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Email Marketing: Rules to Live By

Email marketing is one of the fastest growing niches of Internet marketing. There are several steps you can take to ensure your email marketing efforts result in success. Here are some important email marketing tips every business owner should follow:

* Do follow the rules. There is legislation that governs email advertising and email marketing. It’s CAN-SPAM. These rules tell you not to spam your clients or prospects. You can’t pretend you are someone else. You have to put the name of your company or your name in the “from” field in your email. You have to be honest about what your email is about. You also have to include an address in your emails, and provide your recipients with an option to opt-out of your emails. Make sure you know what the law is before you engage in any email marketing campaign. Too many faux pas can cost you your ISP service, and that is not something you want to mess with.

* Do be polite. Greet your recipients and then thank them for listening to you. The purpose of email marketing should include building rapport with your audience.

* Do try to build relationships with people.

* Don’t bombard people with email advertisements.

* Do remember to include a call to action. If you don’t ask people for the sale, they won’t know to buy something. Surprisingly, many people forget this part of the email.

* Don’t sell too many things in one email because this can be confusing to people and cause them to quickly move your email to the junk folder.

* Do try to up-sell when possible. You can do this in the form of a transactional email or follow up email after a client has already made a purchase. Someone who buys once is likely to buy again.

* Do respond to inquiries promptly, because most people will forget about you if you don’t. You also want to show people that you are attentive to their needs and offer the best possible customer service. This is going to get their attention and is likely to help you win more repeat customers.


Internet Marketing Services: Email Marketing

Many Internet marketing services help business owners with web site development. Once you complete your web site the next step is often creating the perfect email marketing campaign. Most Internet marketing services companies can provide you with detailed instructions about running a proper web marketing or email marketing campaign.

However, with time the rules and regulations of email marketing change. You can call on another Internet marketing services provider to keep you abreast of changes, or you can keep the ball rolling. Which would you prefer? Your best bet is to allow your Internet marketing services provider to tend to important matters, including search engine optimization, as your company grows.

You are perfectly capable of running a successful email marketing campaign. Here are a few tips.

* Keep the format of your email marketing campaign just the same as your Internet marketing services provider recommended, to make your life easy.

* Make sure you keep abreast of legal matters, like CAN-SPAM.

* Don’t spam your customers. Make sure you acquire lists through legal means.

* Provide your recipients with the ability to opt-out from your email lists.

* Build professional relationships with your recipients.

* Be honest in your dealings with customers.

* Follow up on all complaints promptly and efficiently so they don’t become problematic.

* Make sure you address your customers personally and professionally.

* Take advantage of all opportunities to up-sell via transactional emails when possible.

* Find an Internet marketing services provider to handle large mailings if necessary – especially if launching new products after you have established yourself as a major player in the industry.

* Always use valid headlines and subjects when emailing prospects; don’t try to deceive people when sending out correspondence, because this will result in trouble rather than repeat customers.

* Remember to thank your customers for listening and spending with you.

* Take some time to allow your recipients to get to know you. The more “human” you are, the more likely they are to warm up to you and the more willing they are to spend with you.

* Find out what your competition is doing and then find out what benefits they are not filling so you can meet that need for your prospects.

* Remember there is always a need to be met, and you can find a way to meet that need – just focus on the benefits.


Tips For Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is the means of communicating with your customers or potential customers through email, rather through other mediums. Anyone can send an email, but not everyone can send a sales-oriented email that gets people to click through to the website and get the sale. The process of using email marketing can be outstanding, though, because it is easy to do (with experience) and it gets consistent results.

Contrary to what many people believe, following the rules about spam is easy when you have a system in place to help you. The system should insure that anyone who visits your website is able to sign up for your emails in some form. There are methods for doing this that are highly acceptable and that work very well. Once they sign up and approve you sending emails to them, you need to send information they are able to and willing to read.

Here are some tips for successful email marketing.

1. Gather your email addresses legally. Depending on the methods you use, and the emails you plan to send, you may need an electronic record of this so that you have protection from spam challenges.

2. Design interactive email marketing messages. They should encourage people to want to click through to the website. They should also be designed so that the reader thinks: I have to click here to find out more.

3. Powerful subject line. It is important to know how to structure an email marketing subject line that is captivating enough that the individuals will respond to it quickly.

4. The email should contain something valuable to the reader. In other words, you are less likely to get results if you are sending emails to untargeted individuals. In addition, you also may want to consider the benefits of an email that offers information, news, and education, as well as special offers.

5. Manage the graphics carefully. A boring typeface and a black and white image are not necessary, but you do have to make graphics livable when it comes to email messages. If they have to wait a long time to see your email, they are likely not going to respond to it.

In the process of creating successful email marketing messages, there are several things to keep in mind. The most important is that you have something that they need or want, perhaps something that can solve their problem. Once you hit potential customers at this level, and do it properly, you can transform prospects into regular customers.

It is often beneficial to hire a professional to manage the email marketing for an online business. These experts can manage every aspect of the project to insure that it gets the results you need.


Top Three Tips for Email Marketing

Every online business owner knows the importance of email marketing, bur poor campaign execution often means failure. The good news is that you can create and make an email marketing campaign work simply by understanding some simple rules. The result is having a very successful online business, regardless of the size of the company, the number of employees, or even the product or service being sold.

Keep in mind that with an email marketing campaign, using link exchanges works exceptionally well. In this case, you need to locate other online companies that either sell items or services similar to what you sell or those that offer something that would enhance and complement your site. The goal here is to create exchange links so their customers can click through to your site and vice versa. With the right approach, you can easily design an email marketing campaign specifically with the goal of creating link exchanges.

When done right, using both new and old methods of email marketing, you will see a tremendous growth in your online business. Other ways of making email marketing work for you so you can increase traffic and watch your sales grow includes the following:

* Paid Products – In addition to working with affiliates and their products, make sure the products you sell are being promoted. Obviously, taking the time to promote what you sell will allow you to make more money. This, in addition to building lucrative affiliates, is a great way of using an email marketing campaign.

* Squeeze Page – Using a squeeze page is a secret that many online business owners miss. To accomplish this, you need to create a list quickly, using a very basic website designed with a headline, a couple of bullet points about the product/service and business, as well as the opt-in option. The results of a squeeze page for email marketing can be quite successful.

* Follow Up – Another error that people make is not taking the time to follow up with the prospective customer list. Remember, the average person will visit a website several times before actually buying. Therefore, you need to reach a very large audience within the right market niche so you end up with far more sales. Then, keep in contact with your list and follow up to make sure you are giving the public what they actually want to buy.


The Misunderstood Concept of Email Marketing

Many people who think of email marketing confuse this marketing method with spam. Many people are not familiar with the concept of using email marketing to legitimately promote a company’s products and/or services. The real truth is that there are more instances of legitimate email marketing efforts than there are spam, but we don’t customarily hear about them.

Many companies and individuals benefit immensely from email marketing. With so many people communicating via email instead of other types of communication, it is the most effective way to reach the largest number of people in a targeted group of potential buyers. Whether you offer a product or service, it’s essential to get that information to the public if you expect to make any money, and the best way to reach those potential buyers is with email marketing.

Although email marketing can be very effective, you can’t just begin putting emails out to what you think are potential customers without having a goal in mind or having some idea how to present the information. You must have a plan in mind and a targeted group of people you want to reach. You also have to know the right way to present your information in order to generate interest. These are all a part of email marketing. The marketing concept goes hand in hand with advertising. You have to know to whom to market your advertising plan before you can actually begin email advertising.

One of the first things to learn about email advertising is how to define and address your target audience. Until you can do that you will be working blindly and will not have an effective email advertising campaign. You need to be able to promote your products and services to those who are the most likely to be interested rather than to email people and companies randomly. It is the random emailing that tends to go into people’s spam folders without ever being opened.

Another marketing concept that has been used occasionally and sometimes works is if you are working with addresses that do not appear on any kind of list, instead of sending your information and having it end up in the spam folder, email those people you think might be interested and ask if they would mind if you sent them some information. Not only do you grab their interest because you asked first but you can be more certain they will at least read your email advertising material. Will they buy? There’s a 50/50 chance, just as there is with any kind of email marketing promotion, but you have a better chance of success than you would by emailing randomly.