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Some people have a complete distaste for popunder traffic. This is especially true of many webmasters. Why? This usually is the case because in the olden days when popups and popunders were discovered they were used incessantly much like spam is today. People developed a strong distaste for them because often they contained nothing in the way of content. They were simply a tool people used abusively. Most people started blocking them immediately.

This is still what many people associate popunders with; they see them as nothing more than spam, and for this reason many popunders are junked before they are read.

What can you do about this?

Changing Trends

Your job is to change how people think about popunder advertising. You want to get people to see that popunders are more than just spam. If more advertisers start using popunders wisely, and using them to get meaningful advertisements to targeted audiences, slowly people will stop seeing them as spam and start seeing them for the valuable tool they can be.

When used effectively, much like some banner ads or other advertisements, popunders can be unobtrusive ways to direct targeted traffic to special promotional and sales pages set up to introduce special offers to selected clients. There is nothing wrong with this. People want to learn of special offers and great deals especially from favored businesses so they can take advantage of them. You can’t sell if you don’t advertise, if people don’t know what you have, and when you plan to make a special offer.

So, on some level people expect to be bombarded by some advertisements. If everyone started making less obtrusive more informative ads then most people would find they could get a lot more for their money out of popunders. This change may happen very slowly over the Web, but eventually it could happen. The first step is recognizing the potential for this market and then slowly working to improve and legitimize it.

Making Your Popunders Legitimate

The number one mistake you can make when creating a popunder ad is tricking people. If you want to build trust and loyalty never trick people into clicking your ads or into trying to buy your products and services. The more honest you are in your dealings with your target audiences the more likely you are to get ahead. People always appreciate honest business dealings regardless of the way they learn of a business or product offering.

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