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Web directories, also called link directories, are directories on the Internet that specialize in linking to other websites and in categorizing these links. Websitedirectory submission sites are important because Web masters are able to include links with their site’s description and title in them for exposure to a greater Web audience. These directories are similar to RSS directories, the only difference being that RSS directories carry RSS feeds and not links to websites. It is important that you know the features of directory submission websites. These include:

Categorizing – Web directories are not search engines and they do not display Web page lists based on keywords, categorizing is done by the listing of websites by their categories and subcategories.

Manual and automatic submission – directory submission sites allow for manual Web directory submissions and automatic submissions. Automatic submissions are advantageous in that you are able to make submissions to hundreds of directories after a single click, meaning you will spend less time and reach a lot more directories. Manual submissions are however, more effective because the submission directories are chosen carefully, meaning submissions will be to directories with high PageRank and they will therefore be more effective.

Scope of listing – most of these directories have a general scope and they list sites across different categories, languages, and regions. Popular examples of these are Open Directory Project or ODP and Yahoo! Directory. A few niche directories focus on particular languages, specialist sectors, and regions. An example of a niche directory is a shopping directory that specializes in listing retail e-commerce websites.

Price for inclusion – directory submission sites are either free submission whereby reviewing and listing is not charged or paid submission where recurring or one-time charges are necessary for listing and/or reviewing.

Keywords – keywords are included in the submissions. Most SEO services recommend that you pick a maximum of 10 related keywords per package.

Natural links – the links created with Web directory submissions to credible and reliable submission directories are 100% natural. This is important because it leads to search engine optimization. Avoid SEO services that submit websites to link farms and to FFA websites since this is Black Hat SEO.

There are differences in terms of reciprocating, with some Web directory submissions requiring reciprocal links and others requiring no reciprocating. Some submissions are No-Follow, some come with featured listing, some allow for bidding for position, and some have affiliate links.

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