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Many people who think of email marketing confuse this marketing method with spam. Many people are not familiar with the concept of using email marketing to legitimately promote a company’s products and/or services. The real truth is that there are more instances of legitimate email marketing efforts than there are spam, but we don’t customarily hear about them.

Many companies and individuals benefit immensely from email marketing. With so many people communicating via email instead of other types of communication, it is the most effective way to reach the largest number of people in a targeted group of potential buyers. Whether you offer a product or service, it’s essential to get that information to the public if you expect to make any money, and the best way to reach those potential buyers is with email marketing.

Although email marketing can be very effective, you can’t just begin putting emails out to what you think are potential customers without having a goal in mind or having some idea how to present the information. You must have a plan in mind and a targeted group of people you want to reach. You also have to know the right way to present your information in order to generate interest. These are all a part of email marketing. The marketing concept goes hand in hand with advertising. You have to know to whom to market your advertising plan before you can actually begin email advertising.

One of the first things to learn about email advertising is how to define and address your target audience. Until you can do that you will be working blindly and will not have an effective email advertising campaign. You need to be able to promote your products and services to those who are the most likely to be interested rather than to email people and companies randomly. It is the random emailing that tends to go into people’s spam folders without ever being opened.

Another marketing concept that has been used occasionally and sometimes works is if you are working with addresses that do not appear on any kind of list, instead of sending your information and having it end up in the spam folder, email those people you think might be interested and ask if they would mind if you sent them some information. Not only do you grab their interest because you asked first but you can be more certain they will at least read your email advertising material. Will they buy? There’s a 50/50 chance, just as there is with any kind of email marketing promotion, but you have a better chance of success than you would by emailing randomly.

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