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Get Targeted Traffic with Article Marketing

When someone has a website, they want to make sure that the traffic that is going to the website is going to be the traffic that is interested in what they are selling or in the services that they are offering.

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to a website is to write articles about the product or service that the website is about and post them to free article directories.

There are a few reasons why this is a good way to get targeted traffic.

1. It shows that the person knows what he or she is talking about

When a business owner has written an informative article, it shows people that he or she knows about the products that are being sold. People like dealing with people who know what they are talking about and can answer questions.

2. It answers their questions

The great thing about articles is that the article gives the reader answers in a non-threatening way. People enjoy having their questions answered without feeling as if they are being pressured to buy something.

3. It gives them new information

Another thing that people want from an article is to learn something new. After all, there’s no point in reading an article that tells them something that they already know.

4. Articles are a great place to link your site

Most article sites have a way that the author can link their site – it will either be in the body of the article with HTML or it can be used as a reference link. After a person has read the article, they are going to be more interested in looking at the author’s products because they have shown that they know what they are talking about.

5. Brings in interested people

People are only going to read articles if they are interested in the subject matter, so the person who posted the article already knows that they are interested about their product.

Articles can go a long way to showing people that the author is someone that they should do business with.


Promoting a Business with Article Marketing

If you have a business and enjoy writing, you’re going to find that you are able promote their business with articles. But not everyone knows how he or she can do this. Here are some ways that article marketing can be used to promote a business.

1. First, the business owner has to find topics for the articles. They can find the topics through message forums for businesses, chat rooms, discussion groups that they join, and ezines that they can subscribe to.

They should remember to do research and learn through asking questions and reading. Another good thing to do is to read other articles, because that might give them some ideas. The person shouldn’t copy the content but write it in a way that makes it unique.

2. Once the person has a topic, the next step is to give it an eye-catching title and start writing it. If the person isn’t an expert in that particular topic, research is going to be required. The article should be interesting to read and make the reader want to come and visit your site.

3. After the article has been written and checked for errors, the next step is to submit it to different places, like article directories and message boards. The directories that are chosen should have a page rank that is high, because they will ensure that your article is seen more often.

4. The person should remember to include a resource box in the article, which will include the author’s name and the website’s link. When someone reads the article and they want to know more, the link is going to be right there so that they can click on it. Owners of websites are always looking for website content and they often look in article directories. When websites owners download the articles that the person has written, they will see the link and possibly click on it. When a person writes a lot of articles and then submits them to directories, they will get more people going to their website through the links.

5. It’s important for the person to remember to make the article different for each of the directories that they submit it to. This will ensure that the article is accepted. This can be accomplished by rewriting one or two paragraphs of the article and changing the title.

Article marketing is one of the best mechanisms to increase traffic to your website.


Good Article Marketing Starts with Thinking Like Your Audience

Something that has become popular recently is the use of articles for marketing a website. But a lot of people don’t know what to do or how to get started. They don’t know what will work to help them get more traffic to a website. Here are some tips to multiply the positive effects of article marketing.

1. Write articles that will appeal to everyone – Even if the product is something for a specific group, that doesn’t mean that others aren’t going to buy the products. For example, say you are selling bath and body products for women. If a man is looking for something for his wife’s birthday, he is going to want information that will help him choose the right product. So write articles in terms that people are going to understand, no matter who they are.

2. Make sure that a bio or byline is included – Because so many people are having people write their articles for them, knowing that someone who actually is familiar with the subject wrote the article is a big plus. Along with taking people to your site, it might just make them ask you to write material for them.

3. Sell your articles – Along with being a great marketing tool, they are also a great way to make money. You may find that people are willing to pay you for your articles if they are well written.

4. Invite questions – Make sure that you allow people the ability to ask you questions. This will provide you with more content ideas and keep bringing them back to see what you said. It’s also a good idea to have a FAQ page on your website. This will let people know that you welcome questions and that you take the time to answer them.

When you write articles, make the person feel as if you are speaking directly to them. Let them know that you are ready to answer questions and that you are here for them. Anticipate the questions that they are going to have before they ask them. Stand back and look at your site and think to yourself, Now, if I was a first time visitor, what would I want to know?

When you think about it from your audience’s point of view, you will find that you have a lot of ideas for articles and generate more traffic to your website.


Article Marketing: Keys to Success

It’s only commonsense nowadays to use article marketing as a part of your plan for publicizing your business and driving traffic to your site. However, you can spend time writing those articles or money hiring someone to do it and still not yield much in return. Even so, you should never underestimate the power of this form of marketing. Many businesses have been launched using it as their primary marketing tool. You need to understand how the process works and you need to follow some procedures in order to get the most from your article marketing.

By writing solid, content-rich articles, you can make a name for yourself as an expert on the subject you write about, which will bring visitors to your web page. This kind of status is a valuable marketing tool. If your articles are well written and contain valuable information, you may make the front page of the article directory, which will increase your visibility several-fold.

If the quality of your articles is good, you may get offers to write articles for other people. In fact, if your information is good enough, you may be invited to speak at seminars, which is an excellent way to publicize your business. Some article directories give away free e-books. If you allow them to publish your articles in these books, you get a multiplying effect for your efforts.

This is an opportunity to generate confidence. There’s something about the written word that makes people want to trust what you say. This will be more likely to happen if your articles offer sound and useful content and are well written. If people trust and respect you, they are more likely to buy your products.


4 Popular Formats Used in Article Marketing

When someone first starts out with article marketing, they find that they are inundated with information. They are told to do this and that, that customers would rather read this, or that this topic is good.

But something that they may not know about are the different formats that are used in article marketing. So here are some of the most popular.

1. One of the most popular types of articles is the list article. They are popular because they are quick to write and quick and easy to read. This type of article is written by listing out some of the key points that are related to the topic you have chosen. Each of the points should begin with a good action word and followed by a few sentences.

2. Another popular format is FAQ articles. Like the list article, this is an article that is very easy to write and gives readers the information that they are looking for. Compile a list of the questions that customers asked and write the answers to the questions.

3. If you are looking to get a big number of articles written in one day, a good format is brain dump. The writer freewrites everything they can think about the topic for anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes, and then takes a break. Once the break is over, they summarize what has already been written and then start all over again. When the brain dump is over, you can find that there are a few pages worth of material, anywhere from 1500 to 3000 words of material. The only thing that is left is to break that down into smaller articles.

4. Another popular format is pros and cons articles. This is a great format because it shows people the negative as well as the positive, and lets them decide for themselves. It can also give you a chance to voice your opinion.

All of these formats won’t work for every subject, but they are some of the formats that people have found to be useful. Look at your topic and decide which format is going to be right for it. You want the article to make sense and to appeal to your readers.