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Popunder Traffic: Finding Favor

Some people have a complete distaste for popunder traffic. This is especially true of many webmasters. Why? This usually is the case because in the olden days when popups and popunders were discovered they were used incessantly much like spam is today. People developed a strong distaste for them because often they contained nothing in the way of content. They were simply a tool people used abusively. Most people started blocking them immediately.

This is still what many people associate popunders with; they see them as nothing more than spam, and for this reason many popunders are junked before they are read.

What can you do about this?

Changing Trends

Your job is to change how people think about popunder advertising. You want to get people to see that popunders are more than just spam. If more advertisers start using popunders wisely, and using them to get meaningful advertisements to targeted audiences, slowly people will stop seeing them as spam and start seeing them for the valuable tool they can be.

When used effectively, much like some banner ads or other advertisements, popunders can be unobtrusive ways to direct targeted traffic to special promotional and sales pages set up to introduce special offers to selected clients. There is nothing wrong with this. People want to learn of special offers and great deals especially from favored businesses so they can take advantage of them. You can’t sell if you don’t advertise, if people don’t know what you have, and when you plan to make a special offer.

So, on some level people expect to be bombarded by some advertisements. If everyone started making less obtrusive more informative ads then most people would find they could get a lot more for their money out of popunders. This change may happen very slowly over the Web, but eventually it could happen. The first step is recognizing the potential for this market and then slowly working to improve and legitimize it.

Making Your Popunders Legitimate

The number one mistake you can make when creating a popunder ad is tricking people. If you want to build trust and loyalty never trick people into clicking your ads or into trying to buy your products and services. The more honest you are in your dealings with your target audiences the more likely you are to get ahead. People always appreciate honest business dealings regardless of the way they learn of a business or product offering.


Popunder Traffic: Worth Its Weight In Gold?

Is popunder traffic worth its weight in gold? That depends on who you talk to. If you talk to the companies that sell popunder traffic they will tell you it is terrific. It will boost your traffic by thousands. This IS true. There are plenty of companies that have had significant boosts in traffic thanks to popunder ads. What does this traffic bring them? Not much in many cases.

Popunder Power?

Is there power in popunder ads? Many advertisers claim they send targeted traffic to websites, but when companies review the traffic sent by popunder ads they often find that while tons of traffic comes to their site after their initial purchase, little if any of this traffic results in clicks or sales. This might mean people are forced to click through and have no real interest in buying anything or even reviewing your page.

What good will that do you? Not much. If you spend less than $30 consider yourself lucky. What went wrong? One of two things: first, the website you bought your traffic from probably didn’t send targeted traffic. Or, the traffic was targeted, but your popunder ad was not the right kind of ad to capture the attention of the target audience.

Creating The Right Ad

What went wrong with your ad? That could be many things. If it was too loud or obnoxious, the odds are high your audience took it for another “junk” ad and just didn’t pay attention. A lot of people are immune to popups and popunders because in the past there have been too many of them.

Some people believe they are not from legitimate businesses that have something worthwhile to offer. You can change this by branding your name and business. You can also work with experienced marketers to try to create a new type of advertisement, one that will dramatically improve the effect of your popunder ad.

You may have to devise a couple of different drafts of your ad and test it with various audiences to see which performs the best. This may vary depending on the product that you create. You may find one type of advertising works well when selling one type of product or service but not for another.

Ultimately, there is no one way to best sell anything. Most businesses will find they have to take advantage of several different methods before they find the combination that works best for them.


How You Can Benefit From Popunder Marketing

There are certainly a number of great ways that you can market your website, whether you provide a service, a product or even a whole slew of products online. However, you must have the right type of website marketing package tailored to your website and your needs in order to see the results that you really desire. Many people today are looking to creative articles, blogs, directory submissions, affiliate programs and even popunder marketing. You too can find a perfect online marketing program to help you get an incredible amount of traffic and/or business for your website.

You already know about the millions of companies who advertise using pop ups. Unfortunately, many Internet users find this form of advertising to be incredibly annoying and have taken steps to block pop up ads on their computers or will even make sure that they avoid certain websites that contain pop up ads altogether. However, the world of popunder marketing has been growing exponentially over the past couple of years. As a website owner who is looking to get in on incredible traffic, then this form of advertising may be just right for you and your website’s needs.

As advertising, you can still get your message across to Internet users with the help of popunder marketing advertisements. It goes without saying that the pop ups that hit viewers in the face the minute that they open a website tend to get closed down right away without the advertisement even being viewed. A popunder ad is one that will show up underneath the browser window and remain there after the user closes their window. More often than not, these types of ads are looked at more closely and have become a truly incredible tool in the world of online marketing.

If you are looking for a smart way to advertise your website or even a special promotion that you will have in place for a limited time, then popunder marketing may be something that you will want to try. With this choice in online advertising along with a good marketing plan that can include everything from link submission to video articles on your blog, you could find yourself generating a great amount of traffic that will truly benefit your website in the long run. If you are doubtful that this form of advertising will work for you, simply take a look at the testimonials from some of the business owners out there who have been benefiting from this form of online advertising.


Popunder Traffic: Popunder 101 for Expanding Traffic

One way to build a business is by increasing traffic with popunder advertising. If you are trying to offload a specific product within a defined period of time, popunder traffic can be extremely helpful because often you can buy targeted traffic and direct it to a distinct sales page for just this purpose, for whatever time period or number of visitors you need.

Selecting a Pop Under Service: Free vs. Paid

There are dozens of services offering increased traffic through popunder advertising. How do you know which of these websites is going to work best for you? Many first-time business owners feel that a free popunder advertiser is usually the best advertiser. This isn’t always the case. Popunder businesses that offer free services usually do so by exchange. Is this a bad deal? No, not at all… you can exchange traffic with other members of the pop under service, so you are basically trading traffic with other members. Your popunder will appear for every one visitor that appears on your page where you show another affiliate’s advertisement.

The only problem with these types of services is you may not get the high quality targeted audience you need. Instead, you may get a wide variety of audiences that may or may not have an interest in your products or services. If they have no interest, then you are wasting your time showing them a popunder because they will immediately click off or block it.

Speaking of blocking, there is always the chance someone will automatically block all popups and popunders. This is why having your advertisements hit on quality websites is important. A lot of people turn off their blocking when they visit familiar sites, so your advertisement will appear. Therefore, the odds are much higher that your ad will be presented to someone who is likely to buy from you. That’s because visitors that are loyal to a website are more likely to trust the companies that advertise on that website.

Popunder Final Words

If you plan to use a pop under do so smartly. Find a paid service if you can that will offer quality and targeted popunder traffic. This will increase your odds of establishing a successful pop under campaign.


Generating Popunder Traffic

A popunder is the opposite of a pop-up. Instead of “popping up” when you go to a website, a popunder is concealed under the window of the website until the user clicks out of that window. Then, the popunder, which is itself a window, stays right there for the user to see.

Popunder traffic brings about a high conversion to sales – much more so than banner ads or popups – in part because they are always up-to-date. Besides, they’re maintenance-free; once you set them up, you don’t have to do anything more.

Another good reason to use popunders is that you will get results faster. When you use the search-engine approach to drive traffic to your site, it takes a long time before the crawlers get around to your site and index all of your pages.

A good way to get traffic to your website sooner rather than later is to buy it. Generally speaking, avoid banner ads at the top of other website pages. Few people ever click on those. Besides, emailing webmasters and trying to get them to trade links with you is not only time-consuming but demeaning. You can get traffic quickly by buying popunder traffic. When you do, your web page will be displayed to as many people as you choose, and will piggyback on web pages that people visit regularly.

Once they click out of the website they were viewing, yours is there. You have visitors to your site, and if your website design is what it should be, you can convert those visitors into sales. And, it’s instantaneous! Use a real-time stat counter, and you will be able to see how many people are visiting your website. In addition, by choosing the websites your popunder will be attached to, you can select those visitors who are more likely to be attracted to what you’re offering.