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Five Ways a Blogging Service Can Help You Sell from Your Website

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If you have a business website, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about starting a blog. You may even have tried to start one, only to give up when you realized how much work actually goes into crafting relevant, well-written content that attracts attention to your website. One of the beauties of working with a blogging service is that you don’t have to think about creating relevant content or remember to promote your blog or make the time to write and publish blog posts. It’s all done for you for a small weekly or monthly fee.  If you’ve never thought about the ways a blogging service can help build traffic and bring customers to your website, these few examples might help you see the value your business could be reaping.

Teach Customers How to Use Your Products

No matter what you sell, your customers are always looking for new ideas on how to use your products. How-to posts are among the most popular types of marketing content you’ll find online. Whether you’re showing your customers how to use wood stain for a cool effect or explaining to executives how to get the most out of your productivity software, you’ve got a ready-made audience and market for your products.

Solve Problems for Your Customers

Does your product solve a problem for customers? A well-crafted blog post can point out solutions your customers may not have considered. From plumbing advice to toilet-training tips, people turn to online sources for advice on some of life’s most common and most frustrating problems. If your blog supplies the answer, you’ve earned yourself a customer.

Be a Thought Leader

Are you an expert in your field? Whether you’re a business consultant, a personal coach or an inspirational speaker, people want to hear from you – and a blogging service can help you be heard. The best services employ professional writers who can supply a steady stream of blog posts focusing on major topics in your industry and help establish you as an expert to consult when they need to know.

Offer Tips on How to Get Things Done

LifeHacker has become one of the most popular sites on the Web by pioneering one simple type of content: tips on how to do everyday things more easily. Short posts on making life better through your products are a great way to attract attention to your website and boost your sales.

Provide Valuable Information

Blogs can provide information that people – your prospective customers – are looking for. The information will vary depending on your industry.  For example, a dentist might explain how various dental services work, and a child care center might offer posts about child development or fun activities to do with kids.  Blog services are expert at tailoring content for your business.

Reap the benefits of blogging without doing the work. Check out the content marketing and blogging services we offer to see how we can help your business prosper.


A Blogging Service Provides the Benefits of a Blog Without the Work

It’s a given that a well-written blog is an asset to your business on the Web. Blogs attract traffic, drive engagement, allow you to highlight your products and expertise, and help feed the Google monster’s never-ending appetite for fresh content. Unfortunately, building and maintaining a high-quality blog requires a certain level of expertise – and a lot of time. What if you could get all the benefits of blogging without the work, deadlines and headaches that go along with it? If your first reaction to that question is “Where do I sign up for that?” then you’re a prime candidate for a blogging service.

Why Choose a Blogging Service?

Over the past several months, Google has hit low quality blogs hard. Companies that were garnering healthy traffic – and high profits – with scraped content, automatic RSS feeds and “guest blogs” that were little more than link exchanges found their traffic taking a nosedive as the latest Google changes took effect. The blogs that survived the purge are those that consistently deliver high-quality content. The best blogging services will offer you packages that include one or more blogs – either on your site or offsite to provide good backlinks – with well-written, interesting posts added on a regular basis.

In addition, the better services go beyond writing content for your blog and do the work of promotion for you. Depending on the service and the options that you choose, that may include:

  • Pinging the blog directories and submission of new posts to search engines after each post
  • Links within posts to your website, including deep links to bring traffic to important pages
  • Natural use of keywords in links to your website to improve your website’s credibility
  • Unique, professional content that helps build your reputation as an expert in your industry

Blogging for SEO and Exposure

Blogs that regularly link back to your main website are a great way to build credible backlinks – something that’s becoming ever more important as search engines turn their sights on those buy-by-the-hundred backlink farms that have been so popular. A good blogging service understands the importance of linking strategically to insulate you from search engine penalties while building your online visibility and exposure.

If you’re looking for new ways to increase your traffic and boost your bottom line, but don’t have time to invest in writing blog posts every week, check out our blogging services. You’ll be amazed how good they can make you look.


Website Promotion Assistance

Being a part of the World Wide Web is an exciting and potentially prosperous adventure. However, if you have launched your site as a means of making money, then you have to know the right means of website promotion. Getting started requires that you know some of the basics so you can set you website up for nothing less than success.

One of the most important aspects of website promotion is making sure the content is keyword rich so the site is search engine optimized. For instance, if you sell electronics such as cameras, then you would need to use a variety of words associated with cameras – words used by people conducting searches. This might include things such as camera, cameras, video, camcorder, pictures, digital, photography, etc. Using variations will certainly help your website be more easily found, which in turn helps to increase traffic.

In addition to search engine optimization, there are a number of ways you can create strong website promotion. With a solid link building campaign, you will see dramatic changes to the number of people coming to your site. With this type of website promotion, exchange links are an ideal choice but the key here is to make sure you work with reputable sites and those that complement or enhance your own website.

Website promotion can also be done successfully by using things such as article submission, forum postings, blogs, press releases, directory submissions, social bookmarking, video marketing, and the list goes on. Just remember that no matter the type of web promotion you feel is right for you, make sure that you use only high quality content, high quality links, and high quality everything.

After all, the type of website promotion chosen is going to be a direct reflection on how you run your business. Therefore, if the marketing and promotion is low budget and cheap, this will be what potential customers expect to find once they enter your site. On the other hand, if there are exchange links in top sites and well-written blogs and articles, then visitors to your site will automatically expect to find something special offered by your online business.

The better decisions you make pertaining to website promotion the more you increase your chance of getting exposure. One final note – after choosing your options for website promotion you need to monitor each. This will help you see what is and is not working so you can make adjustments as needed.


Terms Used in Web Advertising

There are a lot of different words and phrases that come up when people are discussing web advertising. Some of them can be hard to understand, so here are some of the more commonly used terms and what they mean when it comes to web advertising.

Hit: A hit count is not an accurate reflection of effective advertising. A hit records all files that are loaded from the server. For example, if a webpage has ten graphics on it along with text, it will register eleven total hits whenever that page is loaded. When a webmaster quotes how many hits their page receives, keep this in mind.

Page Views: When the term page view is used, it means number of times a complete page is shown.

Impressions: Impressions means the number of times an advertisement on a website is shown.

Visitors and Unique Visitors: When the term visitor is used, it means the person who is coming to, or visiting, your site. For example, if there are one thousand people who visit a site, that would be one thousand visitors.  Even though there are one thousand visitors, there may only be around two hundred unique visitors.

The difference between unique visitors and visitors is that unique visitors are those people who have visited the website for the first time on that computer. This isn’t completely accurate, though, because some websites count on a 24-hour basis, which means after the 24 hours are over, the person who visits the website is counted as another unique visitor.

Circulation and Reach: When the word circulation is used in reference to web advertising, it is referring to the number of people who subscribe to an ezine or a newsletter. The word reach includes the number of people who get a copy of the ezine or newsletter though someone else, perhaps via a colleague or a friend.

When it comes to the terms that are used in web advertising, it’s best to know what they truly mean so that you aren’t misled. The more you know about the terms that are used, the better prepared you are to make informed decisions.


Importance of Monitoring Web Banner Advertising Campaigns

If you are using web banner advertising as part of your online advertising campaign, you should ensure that you are monitoring your banner advertisements constantly. Many people using banner ads forget this important step in their marketing campaigns. They plan the ads, design them, and post them on all the right websites. They then sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in. However, this is not always the case.

Monitoring your web banner advertising campaigns is important to ensure that you are able to gauge just how effective your banner design is. When you are starting out with banner ads, it is important to use more than one banner advertisement. This ensures that you appeal to different tastes and preferences. You will therefore need to monitor each banner ad and determine which design is more effective. This monitoring will also help you improve on the ads that are popular.

You also need to know if your banner is getting the kind of exposure that it needs by monitoring the viewing or impression rates. You can know how many times your banner ad is viewed and on which website. This information will help you to determine where you can place your advertisements. Placing your advertisements on the right websites will help you to improve the flow of traffic to your website.

You should also monitor the number of people who click on your advertisement and compare it with the number of times your banner is viewed. This will give you an idea of just how effective the web banner advertising campaign is in drawing people to take action. Your advert may have been viewed thousands of time but only have resulted in two or three clicks. You will need to change your advertising strategy in this case. You may have to include a more attractive heading or a call to action.

If people are clicking on your banner ads, you need to find out if they are experiencing a profit as a result. You should monitor the amount of money you are spending on web banner advertising for clicks on your ads against the amount of money you are making from the people who purchase your products or services after clicking on these ads. It may be that your banners are drawing traffic to your website but something is hindering them from buying products or services offered. It may be that you are not providing the information that people are seeking or have a website that is difficult to navigate. Make changes where necessary and continue to monitor the advertising campaign.


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