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Any decent Internet marketing campaign includes article marketing. Article marketing is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to breathe life into an Internet marketing campaign.

The concept is simple. You write articles (or have someone write them for you) and submit them to article directories with an author resource box containing a link to your website. Those articles go to thousands of people that need content, so basically you get free advertising.

An effective Internet marketing campaign is only as good as the articles you write. So, as part of your overall internet marketing campaign you should consider collecting some strong keywords, and incorporating them into the articles you plan to send out to advertise your website.

You should also structure your articles in an informative manner so you don’t sound like you are selling something. Most publishers will not put your content up if it sounds too salesy. Remember, you can advertise using other aspects of Internet marketing, like your email advertising or sales letters. Your articles should be more friendly and content rich.

The goal of your articles should be to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Once people review your content, hopefully they will click the link in the author’s box to come to your website.

Now, a good internet marketing campaigner will know to have that link go to an important page on your website. You may not want to blast the prospect with a sales page, although many people do this. You may want to start off with a squeeze page. Some people just direct people to their home page, which is another content rich page.

Whatever you do, make sure you treat visitors and prospects like people. Remember, a lot of Internet marketing these days is about building relationships with people. There is far too much technology involved in a lot of marketing. Many times making the sale involves nothing more than remembering people are people, and they need to be treated like as such. Do that and you are one step ahead of the game.

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