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The submission of site links and titles to Web directories is one of the most effective search engine optimization techniques. Web directory submissions are also advantageous in that they expose you to a global audience, they lead to brand awareness, and they provide a platform for you to search for link exchange partners. There are free and paid web directory submission sites. Free submission has the obvious advantage of saving you money, but paid web directory submission has a lot more benefits. These benefits include:

Quick and guaranteed/near guaranteed acceptance – submission to large directory submission sites such as Yahoo Directory and Open Directory Project (ODP) is associated with slow acceptance. This is unacceptable, particularly to Internet marketers. Paid submissions are given priority and you will almost be sure that you will be accepted.

Website owner’s supervision – a paid web directory submission is advantageous in that there is no risk of your time and effort going to waste due to the vanishing of free directories, which is a common occurrence. The fact that you pay for your submission means a lot of time and effort will be paid to your submission, meaning your site will always be clean. The service you pay for includes maintenance by the best brains in the job.

Permanent backlinks and one-way links – paid Web directory submissions are advantageous in that you get permanent backlinks. Permanent backlinks are important because Google values them and they are a major determinant of ranking. These links are often one-way links. These links are important because they do not require reciprocating, thereby adding to the credibility of your site.

Deep URLs – you get deeper links with paid Web directory submissions than you do with other SEO techniques, meaning you will achieve search engine optimization and there will be balance in all the Web pages in your site.

Unique content – in most cases, the Webmaster will be allowed to write a short descriptive paragraph about the site with a paid web directory submission. This information will lead to increased ROI.

Specific keyword targeting – paid submissions allow for use of targeted keywords. This is advantageous in that increased traffic through the search engine results page.

Other advantages of paid Web directory submissions are that you get long term results since paid directories are usually credible and reliable and will probably outlive you, they are safer and clutter-free, you get little or no distractions, and you are guaranteed SEO and ranking.

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