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Five Ways to Get Social Media Wrong (and How to Get It Right)

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Cracking the social media code can be tricky for a small business owner used to a very different kind of advertising. If you’re just getting started with a social media strategy, knowing these five pitfalls and five best practices can help you step off on the right foot.

Mistake #1 – Diving Right In

Jumping into anything without a plan is dangerous. Diving into the social media waters without a strategy can be disastrous for your company. Even the big guys get it wrong sometimes – just look at what happened when McDonald’s tried to launch a #McDStories campaign on Twitter. The fast food giant encouraged people to share their McDonald’s memories – and regretted it very quickly when their paid-for promotion attracted posts like “I lost 50 lbs when I stopped working at and eating McDonalds #McDStories.”

Getting It Right

Create a comprehensive plan for attacking social media. Evaluate each platform and figure out the best ways to use it for your company – or if you should use it at all. Establish a social media policy that includes which employees will have control of and accountability for the accounts. The more you know about each platform, the easier it will be for you to recognize opportunities and avoid pitfalls on each.

Mistake #2 – Posting Too Often

One of the quickest ways to get unLiked on a social sharing platform is to post too often. Even if you’re sharing valuable information, people will start seeing your posts as spam.

Getting It Right

This can be tricky because the “right” number of posts depends so much on the kinds of posts you’re sharing. One way to avoid the “Oh, no, them again??” phenomenon is to vary the kind of posts you make. Liberally pepper your own promotional posts with shares from other companies and inspirational posts that fit your company brand.

Mistake #3 – Treating Social Media Like an Ad Network

Social sharing networks are ideal for establishing relationships and engaging with your customers. Too often, small business owners use them the same way they would an advertising platform. If you’re just using Twitter to advertise your business and Facebook to post your latest promotion, you risk becoming just so much background noise – or worse.

Getting It Right

Use your social media posts to engage your customers and potential customers in conversations. By all means, tweet that discount on carpet cleaning to your followers, but monitor Twitter (there are lots of apps that can help you with that) so you can respond when someone asks a question about getting a stain out of their white carpet. That kind of engagement will earn you followers and good will, and that will translate into more business for you in the long run.

Mistake #4 – Trying to Wrestle an Octopus

Engaging on multiple social platforms can be like trying to wrestle an octopus – way too many arms to keep them all under control, especially if you’re working on each one individually. Switching between Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Google+ to post and check analytics can rapidly become a full-time job.

Getting It Right

There are two solutions to the octopus problem. The first is to choose one or two platforms and concentrate your efforts there. The second is to take advantage of technology. Software like Hootsuite can help you manage multiple accounts and platforms, allowing you to access all of your analytics from one dashboard and making it easier to cross-post and engage different audiences with the same content.

Mistake #5 – Doing It All Yourself

Many business owners think they can save money by managing their social media presence on their own or in-house with a part-time employee. There’s so much to understand and learn when it comes to social media marketing that it’s easy to make big mistakes when you’re trying to manage it along with your regular job.

Getting It Right

If you don’t have the budget – or the work – to justify hiring a full-time social media specialist, your best strategy is to contract with a company that specializes in social media marketing. They’ll get your social media strategy right and ensure that you get the best exposure for your message.

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Business Blogging 101 – 4 Things Your Blog Does and 1 Thing You Can Do to Make It Easier

Blogging for business is a different animal than blogging for your personal interests. It also requires a different kind of writing than sales copy. Essentially, the reason you write a business blog is to attract potential customers and engage with them. Remember the old sales adage: it takes an average of seven contacts with a prospective customer before you make the sale. With a business blog, you put the first few of those contacts on auto-pilot, which makes your selling job that much easier. If you do a good job of blogging, by the time your potential customer makes contact with you, she’s already primed to buy. How does that happen? Here are five ways that your business blog helps you make those crucial seven contacts with prospective customers.

A Blog Raises Awareness of Your Company

Regular blog posts, coupled with good blog promotion, make your company more visible on the Web. With an authoritative, well-written blog, your website is far more likely to come up in search engine results – especially if you engage a blogging service that promotes your posts by submitting them to search engines as soon as they’re written.

A Business Blog Starts a Conversation with Your Prospects

When you write engaging, informative posts – or have them written for you by a blog service – you are opening the conversation with your potential customers. A good blog post is an opening gambit – it offers information or a solution, or it asks a question. You can carry the conversation further if you choose to allow comments and respond to them on your blog, but it’s not necessary.

An Informative Blog Develops Your Authority in Your Business Niche

The more informative your blog is, the more trust you’ll gain from search engines – a metric they refer to as “authority.” The search engines increase your authority factor based on a number of factors, including the links you share, the people and sites that link back to you, the number of readers you have and the number of times your content is shared with others. Well-written articles on timely, interesting subjects – the kind you’ll get from a top-notch blogging service like ours – engage others and encourage them to share your posts and link to them from other sites. (We can help there, too. We’ll create up to two blogs with informative posts that can link back to your main business site, on whichever pages you choose, increasing your authority with the search engines and boosting your website in the rankings.)

Good Blog Posts Tell Your Potential Customers How You Can Solve Their Problems

Blog copy is less promotional and more informational than sales copy. When you engage a good blog writing service to develop your blogs, you’ll be posting information that helps your customers visualize how your products or services can make their lives easier and solve their problems. In turn, that preps your potential customers to come looking for you instead of the reverse.

How You Can Make Blogging Easier

Of course, blogging takes a lot of time and energy – but it doesn’t have to. The easiest way of all to start and maintain a successful business blog is to let someone else do it for you. Blogging services like ours will work with you to develop a content plan and get you started with a business blog that’s an asset to your business without being a drain on your time.

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Why You Should Make Your Blog Social Media Central

In this day and age of social media marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important part of your social media marketing strategy – your blog. Not too long ago, a few influential folks in the world of online marketing suggested that company websites and blogs should go the way of the dodo bird. They noted that recent statistics suggested that company websites were showing negative growth – that is, they were getting fewer visits than the same time a year earlier. Their suggestion: kill off your company website and invest your marketing energy into building you brand on social media platforms. As a company that provides blogging services, we admit to some bias here, but there are some very good reasons to keep your company blog – or start one if you don’t have one already. In fact, instead of ignoring your blog in favor of social media marketing, you should make it the hub of your social media strategy. Here’s why.

You Have Total Control

Your website is the one place on the Internet where you have total and complete control over the image you present. That extends to your blog. You get to decide everything about it, from the colors and layout to whether or not you’ll allow comments on your posts. You won’t get that kind of control on Facebook, Google+ or any other social media platform.

Facebook Changes But You Don’t Have To

Ask anyone who has been marketing on Facebook for any length of time and you’ll hear the same thing: they keep changing the rules. The same goes for Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and just about every other social media platform used for marketing. The fact of the matter is, any one of those platforms could disappear tomorrow, taking all your hard work with it. When you work with a blogging service to turn your blog into a social media hub, you’re insulated from the changes on other platforms because you control the platform.

Bring Traffic Back to Your Blog

The right way social media strategy is to direct traffic back to your blog and website. That means establishing your blog as the hub of your marketing enterprise and directing everything you do back to it. Your content should originate on your blog and live there, and all of your social media efforts should direct traffic back to your blog.

Our blog service works with you to develop great content with high SEO and share value. In addition to writing and posting shareable content, our blogging service promotes every single post by pinging the top directories and search engines after each entry, and will include up to three links to your site in each entry. We’ll even use your targeted keywords in the most natural way possible to comply with all of Google’s newest rules and “suggestions.”

Our unique, professional content will help you build a reputation as an authority, and serve as the starting point for a well-designed social media marketing strategy. We’ll make you look good everywhere your company has a presence.

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How to Get the Most from Our Blogging Services

Working with a blogging service can get you the gains of blogging without the pains. A blog writing service can post regularly to your blog, covering relevant topics that will attract site visitors and increase your credibility as a subject matter expert. The right blogging service will even take on promoting your blog posts and helping you create positive backlinks to your own website. You can make the most of those benefits by following a few simple tips to help us make our work for you even more effective.

Get to Know the Process

A basic understanding of how the service handles assignments and promotion will make it easier for you to track the results you get. It will also give you the information you need to figure out which services are most appropriate for your site.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Are you looking for general informational posts to help readers understand your business? Do you just want a blog to build SEO value for your website? Are you looking for posts that will convert visitors to customers? Each of those goals requires a different style of writing and type of post. The better the service understands your goals, the more likely it is that they’ll deliver writing that helps you meet them.

Discuss Strategy with the Blogging Service

One of the biggest advantages of working with a blogging service instead of a content writing service is that you’re working with people who understand the long view. The ability to plan content in advance allows a good blog writing service to provide the types of posts that attract attention and bring potential customers back to your blog for more. When you’re ordering articles one-by-one, you won’t get big draws like multi-part series or posts that link back to previous posts. Services that manage blogs understand the importance of strategies that increase your readership and maximize your marketing potential.

Work Through Rough Spots

Be prepared to devote a little bit more time to the blogging project in the early days. If you employ a writing service to build and maintain a business blog connected to your company, you want to be sure that they’re presenting you to the public in the best possible light.  It’s important that the writing match the brand and voice you’ve developed for your business, and it can take a little time to get that right. Ask about the possibility for revisions, especially early on in the relationship when the service is still trying to get “your” voice right. If you put in a few hours at the outset to check posts, give feedback and build a relationship with the blogging service you employ, the end result will be exactly the blog you’d write yourself if you had the time and skills to do it right.


Best Business Blogging Practices – Who’s Got Time for That?

Let’s accept it as a given that blogging is a pro for your business. Actually, let’s not – let’s look at three statistics that make it clear.

  • Companies that have an active blog generate 67% more leads than companies that don’t. (SocialMediaB2B)
  • Companies that add blogs to their websites get 55% more visitors (Inbound Writer)
  • Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links (Inbound Writer)

When you add an active blog to your website, it will:

  • increase your leads
  • increase your visitors
  • increase your reach
  • increase your company’s visibility on the Internet

So What’s the Catch?

On the flip side, the biggest negative to adding a blog to your company website is the time it takes to maintain it. If you do just a little research about best business blogging practices, you’ll learn that these are just a few of the things you should be doing to make your business blog successful:

  1. Research your desired customers to find the subjects that will most engage them.
  2. Tie your blog posts into current events to increase their visibility.
  3. Research keywords that people use when searching for products like yours.
  4. Learn a whole new way of writing to match the short attention span of web readers.
  5. Find (or create) great pictures to go with content on your blog.
  6. Link from your blog posts to references that support your points.
  7. Include links to make it easy for readers to share your posts.

And those are all just suggestions from one online marketing company’s blog post (See what we did there? That’s best practice tip “F”on the list above.)

Who’s Got Time for That?

The long and short of it is that creating and maintaining a well-crafted, successful business blog is practically a part-time job all on its own. In fact, when you add in all the new skills and technology you’ll need to learn, you could conceivably spend two or more hours daily researching, writing, posting and promoting posts on your company blog. Who’s got time for that?

We do. Blogging services like ours allow you to outsource the pain and reap the gain of business blogging. Unlike content providers, who merely write articles for you, a blogging service will actually set up your blog for you, write the content, add images where appropriate, post the content and then promote it – all for one package price.

Even better, when you work with a blog writing service your posts will be written by experienced web writers who understand how to structure and optimize blog content for search engines while making them enjoyable and informative for your readers. Your blog posts will be well-researched, credible and tailored specifically to your market demographic.

Offsite Promotional Blogs

In addition to writing directly for your company blog, a blogging service can create offsite blogs specifically designed to highlight your products, services or company, as well as helping you create other written assets and content to promote your business. If you’re sold on the benefits of business blogging, but you don’t have time for all that goes into it, our blogging services could be the perfect fit for you.


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