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Is popunder traffic worth its weight in gold? That depends on who you talk to. If you talk to the companies that sell popunder traffic they will tell you it is terrific. It will boost your traffic by thousands. This IS true. There are plenty of companies that have had significant boosts in traffic thanks to popunder ads. What does this traffic bring them? Not much in many cases.

Popunder Power?

Is there power in popunder ads? Many advertisers claim they send targeted traffic to websites, but when companies review the traffic sent by popunder ads they often find that while tons of traffic comes to their site after their initial purchase, little if any of this traffic results in clicks or sales. This might mean people are forced to click through and have no real interest in buying anything or even reviewing your page.

What good will that do you? Not much. If you spend less than $30 consider yourself lucky. What went wrong? One of two things: first, the website you bought your traffic from probably didn’t send targeted traffic. Or, the traffic was targeted, but your popunder ad was not the right kind of ad to capture the attention of the target audience.

Creating The Right Ad

What went wrong with your ad? That could be many things. If it was too loud or obnoxious, the odds are high your audience took it for another “junk” ad and just didn’t pay attention. A lot of people are immune to popups and popunders because in the past there have been too many of them.

Some people believe they are not from legitimate businesses that have something worthwhile to offer. You can change this by branding your name and business. You can also work with experienced marketers to try to create a new type of advertisement, one that will dramatically improve the effect of your popunder ad.

You may have to devise a couple of different drafts of your ad and test it with various audiences to see which performs the best. This may vary depending on the product that you create. You may find one type of advertising works well when selling one type of product or service but not for another.

Ultimately, there is no one way to best sell anything. Most businesses will find they have to take advantage of several different methods before they find the combination that works best for them.

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