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Getting press release coverage for your business and it's products and services can dramatically change your business and your life. There are strategies to maximize your potential for tremendous publicity from your press releases...

Powerful PR Strategy to Get More Press and Media Exposure!
By Matthew Hesser, President of Majon International

It is one thing to write a press release based on a certain product or service that you want to attract media coverage for, but it is sometimes quite another to actually get all the media and press exposure that you desire and may even truly deserve. The more attention you can generate via the press and media the more impact your product or service will have in the marketplace.

The realities of garnering maximum press coverage are that your press release will actually be competing for attention among many other similar and dissimilar press releases at the time of its distribution to the media. Without a clear and workable publicity strategy your chances of attaining tremendous success from press releases are somewhat diminished. In reality it does not have to be that way!

Here is one powerful strategy that we have found to work very well.

Instead of doing a one time single press release to the media, it usually works out much better to plan on doing a series of 2-3 press releases over a period of time, say a time span of about 30-60 days. Each press release can be about the same products, services or company but each press release must take a different slant and presentation angle. Each press release must speak into a different listening audience. Gaining appeal to a different segment of a targeted market is a great idea that works very well for many business products and services.

Frequently we have found that what appears to only be a small and unexpected market segment has many times produced some surprisingly good results.

For instance, a product that was a toy musical glove made an unexpected impact in a very different market segment than what you might intitially expect. This new market segment was achieved using a little extra creativity to target a press release into a different market segment for the product. Thru the use of a well written press release that spoke to a new audience the toy musical gloves ended up being highly publicized in numerous medical journals where it was positioned as a great tool for hand therapy. Imagine that! The result was that there were many new product sales from an unlikely market segment for the product.

Formulating different press releases and then phasing them into the media over a period of 30 - 60 days is a powerful strategy that will help you reach exciting new market segments for products or services that are seeking publicity. The result is that the media coverage received will often times be greatly expanded. When there is an increased number of people exposed to a press and media release campaign the result is usually a geometric increase in sales as traction for the business and the company behind the product or service escalates.

The potential to reap amazing rewards thru publicity is dramatically enhanced when two, three or more unique and well written press releases are distributed to the media within a moderate period of time. A well planned press release strategy can result in free publicity that literally generates millions of dollars in sales.

For more information on how to develop a press release campaign that is right for your business and to get quality targeted press releases written as well as receive maximum targeted distribution to the press and media, visit our website at: Advanced Press Release Services or call us at: 805-528-2100 or send us your questions in our  online contact form.

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To get a high quality targeted press release written and/or distributed to the press and media, as well as get GUARANTEED media and press release coverage for your business please visit our Advanced Publicity News Release Services & Distribution website at: or call us at: 805-528-2100 or send us your questions in our  online contact form.

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