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Website link building is the process of hyperlinking with other websites. This is done because link building is an effective SEO (search engine optimization) technique since Google factors in link popularity algorithms to rank websites in its search engine results pages, as do most of the other major search engines. This is also because linking with credible and reliable sites brings you out as being credible and reliable, and because links bring you a more targeted Web traffic, meaning you will get greater ROI (return on investment). There are several methods that you could use to build website links. These include:

Reciprocal linking – reciprocal links are mutual links between websites. A reciprocal link is advantageous in Web linking in that you get to choose the website to link to, meaning you will only link to credible and reliable sites. To get a reciprocal link, simply submit your website to a reciprocal link exchange directory where you will get linking partners.

Resource linking – resource or information links are links that are either 2-way or 1-way links that are basically hyperlinks to websites or specific Web pages in websites that contain comments that are believed to be relevant, useful, and beneficial to visitors.

Forum signature linking – consider forum signature links when doing website link building. These links are basically backlinks to websites that are in forum communities that allow for outbound hyperlinks in members’ signatures. This is one of the fastest ways of doing inbound website link building and it is also advantageous in that it brings in targeted Web traffic since they are placed in forums in your niche. You should however note that these links will not affect your SEO value if they are in forums that NoFollow attributes.

Blog commenting – you could build website links by leaving blog comments – this leads to relevant DoFollow Web linking in the individual’s blog, but they are however NoFollow links for you. Although these NoFollow links will not have any SEO value for you, they will bring you targeted Web traffic.

Directory link building – you could build website links by submitting your website to a website directory. Website directories list website links and they put them in categories and subcategories. There are free directories and paid directories.

You could also do Web linking in:

* Press releases
* Social bookmarking sites
* Social networking sites
* Articles meant for article submission directories
* Testimonials

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