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It’s Almost Christmas – Is Your Blog Ready for Valentine’s Day?

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One of the things blog marketing professionals learn early is that you’ve always got to be six to eight weeks ahead of the calendar when it comes to holiday marketing. While it’s certainly not too late to be posting Christmas and New Years’ tips and content, it’s also not too early to be considering your social media marketing and promotions for upcoming holidays. In fact, it’s exactly the time to be putting together your blog marketing and social media campaigns for – wait for it – Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s two months into the future, and your customers aren’t thinking about it yet. But they will be thinking about it before you know it, and you should be ready to offer them answers as soon as they start to make plans.

The Importance of a Social Media and Content Marketing Calendar

Despite the title, this is not a post about adding hearts and flowers to your blog for Valentine’s Day. Rather, it’s about the importance of planning ahead. If you want to get in on the benefits of social media marketing for the holidays, it’s important to start far in advance of Thanksgiving. If you’re not sure how far, do a quick Google search for “social media holiday tips” and look at the publication dates. You’ll notice that nearly all of them were posted sometime in the middle of October. Does that mean all the content marketing mavens online suddenly got the idea to start planning for the holidays at the same time? Of course not! They’re all working off the same basic marketing calendar, the one that’s dictated by when people start looking for certain types of information.

A content marketing calendar should be central to your blog marketing strategy. By defining the major promotional times of year and scheduling types of content that revolves around those, you’re naturally keying into the typical annual search trends. People start looking for Christmas ideas shortly before Halloween – despite all the complaining about rushing the holidays – and they’ll be looking for Valentine’s Day happenings by the second week in January. Other important trends depend on your industry – florists and bridal stores should boost their social media presence in the early spring to catch the prom and June bride markets and in the early autumn for the homecoming dances, for example.

Our blog marketing and social media promotion professionals understand the annual marketing cycles, and will work with you to help amplify your annual and cyclical promotions via social media and blog posts. Talk to us about how one of our blog marketing packages can help boost your bottom line in the upcoming year.

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Taking Stock of Your Blog Promotion Strategy – Are You Ready for 2015?

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your business promotion strategy for 2015. In evaluating how well your online activities are contributing to your business, ask yourself these questions – and get ready to take action to pump up your online presence in 2014.

Is your website delivering the sales and leads you expect from it?

Your website is your online hub of operations. These days, it’s really not enough to just have a flat business card up on the Web. Your customers are looking for information and answers online, and if they don’t get them from you, they’ll take their business to someone who tells them what they need to know. If you’ve got the info up there and your website is still not delivering, you need to take a look at the most likely possible causes.

Is your website attracting enough visitors?

The best-designed website in the world won’t deliver for your business if no one can find it. With all the changes in search and social media over the past few years, it’s not surprising that local and small businesses have trouble attracting attention. And that attention is vital. Most online businesses will tell you that a conversion rate anywhere about 2 to 3% is pretty good. That means you need at least 100 visitors for every two to three sales. How do you get those visitors?

That’s where blog promotion and social media marketing come in to play. A skilled blog marketing service can help your business website attract the visitors you need to build sales and generate leads. If you’re not using blogs and social media to promote your business, it’s about time to take a serious look at your online promotion strategy.

How Blog Content Attracts and Sends Traffic to Your Website

Blogs attract a different type of reader than the typical business website. When people click on a link to read a blog entry, they’re looking for information and engagement. They enjoy a bit of personality and good writing. In many cases, they’re looking to be persuaded to like a specific product or business. A well-crafted blog post can deliver all of those things, and then point those potential customers directly at your website with embedded custom links. By the time those visitors reach your business pages, they’re already more than halfway sold.

Talk to us about our blog marketing and social media promotion services and how they can help your business thrive. We offer several different packages of online promotion services and will work with you to craft an online marketing strategy that will help make 2015 your best year ever.

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Blog Marketing – Three Reasons Not to Do It Yourself

When you’re a small business owner, you’re used to boot-strapping it, and the smaller you are, the more you boot-strap. The temptation to do it all yourself has a lot of support – doing it yourself is usually one of the easiest ways to save money, for example. But sometimes, such as in the case of blog marketing and social media promotion, it makes more sense to outsource the work to experts than to do it yourself. Why should you turn to a blog marketing service or social media promotion firm for your online marketing? Here are three reasons you shouldn’t do blog promotion for your local business on your own.

You’ve Got Better Things to Do with Your Time

Our most popular blog marketing package is two posts per week to two blogs plus social media promotion and search engine submission. Can you do all that yourself? Sure, if you’ve got the time. How long will it take you to write come up with a topic, research it, write an interesting post about it and then rewrite it for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Now multiply it by four. Haven’t you got more important things to do with your time?

You’ve Got More Important Things to Do with Your Passion

There are some things you choose to do as a business owner because you purely love to do them. Do you love search engine optimization? If the answer to that is no, if you only do it because it has to be done, hand it off. Our content marketing specialists are actually passionate about social media marketing, keywords, blog marketing and online promotion. That’s why they’re great at what they do and why they keep up with the latest trends and the tried-and-true marketing methods. Save your passion for the things you really like to do.

It’s Not Something Only You Can Do

There are some things only you can do for your business. You wouldn’t trust anyone else to hire and fire employees, for example, or to set policy for your company. Blogging is not one of those things. When you take it on yourself, you’re taking time away from the things that no one else can do for your company. We want to help you succeed, and that means making sure you can focus on running your business without having to worry about whether someone remembered to tweet about your big sale.

There’s no question that well-crafted blog posts and social media content can help boost your company’s online profile, lead generation and sales potential. Drop us a line to learn more about how we can help boost your business with our blog marketing services.

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Majon International Helps Small Businesses Ramp up Their Web Traffic for the Holidays

The holiday buying season is in full swing, and the early reports on sales are a mixed bag. According to the New York Times, Thanksgiving weekend sales were down a disappointing 11 percent in retail stores. That news was offset by the news that Cyber Monday online sales hit new highs. According to Time magazine, online sales for Cyber Monday topped $2 billion, making it the largest E-commerce day in history. This could be the year that online sales outpace in-store sales across the board.

The increase in online sales is especially important during the holiday season when, according to the National Retail Association, retailers do more than 10 percent of their annual business. That percentage is even greater in certain business niches. Jewelry stores, for example, do nearly 23 percent of their annual business during December and another 9 percent during November, accounting for nearly one-third of their business for the year. Other businesses also do more than their average share of business during December, including 15.3 percent for retail chain stores, 13.6 percent for and apparel and accessory stores, 13.4 percent for electronics stores and 13.5 percent for sporting goods stores.

Because of the high conversion rates and increased traffic, many Internet marketing experts recommend an online marketing strategy that includes buying targeted Web traffic as a major component. The strategy involves redirecting website visitors who click on a category link on a high-traffic website to a specific business website. It uses a mix of direct links and other ad strategies to send traffic directly to customer websites from targeted links. Unlike random visitors, those who click a targeted link are genuinely interested in buying a specific type of product or service. Because they are already primed to buy or seeking information on a specific topic, targeted Web visitors convert at higher rates than basic traffic. The higher rates make traffic provided by Majon International more valuable than many other types of website promotion, including email ad campaigns.

For retailers hoping to take advantage of the trend, online marketing specialist Majon International notes that the best way to boost online sales is to ramp up Web traffic to their websites for the holidays. The company offers a selection of targeted Web traffic packages to retailers who want to increase their website visitors by 10,000, 20,000, 60,000 or even 100,000 each month.  Majon uses a network of its own high-traffic websites and network partners to send up to 100,000 unique, targeted US-based visitors to small business websites in the category they select. For more information about targeted Web traffic packages, visit the Majon International website.

Summary: Majon International, a leading online marketing service, stresses the importance of ramping up web traffic for the holidays and gives some tips about how to do it.

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Three Blog Promotion Ideas for Three Weeks to Christmas

We’re almost through the first full week of December and just 20 days out from Christmas. With just three weeks to do, this is the time to ramp up your holiday blog promotion and social media marketing strategies. Did you know that this Cyber Monday was the single largest single E-commerce day in history? According to Time magazine, Cyber Monday online sales topped $2 billion, and there’s more than a hint that it’s just the tip of the holiday money blitz. In fact, with so many top-tier retail sites staggering their Cyber Monday promotions throughout the week, there’s good reason to believe that this year’s online holiday shopping avalanche is still building. So how do you take advantage of the holiday shopping trends and attract some of those eager shoppers and buyers to your website, storefront or local business?  Here are three blog promotion and social media marketing ideas you can use to ramp up traffic to your website and translate them into higher sales for your business this Christmas season. Each one includes a blog post and associated social media promotions to pull traffic to your site and store.

Week 1 Blog Promotion – DIY Christmas Post

It’s still early enough for people who want to make their own holiday gifts, so get this one out there now. Think of one way your products or services can fit into a DIY Christmas gift, even if you have to really stretch to do it. If all else fails – say, if you’re a chiropractor and there’s really no way to fit that into a handmade gift – get sneaky about it. Post about your receptionist’s favorite cookie recipe or the awesome holiday decoration your bookkeeper put on her desk. After you post it – either on your business blog or on an offsite blog linking back to your website – share it on Facebook with a “Look what we found!” message, and on Twitter with a “Love this idea! And we’ve got _____ to make it” (just insert your product in the blank space).

Week 2 Blog Marketing Post – Get Ready for the Holidays

This one is ideal for service businesses. If you have a bookkeeping service, a housecleaning business, a hair stylist’s office or – you get the idea – this is where you can shine. Remind your customers and potential customers that you can make their lives easier so they can enjoy the holidays more. Offer housecleaning tips (and a reminder that you can just do it for them, of course). Give directions for a holiday updo for all those evening parties, or a quick DIY on how to do a special holiday manicure. Remind folks that the end of the year is coming up and offer a quick suggestion on stashing all those holiday receipts so they’ll be at hand for tax season, which is coming right up! Share and Tweet, with links to your business website for those who would rather have you do it for them.

Week 3 Blog Marketing Post – Last Minute Gift Ideas

Uh-oh, Christmas just totally snuck up on your customers, but hey, you’ve got the perfect last-minute gift idea, right? This is the time to break out your gift certificate promotions or just suggest a gift certificate for a makeover, a salon spa day, a dinner out or just about anything else you sell. Follow up your post with two or three tweets linking to your business website with a #lastminutegift tag, and one or two Facebook posts reminding people that there’s still time to give the gift of – whatever you’ve got.

Sounds like a lot of work? Give yourself the gift of time by letting our blog marketing specialists do it for you. Talk to us about crafting special blog posts and social marketing promotions for your business. The holiday season is in full swing. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

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