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Build website links to help grow your online business!

Build website links to help grow your online business!

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When is the GMAT TEST given?
The test is given year round during normal business hours. There is often one week during each month in which the test is not offered.


How important is the GMAT EXAM and how is it used?
It is crucial! Although business schools may consider other factors, the vast majority of admission decisions are based on only two criteria: your GMAT score and your GPA.

How many times should I take the GMAT TEST?
Most people are better off preparing thoroughly for the test, taking it one time and getting their top score. You can take the test as often as you like, but many business schools will average your scores. You should call the schools to which you are applying to find out their policy. Then plan your strategy accordingly.

Can I cancel my score?
Yes. When you finish the test, the computer will offer the option of canceling the test or accepting it. If you cancel the test, neither you nor any school will see your score. If you accept the test, the computer will display your score and it will be available to all schools.

Where can I get the registration forms?
Most colleges and universities have the forms. You can also get them directly from ETS by writing to:
Graduate Management Admission Test Educational Testing Service P. O. Box 6103 Princeton, NJ 08541

or calling: (609) 771-7630 Internet site:

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