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By now, you’ve surely heard about the benefits of maintaining a business blog. In fact, it’s rare these days for company not to have a blog associated with it because there are just too many benefits that come from it. But many business owners question whether they should create a blog that is attached to their website, or create one off-site. Here is a rundown of the benefits of each.

An Onsite Business Blog

Some people choose to include a blog as a part of their business website. Here are the benefits of this type of setup:

  • It makes it easy for your customers to find. All you need to do is create a button on your site that points visitors to your blog.
  • As long as you consistently post fresh content, an on-site blog will help improve your search engine rankings.
  • By posting up-to-date and relevant content, the blog will help to establish you as an expert in your field.
  • You can inform readers on how best to use your products and services, and offer suggestions for more ways to incorporate your products into their lives.
  • A good blog will help brand your business
  • You can use internal links to guide your visitors to your product pages and other areas of your site to increase sales and profitability

An Off-Site Business Blog

Another way to carry your company message across the internet is to establish a business blog that is not attached to your business website. There are some distinct advantages to creating an off-site blog. They are:

  • You will receive incoming links from your off-site blog to your website, which will help to improve you search engine rankings.
  • You will attract customers who may not have found you before.
  • Blogger.com, which is the site we use to set up our customer’s off-site blogs, gets indexed and ranks more quickly be the major search engines, which means it won’t take as long for your marketing efforts to pay off.
  • Because the blog isn’t associated with your company website, it will lend credibility to your brand, and increase the perception of your expertise in your industry.


At Majon, we set up both on-site and off-site blogs for our clients, and see great results with either choice. If you haven’t yet decided which type of business blog would best suit your business, contact us today and let us show you which type of blog would likely work best for your business.

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