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Email autoresponders are an effective way to deliver information to your prospects and clients, and are quick and inexpensive when compared to other marketing techniques. When you are ready to create your actual email autoresponder, there are several things to consider.

Step 1- Create Your Email Autoresponder Objective

The first step is to determine your objective for the email. Do you want people to click on a link within the email? If so, where are you going to direct them? They could be directed to one of your affiliate links, where you could attempt to generate affiliate income. They could be directed to a product page. They could be directed to an opt-in page or they could be directed to a long form sales letter landing page. You can use one or a combination of strategies when marketing with email autoresponders.

Step 2- Develop and Implement a Call to Action

Each of these calls to action or responses that you are attempting to solicit from the reader will be embedded in your actual email autoresponder. They may be added as a text link, as a direct URL link, as a business phone number, or as a request for an email. One of the advantages of an email autoresponder as a marketing tool is that since it is electronic, all of your links will be live, taking the visitor directly where you want them to go.

Step 3- Develop the Email’s Content

Once you have determined what your goal is in terms of a call to action, you can determine the actual content of the email autoresponder. The content that will work the best for your email autoresponder will be determined by the type of business you have.

You will likely have a variety of emails that you will use as part of your direct marketing campaign. For example, you may have a single email autoresponder that you will use to follow up with a new marketing lead to serve as an introduction. If you offered something written for free, you may use an email autoresponder to deliver this information. If you are working to convert leads into paying customers, you may use an entire series of 10-25 emails that are sent out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to keep your generated lead list warm. You may need to work with your methods over time to select the best ones for your business opportunity.

Step 4- Creating your Email Autoresponder

When you are creating the actual email, it needs to have several components in order to be successful. The first is that it needs to have an attention grabbing headline. People scroll through their emails quickly, reading the subject lines first. Next, if they choose to open the email, they will quickly glance at the headline to determine if they want to read the content or delete it. Some headlines use questions, some use powerful statements, and some use fear to get the viewer to read the rest of the email.

Beyond your headline, the email needs to have a logical flow in the form of a sales funnel, starting from a high level overview and ending with the call to action.

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