written as long as they have an Internet connection and they are looking for your specific niche online. In addition to this, there is no specific period of time that your article will be online. Two years down the line it will still be relevant and will still be accessible online.


2. You can recycle the articles you have written. The more involved you are with article marketing, the more content you accumulate over time. This is beneficial to you as you can now incorporate all these articles into different areas of marketing your website. If you had originally written these articles for submission to top directories, you can now restructure them and start a blog that would increase your website’s online presence. The articles can also be rewritten for use as emails to potential as well as current customers. In the long run, if you have a large number of articles that are related, you could also choose to compile an eBook relating to the niche that your business is in.


3. You get to multiply the efforts that you are putting into marketing. The content that you come up with for your articles can be used for a variety of online advertising methods. They do not only have to be used as blog posts or for article submission. Over time, you can now incorporate them into additional by-products, which will increase your marketing efforts. Repackaging these articles gives you a chance to introduce them back online in a different aspect thus increasing your online exposure.


4. You increase your online credibility. A steady supply of quality articles will build your name as a credible source of information in the niche that you specialize in.