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The Three Most Important Blogging Truths for Affiliate Marketers

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Of all the ways to make money on the Internet, none is quite as easy as affiliate marketing. In fact, it’s double easy – easy to get started and far too easy to fail. That’s because the biggest trick to making money with affiliate marketing is building an audience. After all, no one will be clicking on your affiliate links if no one is reading your blogs, right? That’s why some of the most savvy – and most profitable – affiliate marketers turn to a blogging service for help. Here are three things blogging services understand that every affiliate marketer should know.

Consistency Is the Key to Building Readership

The number one key to building a good blog is consistent posting. This is true for both human and SEO purposes. Your audience (or your prospective audience) will check back to your blog if you post regularly. It doesn’t matter if you post daily, though most studies have shown that twice-weekly posting seems to be optimal. It does matter that you post consistently so your readers know when to expect new material from you. As far as SEO goes – the search engines give you points if your website is consistently updated. It tells them that the information you’re offering is up to date and, presumably, more reliable than posts that have been there for a year. If you’re schedule doesn’t allow for regular posting, a blogging service can pick up the slack with twice-weekly posts to your blogs, usually for very reasonable fees.

Niche Blogs Do Best in Affiliate Marketing

People turn to niche bloggers because they offer meaningful, useful knowledge. If that knowledge is delivered with personality, casual readers build loyalty and trust in the blogger – and that trust is vital to getting clicks on your affiliate links. Does that mean you have to be an expert in every affiliate product you recommend or link from your blog? Of course not! It does mean, though, that you need a working knowledge of the subject so that you can write credibly about it. Writers who work through blogging services like ours build expertise in their subjects. We’ll deliver well-researched, timely posts that provide the kind of information that will draw more readers to your blog.

Writing Soft Sells Is an Art that Few Can Master

Readers aren’t looking for hard sells when they hit your blog posts. They’re looking for information about knitting or cleaning or green products or healthy cooking – or whatever your blog subject is. If you fill your posts with nothing but sales pitches, you’ll have a hard time holding onto your audience. Professional blogging services employ writers who are expert at the soft sell – providing enough information about your affiliate product to make your readers want to click through to product website to learn more.

Want to make money online but don’t have the time or expertise to maintain an affiliate blog – or a dozen? Talk to us about our blogging services. We provide consistent, timely, relevant posts on any subject you request with embedded links that people will actually click.

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Why a Second Blog for Your Business Is a Value-Added Proposition

There’s very little argument anymore that having a blog is a good business move. It benefits your business in many ways – but did you know that maintaining a second blog can help boost your company even further? Here’s how a second blog pointing to your company’s website helps boost your online presence further.

Outside Links Count

Links to your company’s website are one of the indicators that search engines use when determining how important your website is in relation to a search query. Your onsite blog is a great way to attract traffic to your website, but internal links have less value than external ones. A second blog hosted on a different domain – and Blogger and WordPress.com count just fine, thank you – add valuable backlinks to your company website.

Generate Deep Links to Your Content

One of the benefits of linking to your website from an outside blog is that your links can target specific pages on your website. That lets you boost specific products or services, or create specialized landing pages for lead generation.

People Trust a Blog That’s Not About Your Business

Readers will always view your onsite blog with a little bit of suspicion. It’s not that they don’t trust you – it’s just that they expect you to be biased toward your own products and services. A second blog that doesn’t focus directly on your business is a great way to get past that instinctive mistrust so that recommendations carry more weight.

An Outside Blog Helps Establish You as an Expert

Your company blog is just that – a company blog. An outside blog in your name helps establish your personal brand and build your reputation as a subject matter expert – someone who really knows what he’s talking about. And, as an interesting effect, linking to your business as part of your bio boosts your credibility without the diminished trust that happens when you blog on your company website. Rather than seeing your blog as a marketing arm of your company, they’ll see you as a more credible voice because you actually work in the business.

But Who Has The Time?

You barely have time to keep up with one blog, let alone two. That’s where a blogging service is indispensable. A good blogging service can easily manage both of your blogs – onsite and off – as a coordinating package, using one to boost the other as part of a coordinated marketing strategy. In addition, our blogging service submits each post to search engines and discovery services to get them noticed more widely and more quickly. Take advantage of the benefits of blogging without all the work. Talk to us about how a blog package can help your business bottom line.

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Blogging for Hairstylists 101 – How a Blog Service Can Put Your Salon on the Map

If you’re a hairstyling professional, paying someone to write and maintain a blog for you may seem like an unnecessary expense, but working with a professional blogging service can pay off in some surprising ways. If you’ve never considered starting a blog – or if you have but thought it was too much work – check out how a blogging service that understands hairstylists can boost your business and help you take your styling career to the next level.

Putting Heads in Your Seats

Whether you rent a chair in a salon, own your own salon, work as an independent stylist or as an employee, you know that your business depends on putting customers in your chairs. Back in the day – and not that long ago, either – your advertising was probably mostly limited to your telephone listing, an occasional ad in the local news and participating in local shows and pageants. It was pretty much a given that word-of-mouth and foot traffic would keep your chairs filled. These days, most customers start their search for just about everything online, and that means you’re missing out on a lot of customers if you don’t have a significant online presence in local search results.

That’s where a blogging service can make a huge difference. Blogging professionals understand how to make sure that your website shows up when someone in your local area searches for a hair stylist, a hairdresser or a hair salon. We won’t waste your time and money writing generic posts that could sit on a blog halfway across the country. We’ll tailor blog posts and keywords to your geographic area. That means more visibility for your salon and more customers in your chairs.

Developing Your Brand

It’s not enough to get listed in the search results, though. You’ve worked hard to develop a brand for yourself and your salon. You’re trying to attract a certain type of customer – and a carefully-managed blog can help you attract exactly that type of customer. A good blogging service will work with you to represent your voice and your brand as truly as possible.

Blog Marketing Tailored to Your Market

The best blogging services will work with you to develop a marketing strategy based on your market. If your best business is doing pageant hair, for example, a good blog service will liberally sprinkle your pages with pageant beauty tips and reminders about important upcoming events. If you offer special services for wedding parties, you’ll get posts about the latest wedding dos and styles.

All the Benefits None of the Work

Whatever your business is, when you choose a full blogging service, you can put all your energy into running your business and let the service manage your blog. Talk to us about how our blogging packages can help raise your visibility both online and locally. Put a blog to work for you and watch your chairs fill up.

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Blogging for B2C and B2B – Why It’s Important and How They’re Different

Do you sell mostly to other businesses or are your customers to be found among the general public? B2B selling and B2C selling have traditionally used very different types of marketing. If you’re selling widgets used in machinery, for example, you’re not going to take out an ad in the Sunday papers no matter how cheap it is because, frankly, you’re paying for a lot of eyes that have no need for or interest in your product. If, on the other hand, you’re selling organic baby food, it would be downright silly to pay for space at a tech trade show. You might run into a few new parents there, but overall, most of the visitors have no real interest in baby food, organic or otherwise. What does all this have to do with hiring a blogging service?

Everything! Blogs are an ideal place to soft-sell your products or services – but it’s important that the blogs match up properly with your business. It’s important that the blogging service gets the difference between blogging for B2C and blogging for B2B, and that they take the time to get to know your business so the writing represents you properly. This, for the record, is why we recommend a blogging service over an article writing or content writing service. When you sign up with a blogging service, the writers will generally be writing for your blogs on a regular basis. They’ll be able to maintain a certain voice, style and level of expertise. More importantly, the person managing the blogs for you knows what’s been posted recently and will avoid writing the same article over and over in different words. They’ll be posting content that will be valuable to your potential customers – and to do that, they have to understand the difference between content that’s valuable to other businesses and content that’s valuable to consumers.

We get that difference. Because we’re a full blogging service, the content we post for you will be aimed squarely at your ideal customers. If you’re selling organic baby foods and products to parents, your content should focus on things that concern parents of young children. Some sample posts might include “How to Introduce New Fruits and Vegetables to Your Little One” and “Cloth or Disposable – the Case for a Diaper Service.” If, on the other hand, your company sells organic baby food by the case to grocers, the blog posts would focus on sales trends, grocery displays and ways to boost sales of organic baby products in store.

Working with a blogging service is a sure way to improve your search engine visibility and attract more potential customers to your website. Talk to us about our blog packages and how we can help your business.

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Our Favorite Blog Formats and How They Can Work for You

When you engage a blogging service to supply content and manage blogs for your business or personal website, you’re getting years’ worth of experience wrapped up in great writing. Our writers aren’t just expert writers – they’re expert bloggers. They understand how to attract readers and what kinds of posts are most likely to get shared and re-shared with others. Over the years, we’ve developed a sixth sense about the kinds of information that people want to read and the best formats for that information. These are some of our favorite blog formats and what they can do for your business.

The Top Ten List

People love ranked lists. Whether you’re writing about the five most popular dental procedures or the top ten baby names (perfect for a baby specialty store!), someone is looking for that information. You can name top 10s, five faves or any other number – for some reason, people also really love lists of SEVEN – no matter what number you choose, list posts are among the most sharable of all.

Why It Matters: When people share your content, you get more visibility and credibility. Shared Facebook posts are great clickbait, bringing people to your website or blog in droves.

How to Posts

How to posts help establish your expertise and authority. They offer the single most important thing when it comes to content: valuable information. They’re evergreen – people will always want to know how to take your baby’s temperature or change the font size in Microsoft Word or brush your teeth the right way.

Why It Matters: When you provide valuable information that helps people, you generate good will and make people like you – and people like to buy things from people they like.


If there’s one thing people like even better than full-blown how-to posts, it’s a bunch of tips on how to do everyday things better and easier. That’s the whole premise behind the wildly popular Lifehacker website. No matter what your business is, you’ve got special expertise and tips to share with your customers.

Why It Matters: From tips on reducing gas mileage to tips on how to clean your carpet, people will eat them up – and visit your site when they need your services.

Our blogging service will provide you with a mix of different kinds of posts that are best suited to your website and your services, and if you need help or advice on how to use them to promote your business, we’ll be happy to share some tips and how-tos to help you out.

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