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When Tom Friedman called the world “flat” in his book, “The World is Flat,” he described a global universe that is very strange to most of us. Our neighborhoods are no longer down the street or even downtown; a person who has never ventured out of Germany can be “down the street” or “next door” through web links. Someone once asked me if I don’t get lonely as an editor and writer who doesn’t leave the office very frequently. My answer: “Hardly. I have this host of business associates, friends, and family members right here in my office. I can talk to them anytime I want via web links.”

Children coming of age have lived with this universe from the time they were born, so it’s not as strange to them as it is to the rest of us. Three-year-olds click web links and are able to watch cartoons. Teenagers are linked to their friends constantly and can carry on long conversations by texting, whereas in the past they were limited to a telephone. Teachers can’t be sure that the performance of any one student on a test is a measure of that student’s knowledge or ability because they can so easily get the answer from a web link on an easily concealed mobile phone in a pocket or on a lap.

We are quickly moving to a state where most of us have our own websites or blogs. We can insert web links on those sites to a universe of interesting and relevant other websites. Besides, we can carry on conversations with people all over the world – people we’ve never met before and people we could not have met except for the ability to link via the web.

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