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One way to build a business is by increasing traffic with popunder advertising. If you are trying to offload a specific product within a defined period of time, popunder traffic can be extremely helpful because often you can buy targeted traffic and direct it to a distinct sales page for just this purpose, for whatever time period or number of visitors you need.

Selecting a Pop Under Service: Free vs. Paid

There are dozens of services offering increased traffic through popunder advertising. How do you know which of these websites is going to work best for you? Many first-time business owners feel that a free popunder advertiser is usually the best advertiser. This isn’t always the case. Popunder businesses that offer free services usually do so by exchange. Is this a bad deal? No, not at all… you can exchange traffic with other members of the pop under service, so you are basically trading traffic with other members. Your popunder will appear for every one visitor that appears on your page where you show another affiliate’s advertisement.

The only problem with these types of services is you may not get the high quality targeted audience you need. Instead, you may get a wide variety of audiences that may or may not have an interest in your products or services. If they have no interest, then you are wasting your time showing them a popunder because they will immediately click off or block it.

Speaking of blocking, there is always the chance someone will automatically block all popups and popunders. This is why having your advertisements hit on quality websites is important. A lot of people turn off their blocking when they visit familiar sites, so your advertisement will appear. Therefore, the odds are much higher that your ad will be presented to someone who is likely to buy from you. That’s because visitors that are loyal to a website are more likely to trust the companies that advertise on that website.

Popunder Final Words

If you plan to use a pop under do so smartly. Find a paid service if you can that will offer quality and targeted popunder traffic. This will increase your odds of establishing a successful pop under campaign.

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