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Blog Marketing Basics – What External and Internal Links Do for Your Business

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Nearly everyone understands the importance of external links pointing to a website. When another website links to information on your website, Google – and other search engines – assume that other people find that information valuable. Internal links are a little bit more obscure, and not everyone gets why it’s important for your website to provide good internal links – links from one part of your website to another. Here’s a quick overview of the two types of links and how a blog marketing strategy can capitalize on both.

Internal Links – What They Are and How They Help

Internal links are hyperlinks from one page on your website to another. They include navigational links from menus, breadcrumb links that help visitors track where they are on your website and informational links that direct people to specific pages on your website. An onsite blog provides you with the opportunity to direct site visitors to specific pages on your website, as well as to increase internal links to specific pages on your website. The number of links pointing to specific pages on your site helps the search engines determine the relative importance of specific pages.

For example, if you want to increase traffic to a lead funnel page on your website, you can do that by writing blog posts and using anchor text within those blog posts to point to that page. Note that the right anchor text is important for both SEO and human purposes: if you’re looking for red yarn for a project, would you be more likely to click on a link that says “red yarn” or one that says “click here”? By the same token, “click here” is meaningless to the search engine, but “red yarn” tells the engine that the link leads to a page about red yarn. That’s important when a real person types “red yarn” into the search box.

External Links – Credibility and Traffic Builders

External links are just what they sound like – links from a blog that’s not on your website. These links tell search engines that someone else thinks that what you have to say or sell is important enough to tell others about it. One way to increase external links pointing to your website is to build and maintain a blog that is not hosted on your company website. A blog written by you – or by a blogging service employed by you – gives you complete control over the pages to which your links point, where the links appear in the text and what text is used to anchor the hyperlinks. Those things are just as important in external links as they are when building internal links.

Our blog promotion strategy includes one or more internal or external blogs with links pointing to your business website. We post informative, engaging content to your blog on a regular basis, and each post can contain up to two links to pages on your website that you specify. Talk to us about ways that blog marketing can improve your SEO and help build your local or online business.

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Three Important Blog and Social Media Marketing Tips You Don’t Have Time to Follow

There are two things we know about social media marketing.

  1. It can be incredibly effective in generating new leads and interest in your projects and products.
  2. It takes a lot of time and expertise to market yourself effectively on social media platforms.

Because online marketing is our business, we follow a lot social media experts and pay attention to their recommendations. We also pay attention to our own metrics to help us figure out best practices for marketing a business through blogs and social media. Here’s what we know: marketing yourself and your products can quickly become a full time job if you follow all the tips, tricks and recommendations. If blog marketing is not your full time job, though – if, say, you actually have to put time into filling orders, manufacturing products, talking to customers and otherwise running your business – it’s hard to find the time to do everything you should do to run a successful blog marketing campaign. Take a look at these top three tips we pulled from a few longer articles written by experts in social media marketing.

Analyze Your Past Posts and Tweets to Find Your Most Successful Content

All of the social media platforms give you some form of metrics that you can use to measure engagement with your content. You can see how many people favorited or re-tweeted one of your tweets, how many people liked, shared or commented on your posts, how many people followed your Pinterest pins back to your blog, etc., etc., etc. From there, you can use those analytics to figure out which type of content your desired audience finds the most engaging so that you can produce more of the same kind of content.

The fact is that this one thing can help you sharpen your focus and increase engagement hugely – but most busy business owners don’t have time for all that follow up. That’s where social media promotion pros come in. We have the time to do the analytics and help you craft and sharpen your message to attract the audience you most want to reach.

Use Hash Tags Effectively

Yesterday’s keywords have given way to hash tags – those #-enhanced buzzwords that help people find relevant material and trending topics. Using hash tags effectively involves research to find the best hash tags to reach your audience, as well as following trending topics so you can catch important new hash tags as they start rising and cresting.

Again, a blog promotion service knows how to find and track trending hash tags and take advantage of them to bring more attention to your tweets, posts and pins.

Adapt Written Content for Multiple Platforms

So you’ve got a great bit of content that’s relevant to your market and you’ve written it up as an eloquent blog post. But you can’t just post the entire blog to your Facebook timeline – people don’t read Facebook for deep analysis. And it certainly won’t fit into 140 characters for your next tweet. In fact, each social media platform works best with different types of formats, and matching the wrong format to the wrong platform can doom your social media marketing strategy.

The solution? Work with a blog writing service that can follow up blog posts by reframing your content for various social media platforms to draw more traffic to your blog or your website.

Don’t write off social media and blog marketing because you don’t have time to do it effectively. Talk to us about crafting a viral online marketing strategy for your business using blogs and various social media platforms to generate leads, increase website traffic and boost your bottom line.

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Blog Marketing and Promotion Three Different Ways

Blog marketing – the art of promoting your business through a blog – doesn’t necessarily mean putting a blog on your business website. A company-owned blog is just one of many configurations that can help generate leads and bring more traffic to your website – and your business. These are a few of the different ways that a blogging service can help boost your online profile and generate leads and sales for your business.

An Onsite Blog for Your Business

The most obvious move is to create a blog on your business website. The benefits of an onsite blog include:

-          Fresh content weekly improves your search engine rankings

-          Informative content establishes your business as an expert voice in your field

-          Engaging blog posts give your business a personality and help with branding

-          Your blog can offer solutions and/or answers to readers’ questions and needs

-          A blog gives you a “canvas” where you can use local references and links to improve your local SEO

-          An internal linking strategy helps direct site visitors to your money pages, reduces your bounce rate and improves your search engine rankings, making it more likely that people will find your business when they search for companies that provide your services in your community.

A Branded Offsite Blog for Your Business

If you want to increase incoming links to your company website but still reap the benefits of a company blog, you might choose an offsite blog branded with your company’s name. That generally means a blog at one of the free blogging sites, like Blogger.com or WordPress.com. The benefits of this strategy include:

-          Links from your offsite blog count as incoming links for your website, improving your search engine rankings.

-          Blogger.com and WordPress.com blogs get indexed and ranked much more quickly by most search engines, so your marketing strategy takes root more quickly.

-          Even though the blog is not on your website, your company still benefits from the personality and branding a blog brings to your business because you’re associating it with your company.

-          Likewise, when you blog offsite under your company name, you’re increasing recognition of your expertise.

An Unassociated Offsite Blog

A third option is to create an offsite blog that has no official connection with your company, but links back to your company website in blog posts. The benefits to this type of blog include:

-          Links from the blog increase the number of incoming links to your website, and aren’t associated with your company.

-          Blog posts that appear to be written by an unaffiliated entity have more credibility than those that are obviously written by your company.

-          Links from a blog about your industry to your website are given more weight by most search engines, making them more valuable for website promotion.

Of course, you can combine any of the above types of business blogging services to amplify each other and reap even higher benefits. For example, you can use an unaffiliated offsite blog to link to posts on your onsite blog as well as to internal blog pages, which multiplies the benefits you get from each of the blogs.

Different blogging configurations provide different levels of benefits to different types of businesses. If you’re not sure which is best for your business, talk to us and let us make some recommendations.

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Majon International Celebrates 20 Years of Internet Marketing with Integrated Social and Blog Marketing Services

Twenty years ago, few marketers understood the marketing and money-making potential of the relatively new internet phenomenon. Matthew J. Hesser, CEO of Majon International, a marketing company with multinational ties, was one of the few visionaries who recognized the shifting paradigm and positioned his young company to take full advantage of that shift. Since 1995, Majon International has helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses find success on the internet with an ever-evolving suite of online marketing services. In January, Majon will celebrate 20 years of providing the best online marketing services to companies worldwide. In recognition of the changing landscape of online marketing, the company is offering an updated Internet marketing strategy that combines the best practices learned over the course of two decades with changes to take advantage of recent shifts in search engine indexing.

Majon has kept its marketing edge by anticipating the evolving nature of online advertising and responding to the changes with updated strategies. From the start, the young company recognized the importance of engaging, high quality content to attract the attention of search engines and customers alike. While other companies were exploiting the weaknesses of a young technology with black hat SEO techniques, Majon focused on creating excellent content and building quality backlinks for client websites. Now, as the marketing focus turns to local search and social marketing, Majon International is again ahead of the curve with an integrated suite of blog marketing and social media marketing services designed especially for small local and online businesses.

Today’s small business owner recognizes that online visibility is vital to running a successful business, locally or online. Creating that visibility has become increasingly more complicated, thanks to new social media platforms and changes to the way search engines index and deliver their results. The online marketing arena has undergone enormous changes since Majon International first began offering its Internet advertising services, and the company has shifted and adapted every step of the way. Its updated strategy now includes targeted blog posting, content marketing, search engine notification and coordinated social media posts to amplify the marketing message delivered in the original blog posts. Each blog post includes links to specific pages on the target website and social media signals to help boost search engine indexing and ranking.

The updated blog marketing and promotion service takes its place among Majon International’s other highly rated, successful marketing services, which include article marketing, targeted email marketing and traffic building strategies for small to medium size businesses.



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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Writing to a Blogging Service

So you’re sold on the benefits of a blog to help promote your business online, but you’re still unsure about the wisdom of entrusting the writing to a blogging service. Like anything else, there are pros and cons to hiring a blogging service to write posts for or about your company. For most business owners, the pros far outweigh the cons. Here’s a quick look at how outsourcing your blog to a blogging service can work out for your company in each of five important metrics.


Most expert bloggers and blog marketers estimate that you need to devote about 6 hours a week to writing, promoting and marketing your blog in order to bring in significant traffic and generate leads. Can you afford to take 6 hours weekly away from your other business activities to focus on building a blog? How much will it cost your business to have you distracted from actually running your business for nearly a full day of your work week? When you outsource your blogging activity to a ghost blogger, you get the benefits of a business blog without the time investment.


A successful blog requires two different kinds of expertise – subject matter expertise and blogging expertise. As far as the first goes, no one knows your business better than you do. You can bring all that knowledge and expertise to your blog. On the other hand, our blogging service employs writers who are experts at writing engaging, entertaining blog posts that also fare well with the search engines. Between the information you provide us about your business and our writers’ research, your blog will reflect your expertise in business coupled with our expertise in writing, making it a win-win situation.


Logically, the cost of paying a blogging service should go into the con column – but don’t forget to tally in the hidden costs of NOT paying an expert to do the work. If you were paying yourself to write blog posts at your rate of pay, how much would you be spending? How much money are you leaving on the table in lost leads and lost sales. In most cases, the relatively low cost of hiring an expert blogging service is more than made up for in increased sales and leads.


One of the most important factors in promoting your business through blogging is consistency – consistent voice, consistent schedule, and consistent promotion. When you employ a blogging service, part of what you’re buying is that all-important consistency. When you maintain your own blogs, it’s easy to push their schedule back to accommodate other business needs. When you hire blog writers, maintaining your blog IS their business. You won’t have a neglected blog hanging around and dragging down your search engine rankings.


Writing a blog post is just the beginning. No matter how good the writing is, if it doesn’t get noticed, it’s just wasted effort. On the other hand, promoting your blog posts ends up being just one more drain on your already stretched time. We offer blog packages that go beyond posting new content and into social media promotion, with content rewritten and targeted for your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages.

Got more questions about the value of hiring a blogging service to help promote your business? Talk to us about our blogging packages and the options for customizing a blogging service for your needs.

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