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Automated vs. Manual Website Directory Submission

It is a known fact that website directory submissions are one of the most effective ways of improving a website’s online exposure. This is due to the fact that they have been proven to be ideal SEO tools and are effective in a number of ways. They help to improve the number of one way links to a website thus guaranteeing better SERP rankings, they make it easier for websites to be indexed thus guaranteeing listing on SERPs and they are also an ideal way of improving the flow of traffic to websites.

When you think of carrying out a website directory submission campaign for your online business or website, you can choose to do it yourself or you could use a professional submission service from a SEO firm. Using professional services is usually recommended since it will by far guarantee you better results from your campaign as compared to doing it yourself. This is because SEO firms will use stringent criteria that will ensure that submissions are done in a way that guarantees you additional value for your business.

There are numerous SEO firms that offer website directory submission services with some being more effective than others. It is therefore paramount that you find one that will offer you service that will be worth the investment that you will be making. When it comes to picking a web directory submission service, you will usually have two main options. You could either choose to use a service that does manual submissions or you could choose to go with a company that does automated submissions. Which is the best?

Automated website directory submission is where submission is done using various automated systems that are programmed to submit to directories. The only advantage of this service is that it will be very fast in terms of the time taken to make the submissions. However, the quality of the submissions may not be very good since submissions are made without emphasis on any criteria and it could lead to spamming through multiple submissions, which can get you banned by the search engines.

Manual website directory submission is where the submission is done one directory at a time by a SEO professional. This type of submission service is recommended over the automated one since submissions are done very carefully to specific web directories that meet certain criteria. In addition, manual submission guarantees that the submission guidelines of each directory are followed which means that the chances of your site being rejected are next to zero. Therefore, if you want the best quality and maximized value out of directory submissions, look for a service that does manual submission.


Top Human-Edited Directory Submission Sites

The submission of website links and titles to directory submission sites is one of the most effective link building strategies. Link building is a SEO (search engine optimization) technique that leads to guaranteed increase in ranking and that brings in a targeted Web audience. Web directory submissions can be made manually or automatically using a software program, but manual submissions are the most effective. Web directory submissions are reviewed by human reviewers and listed in the relevant category and subcategory. You should only link with top directories since such directories reach a lot more people, they feature a lot more categories and subcategories, they are credible and you will therefore come out as credible and reliable, you are more likely to meet partners for link exchanges here, and they have teams of experienced and well-trained reviewers. Some of the top directory submission websites are:

Google Directory – this directory is powered by the Open Directory Project or ODP. The links in this directory are arranged in subcategories that are hierarchical. Google’s PageRank is used to sort the links and the categories. The URL for this directory is directory.Google.com.

Yahoo Directory – this directory combines Web directory submissions with a search engine, but you can search it separately from the Yahoo search engine. Yahoo Directory’s size is comparable to that of the industry leader Open Directory Project. Paid Web directory submissions are going for $299 USD today, renewed annually. The URL of the directory is ecom.yahoo.com/dir/express/intro/.

Jayde – this is one of the oldest directories, having been started back in 1996. The directory is a niche directory in the niche of business and it is the largest Business2Business (B2B) search engine today. The directory features lightning-fast searches. The URL of the directory is jayde.com.

Open Directory Project – ODP, which used to go by the name DMOZ, is by far the largest and the most comprehensive free Web directory submissions site. The only drawback of ODP is the long acceptance or refusal wait. The directory’s URL is dmoz.org.

Best of the Web – this is a prestigious directory with an annual fee of $99.95 and a one-time fee of $249.95.

Other top human-edited Web directory submissions sites are Gimpsy, which is different from other directories in that categorizing is according to the subject such as the service offered, and GoGuides where categorizing is based on the location and the topic and which features an image search. Others include Skaffe, which is the new kid in the block, and Web Savvy Directory, which is a family-friendly Web directory submissions site. Go for the Web directory submissions sites with the highest PageRank.


What are the Advantages of Web Directory Submission?

One of the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is link building. You could build contextual links, one-way links, niche one-way links, permanent links, backlinks, and several other types of links. One of the best link building methods today is website directory submission. This involves the submission of a website’s link and title (including keywords), the reviewing of these submissions, and the categorizing of the submissions. Some of the greatest advantages of Web directory submissions are:

Increased number of backlinks – Web directory submissions have the direct effect of increasing the links pointing back to your website. This is important because a lot more people will visit your website since you will be more visible. The increased Web traffic will result in greater return on investment or ROI.

Search engine indexing – a website directory submission allows search engines means frequent visits by search engine robots since these are attracted by backlinks. This is important because it leads to indexing in the databases of major search engines. The increased visits also mean that the ranking of your site will increase effectively meaning your site will be optimized for search engines. Having a high ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) or SEO is advantageous in that you will be more visible, meaning you will attract more customers/clients.

Use of anchor texts – Web directory submissions come with anchor texts in the title, which are hyperlinked. Keywords are also used as anchor text. The use of anchor text is advantageous in that it leads to increased link popularity.

Niche Web directory submissions – you could submit to a directory in your niche. This is important because you will get a more targeted Web traffic and this will increase the ROI.

Brand awareness – submission to submission directories allow you to promote your brand. Brand awareness increases your customer/client base.

Cost effectiveness – a website directory submission is one of the cheapest backlink building methods. There are free directory submission sites if you want to save money, but paid sites often lead to campaigns that are more effective.

Searching for link exchange partners – if you are looking for partners for link exchanges, Web directories are the best places to get them. Link exchanges are advantageous in that you get to link with credible and reliable sites in your niche and they are free of charge.

Web directory submissions are also advantageous in that you are able to hide links and you get programmed screen shots.


Website Submission: Should You Do It Yourself or Enlist a Website Submission Service?

If you own a website or run an online business site and are looking for a means to improve your search engine rankings and the amount of traffic you get on your site, then you should probably consider using website submission. This is a method that has been tried and tested over the years and has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of optimizing sites for the search engines and improving general online performance. This is mainly achieved through the high quality one-way links that are gotten from the submissions, which not only help to improve search engine rankings but also are also essential for improved PageRank.

The process of carrying out directory submissions is not very complicated and one can choose to do it on their own. However, website submission can be quite a time consuming process and may require a lot of effort and dedication on your part. This is because you will need to first identify the most reputable directories to submit to then you will also need to read and understand each of their submission guidelines. Once you get this you can start the process of submission, which will be quite repetitive and will require a lot of patience on your part especially if you are new to the process.

Instead of wasting a lot of time and effort which you could have better used trying to come up with ways to improve your business, you can simply enlist directory submission services from a reputable SEO firm. These firms usually have the expertise to ensure that you get the most value out of your website submission campaign. Since they have done submission time and time again, they already know where to submit your website for maximized results and they have a deep understanding of the submission guidelines that they need to adhere to. You can therefore be sure that your submissions will be done in a very efficient manner and it will only be a matter of days before you start seeing results.

The only downside to using a directory submission service is the fact that you have to part with some money. However, compared to other SEO services, website submissions are usually very cheap and some firms will even charge you as low as 8cents for every submission that they make. However, to ensure that you get the most value out of your money, it is prudent that you only use those services that use manual submissions, which have been found to be more effective than automated submissions.


Paid Web Directory Submission: Giving You Value for Your Website Submissions

One of the most effective techniques of promoting websites online while improving their SEO is undoubtedly through directory submissions. This is due to the fact that they can potentially double the amount of traffic you receive at your site and at the same time they help to improve your link popularity so that your site is better optimized for the search engines. When carrying out directory submission, you can choose to make the submissions to either free web directories or to paid web directories. Of the two, it is advisable that one use paid web directory submissions.

Some of the advantages of using paid web directory submissions over free directory submission include:

No spammers – unlike free directories that are usually targeted by automated submitters and are therefore full of spammers, the paid directories are mainly used by manual submitters who don’t usually spam. By using paid directories therefore, you can be sure that your site will be more visible as compared to being listed on a free directory where you will be competing with thousands of other sites.

Better quality links – when you use paid web directory submissions, you will get better quality links back to your site. Most of the paid directories are usually authoritative directories that are recognized and that have high PageRank. This means that the links you get from them will be highly rated by the search engines and thus your SEO efforts will get a boost when your PageRank consequently improves. Given that these directories are also more trusted by the search engines, when you get listed on them your site will be easily indexed by the search engines and you can enjoy more exposure through them.

Higher chances of your website being accepted – while using paid web directory submission doesn’t guarantee you 100% that your site will be accepted, but the chances of it being accepted are tremendously increased. This is because the fact that you have one that pays to get listed on these directories means that they are more likely to take their time ensuring that they follow the submission guidelines. This means that the chances of rejection are very low as compared to free directories where there is nothing to lose when one is rejected.

Faster listing – when you use free directories, it could take weeks before you get listed due to the fact that they usually have an insurmountable amount of submissions to confirm. With paid web directory submissions, there are usually fewer submissions made meaning that they can be reviewed in a short time and it will only be a matter of days before you get confirmation on whether you have been accepted or not.