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Every online business owner knows the importance of email marketing, bur poor campaign execution often means failure. The good news is that you can create and make an email marketing campaign work simply by understanding some simple rules. The result is having a very successful online business, regardless of the size of the company, the number of employees, or even the product or service being sold.

Keep in mind that with an email marketing campaign, using link exchanges works exceptionally well. In this case, you need to locate other online companies that either sell items or services similar to what you sell or those that offer something that would enhance and complement your site. The goal here is to create exchange links so their customers can click through to your site and vice versa. With the right approach, you can easily design an email marketing campaign specifically with the goal of creating link exchanges.

When done right, using both new and old methods of email marketing, you will see a tremendous growth in your online business. Other ways of making email marketing work for you so you can increase traffic and watch your sales grow includes the following:

* Paid Products – In addition to working with affiliates and their products, make sure the products you sell are being promoted. Obviously, taking the time to promote what you sell will allow you to make more money. This, in addition to building lucrative affiliates, is a great way of using an email marketing campaign.

* Squeeze Page – Using a squeeze page is a secret that many online business owners miss. To accomplish this, you need to create a list quickly, using a very basic website designed with a headline, a couple of bullet points about the product/service and business, as well as the opt-in option. The results of a squeeze page for email marketing can be quite successful.

* Follow Up – Another error that people make is not taking the time to follow up with the prospective customer list. Remember, the average person will visit a website several times before actually buying. Therefore, you need to reach a very large audience within the right market niche so you end up with far more sales. Then, keep in contact with your list and follow up to make sure you are giving the public what they actually want to buy.

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