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Effective Pop Under Advertising

If you’ve ever visited a website and been inundated with pop up ads, then you’ve experienced the annoyance of all that blinking, flashing, and brightness. To avoid the problem, you probably have some type of pop up blocker in place. So do millions of other people. From an Internet marketing perspective, the problem is that pop ups can be beneficial when it comes to building a competitive website – but only if potential customers see them. For this reason, many companies are now choosing pop under advertising, which serves the same purpose without driving customers away.

With pop under advertising, you have the ability to use technology so even pop up blockers cannot stop the ad from appearing. The biggest difference between pop up and pop under ads is that a site visitor is not overwhelmed with a huge advertisement. Instead, the ad discretely sits in the background, not becoming obvious until the visitor closes the primary window he or she is viewing. Additionally, the traffic being driven to a website with pop up advertising is actually geared toward the very thing being sold.

The truth is that you can get millions of hits on your website every day, but sheer numbers won’t accomplish your goals. You need visitors who are interested in your product or service, and thus will convert to an actual sale. With pop under advertising, you’ll get the traffic that you want – real people looking for what you sell.

When reviewing online advertising opportunities, it’s important to remember that a number of scams exist. For instance, traffic generated by adware, spyware, surf exchange, scripting, or rotating campaigns could be a rip-off – and could get you blacklisted by the search engines.

The great thing about using pop under advertising is that it’s typically offered only by real providers. Since ads loads beneath the current web page, rather than on top of it, the process takes a little more work. As a result, you are generally assured that people coming to your site from pop unders are really shopping for what you have to sell.

Remember, pop under advertising is not intrusive, so once people do get to your site, they are not irritated. And, experts agree that the percentage of people who actually become paying customers is much higher with pop unders than with pop ups.


Popunder Traffic: Expanding Your Business One Pop at a Time

Every business wants to expand and grow on the web. This is more a necessity than a mere convenience these days. One of the simplest ways to advertise and become more effective at creating a brand or image is by taking advantage of popunder traffic. Many people think pop under traffic is too much trouble, but if it is used correctly it can generate substantial traffic to your website.

Tips To Make Popunder Traffic Pop

How do you create popunder traffic that makes people take note? There are many tools you can use. First, many marketers recommend that pop under ads direct people to a separate (not the main) web page, one that acts like a squeeze page, where clients can take advantage of a special offer or deal. A hard-hitting squeeze or sales page is preferable because a regular website is usually not interesting enough to compel people to take action. They may browse the website, bookmark it thinking they will come back later, and then never come back.

So, the best way to make money with a popunder is to simply create a short and dynamic sales page marketing a specific item that people are likely to grab. Make it a one-time offer and watch how fast people click through to place their order.

Targeted Traffic Is Critical

If you plan to pay for popunders, then you want to make sure to get targeted traffic. It’s like buying a mailing list. If you plan to buy a list and the list is not very specific, people are not likely to buy from you unless they happen to be in the market for the item you’re selling. When you do buy popunder traffic, you will pay more for targeted visitors, but it’s worth it.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you’re not associated companies that use practices that annoy people, so look for a reputable and legitimate company. If the company plans to advertise in quality locations with top-notch businesses, you have nothing to worry about.


Use Popunder Traffic Tools Effectively

If you’ve used banner ads, you probably already know that they are not very effective. Popunders are an effective alternative for the Internet marketer, and one you might want to consider. First of all, the popunder only becomes visible to the user after he or she has clicked out of the window in front of it. There is no doubt that some Internet users find them intrusive, but there are ways to use them effectively. The last thing you want to do is lose traffic instead of increasing it, so give heed to these recommendations.

First of all, don’t put more than one popunder on a page. Being bombarded with them is indeed irritating, and users may feel that someone else has taken over their computers, what with another window popping up as soon as they close the first one. You don’t want to hear that user saying, “I wouldn’t buy that product if someone paid me to.”

Second, check to see if the script you choose utilizes cookies. If so, you can limit how often the window will appear, instead of its being launched every time the page is opened. Also, make it easy to close your window. Nothing is more exasperating than being stuck with a window you didn’t call up and don’t want because there is no way to close it. Add a button or link or some device that will make it possible for the visitor to close it.

Third, ensure that your window is large enough to be seen. You won’t sell much if your information can’t be viewed. Make certain the scrollbars are enabled so that you entire message can be viewed.

Fourth, look at your headline carefully. Does it demand attention? Don’t use a small font size that the visitor must squint to read. Sell benefits! These should be in the headline. Include incentives – they’ll increase the response rate. Don’t be long-winded. Get your message across and then quit. Include an action opportunity for your visitors.

Finally, timing plays an important role in the effectiveness of popunder traffic tools. Anyone who visits the site will be thinking about what brought him or her there. So be sure that your popunders deal with the same theme, product, or idea as the sties they are going to pop under. The visitor will already be thinking about that theme, product, or idea and will be more likely to look at your popunder before closing it.

Caveat: Use popunders with caution. If you don’t, you may drive away more business than you bring in.


Use Popunder Traffic as an Effective Marketing Tool

From the time of its inception, popunder advertising has had mixed reviews. Some Internet users hate popunders, but advertisers love them because they have been shown to be very effective marketing tools. You can dramatically increase traffic to your website – and that traffic can be targeted – if you choose the right tools for your popunder campaign.

Popunders work because your image is the last one the viewers see, and that image stays with them. However, perhaps the best reason these campaigns succeed is that it’s possible to reach both a large and a targeted audience.

In order to ensure success, the person who manages your popunder traffic campaign must attach the popunder windows only to sites that are relevant to your product or service. If your website deals in office tools and accessories, then the campaign can be attached to ads of big companies like Staples or OfficeMax. This increases the power of the popunder as a marketing tool. If viewers don’t like what is available at the big office stores, maybe what you are offering will appeal to them.

The targeted marketing firms that offer these campaigns guarantee a certain number of visitors to your website, so you have nothing to lose. Make certain that the company you choose has a money-back guarantee if you don’t get the number of visitors promised.

The other advantage of popunder campaigns is that you see results right away. It’s not unreasonable to think that you can get this type of campaign set up and start driving visitors to your site within 24 hours.

Popunder campaigns give you a variety of options, at a price that is a fraction of what you’d pay for pay-per-click search engine advertising. Typically, popunder campaigns allow you to choose how many visitors you want coming to your website every day – ranging from hundreds to thousands. You can also make changes to your popunder in the middle of a campaign if you choose. If the ad you are running is not yielding the results you’d like, then you can re-evaluate it and make adjustments or insert an entirely different ad.

Popunder campaigns are great for testing new messages and new products. It’s one of the few advertising strategies that has the ability to fine-tune the campaign as it runs.

Affordable. Instant. Flexible. What more can you ask of a marketing campaign?


Buy Targeted Webite Traffic: A Guide to Redirected Domains

A redirected domain enables you to buy targeted web traffic. Other methods that you should consider if you want to buy targeted website traffic are doing popup and popunder campaigns, PPC such as Google AdWords, and keyword bidding. The first redirect services used top-level domains (TLD) like .to (Tonga), .at (Austria) and .is (Iceland). The goal of these services was to make URLs that were memorable.

The pioneer of redirected domains is V3.com and its success can be attributed to its short and memorable domains, which included go.to, i.am, r.im, come.to and start.at. Redirected domains are also characterized by URL shortening. URL shortening was introduced by TinyURL back in 2002. The redirection could also be done through referrer masking. To do this, redirection services hide the referrer by placing an intermediate page between the Web page where the link is and its destination. There are several reasons why you should consider using redirected domains. These include:

Increased and targeted Web traffic – when you use redirected domains, more people will find themselves in your website. Most of the traffic will be targeted since only those who are interested in what you have to offer will end up in your site. High, targeted traffic is important because it means greater ROI or return on investment.

Security – 301 redirection methods such as referrer masking hides your identity. This ensures that links that are potentially malicious do not gain information about you.

Convenience – using redirected domains is one of the easiest ways of bringing targeted Web traffic to your site. All you need to do is contact an Internet marketing company and to make your request. Alternative methods such as search engine optimization take a lot of effort.

Immediacy – you achieve results immediately when you do a redirection. It is also possible and easy to track your efforts, which is important in that you can then take the necessary action.

Preventing duplicate content – you could register multiple domain names to prevent duplicate content. Duplicate content leads to lowered ranking with search engines, which means you will be less visible.

Misspellings – redirected domains could help you if there is a risk that people will misspell your company’s or your business’s name. As an example, if your business is ‘Colour TV UK’ and your website’s URL is colourtvuk.com, you could also have colortvuk.com redirecting to your site. The same should be done for hyphenated URLs.