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If you’ve recently launched a blog or website, you’re probably looking for ways to promote it. Arguably, the single most important aspect of website promotion for a new site is Web directory submission. This strategy can work in conjunction with link exchanges, article submissions, and even traffic exchanges. Each of these is highly effective but works in a slightly different way.

With Web directory submission, you are providing links to your website. All of the links sent to a website directory submission are indexed according to the appropriate category and subcategory. From there, you then submit your website to the category that best complements or enhances what you sell. As a result, you’ll be more likely to get noticed by search engines and increase your website traffic.

There are two primary options for Web directory submission: automatic submission and manual submission. With automatic submission, special software makes the process of submission easier, saving you time and effort. The first drawback to this method is that the software doesn’t always select the proper categories, thereby lessening or negating its effectively. The second drawback is that submitting to a large number of directories can have the unwanted effect of tagging your site as a spam site.

In contrast, manual Web directory submission provides the needed human touch, both in terms of the categories selected and in the number of submissions conducted over time. The manual method requires more dedication in time and effort, but there are excellent Internet marketing companies that can provide this service for you.

After a Web directory submission is complete, the directory will then check the content on the site prior to accepting it. Because of this, the process is more effective if you create a list of the top directories to where you want to submit. This includes looking for directories that have a one-way back link, which is a link on a website that points directly back to your own website.

Generally, the larger, more prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN all use one-way back links in their ranking algorithms. Keep in mind that the goal is to create the most one-way back links possible, so your site will attain a high ranking position and display when people conduct an online search.
The process of Web directory submission is actually quite simple – but it is time-consuming. You will need to be prepared with links and site details; in some instances, a directory may require an anchor text. When you submit your website, you have to stick with a particular type of directory. For example, if you have a website that offers financial information and guidance, then you want to focus your attention on directories that relate to the financial arena. Because the price of getting Web directory submission wrong is so high (in terms of negatively impacting your search engine ranking), it pays to get professional help in manual submissions.

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