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Cool   line J-85b / JC-14b THE BOSTON TEA PARTY
Only $89.95 - Special Edition - Only 33 produced
On July 4, 1973 a block of four stamps was issued to commemorate the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. In November of 1773 a meeting was held under the Liberty Tree in Hanover Square in Boston, and a resolution was passed regarding the British ships heading for Boston with a consignment of tea. The colonists protested the monopoly given to the East India Company and to the import tax of 3d a pound imposed on the Colonists for the tea. On December 16, 1773 three British ships at Griffin's Wharf in Boston Harbor were boarded by Colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians and the cargo of 342 chests of tea was dumped into the harbor.

The block of four stamps on the obverse of the cover was cancelled in Boston on July 4, 1973 - the First Day of Issue; and the block of four stamps on the reverse of the cover was hand cancelled in Boston on December 16, 1973 with the official Boston Tea Party Anniversary cancellation. The painting is of one of the British ships and the 'Indians' on board dumping the chests of tea. The silver numis is the Presidential Art Medal portraying Caesar Rodney of Delaware, Signer of the Declaration of Independence (on the obverse) and the famed symbol of Liberty - the Liberty Tree - on the reverse.

Only $89.95 - Special Edition - Only 18 of the covers produced have the additional stamps.
August 17, 1984 Commemorative stamp issued to honor baseball's Roberto Clemente. Born in 1934 in Puerto Rico, he became one of baseball's all-time greatest players. During his 18 years with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he endeared himself with all baseball fans. He was dedicated, not only to the game of baseball, but to serving the poor and under-privileged of Puerto Rico and elsewhere. He was killed in 1972, when the carrying him to aid the earthquake victims in Nicaragua crashed. Shortly after his death, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. An elongated cent designed by Betty Evans in the numis. The painting is of a baseball at rest in a glove.

Only $379.95 - Special Series - Only 50 produced with 42 of them signed!
The Boston Red Sox played their first official baseball game in Baltimore on April 26, 1901 and their first official home game on May 8, 1901. The Diamond Jubilee was commemorated in a PNCover with three 6 cent Baseball commemorative stamps cancelled in Baltimore and the 3 cent Baseball commemorative cancelled in Boston. A special wood flat was prepared for this cover with the Red Sox emblem on the reverse. The painting is also the Red Sox emblem. 42 covers were each autographed by Carl Yastrzemski, Fred Lynn, Rick Burleson, Jim Rice and Carlton Fisk (five of the seven team members who played in the 1977 All Star Game) and Louis Tiant, hero pitcher of the 1975 World Series Games. Eight covers were presented to the Team.

Only $99.95 - Special Edition - Only 40 produced with additional stamp.
When the famed London Bridge was to be torn down, discarded and replaced by one that could more readily handle the flow of traffic over the Thames, Ivan Luckin of the Court of the Common Council was determined to preserve this momentous piece of history. Through his efforts, the Bridge was sold to Robert P. McCulloch, Sr. for $2,460,000 and brought to Lake Havasu City in Arizona. There, it was painstakingly rebuilt!

The painting is of the London Bridge in Arizona with an authenticated piece of the Bridge mounted below it. The cover bears two cancellations. August 1, 1981 is the 150th anniversary of the dedication of the Bridge in London, England and October 10, 1981 is the 10th anniversary of the dedication of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. Two Arizona Statehood stamps are fixed to the entire series of covers. An additional 26 cent British Honduras stamp featuring the London Bridge in both nations has been affixed to only 40 of the covers. The numis is the beautiful Lake Havasu Dollar, which commemorates both the 150th and 10th anniversaries. This is the 10th in the series of Lake Havasu Dollars designed by Art Tuberman of the London Bridge Rotary Club. These beautiful covers were co-produced by Eunice Alter and Art Tuberman.

Only $199.95 - Private Commission - Only 50 produced
This PNCover was commissioned by William E. O'Brien, a close and dear friend to Arthur Fiedler - long time conductor of the renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra. It was issued to honor "The World's Greatest Ambassador of Music" on his 75th birthday. The medal, struck on Arthur Fiedler's 75th birthday in very limited number, is surrounded by a hand-painted rendition of the Boston Symphony Orchestra emblem. The cover is postmarked in Boston on December 17, 1971 and is signed with Fiedler's distinctive autograph.

Only $99.95 - Special Series - Only 50 produced
A special tribute to composer Louis Alter on the 50th anniversary of his world famous composition. The 15 cent Airmail stamp showing the Statue of Liberty over looking the New York skyline and the beautiful 5 cent American Music stamp were cancelled in New York City on June 9, 1977. Each cover has been intricately inscribed by the composer himself with "Manhattan Serenade", the opening bars of music, and his signature. The painting is of the Manhattan skyline, focussing on the Chrysler Building. The 1975-76 Bicentennial 50 cent piece love token is inscribed with the Songwriter's Hall of Fame Logo at which Mr. Louis Alter was honored by membership in 1975.

Only $99.95 - Special Edition - Only 5 of this series was produced including the STAMPOSAURUS!
On October 1, 1981 a block of four stamps was issued portraying the prehistoric animals: Tyrannosaurs Rex, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Pteranodon. Plateosaurus, a gentle giant, was chosen for the painting. The numis is an elongated cent portraying the Pterodactyl. This issue has an interesting selvage - along with the customary Plate numbers, the USPS added an advertisement for a Dinosaur Poster and a "STAMPOSAURUS" SKETCH. Only five of the covers were produced with the selvage Plate numbers and STAMPOSAURUS. The rest of the covers only include the block of four stamps.

Only $79.95 - Special Edition - Only 45 produced
On April 13, 1977 a block of four stamps honoring the beautiful pottery designs of the Native American Pueblo Tribe was issued. Designs of the ZIA, HOPI, ACOMA, and SAN ILDEFONSO illustrate the diversity and ancient beauty in the intricate designs and shapes. Pottery is still made in the traditional way in the Southwest. In the Hopi villages at Acoma and the Pueblo villages along the Rio Grande some of the finest pottery in the world is created - each village has its own distinctive design and rarely are two pots alike. A beautiful bronze medal commemorating the Bicentennial of New Mexico in 1976 is the numis.

Only $89.95 - Special Edition - Only 35 produced
On August 22, 1985 the USPS released a 44 cent Airmail stamp honoring Fray Junipero Serra, the Franciscan missionary who accompanied Gaspar de Portola's expedition into Upper California in 1769. Fray Serra founded the first of a series of missions in San Diego and for 15 years was a guiding force behind the Spanish occupation of lower California. Assigned to the land expedition, the 21 missions he established laid the foundation for California's agriculture and husbandry - vital to the establishment of the State of California. He died in 1784 at the Mission of San Carlos near Monterey. The painting is of a view of one of the Mission Bells at San Juan Capistrano , perhaps most famous for the Swallows who return to the mission faithfully each spring. The numis is the Bronze Medallic Art Medal in the Statehood series (California) portraying Fray Junipero Serra on the obverse and the state seal on the reverse.

Only $89.95 - Special Edition - Only 35 produced
On June 10,1989 the USPS issued a 25 cent commemorative stamp honoring the Baseball legend, Lou Gehrig. The First Day city was Cooperstown, NY - home of Baseball's Hall of Fame. Henry Louis Gehrig was one of our greatest ball players, setting the record for playing 2,130 consecutive games in 14 seasons with the New York Yankees and earning the name "Iron Horse". His lifetime batting average was .341! In 1939 Lot fell victim of an obscure paralysis, ALL and had to retire from Baseball. The disease was named after him - Lot Gehrig's Disease. The high relief medal in this commemorative cover is Antique pewter finish and the painting is of the bat, ball and NY Yankee cap.

Only $99.95 - Special Edition - Only 35 produced
On September 14, 1989 a 28 cent Definite stamp was issued to honor the great Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull. After earning a reputation as a warrior, he became a Medicine Man and was very influential in the Sioux Confederacy and head of its War Council. Sitting Bull tried desperately to salvage the Sioux's ancestral land and, after the defeat of Custer, moved his people to Canada in hopes of making a new home for them. In 1881 they returned, homesick, to the US and reservation life. In 1884 the tour of 15 American cities began and in 1885 he went on the road with Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show. Meanwhile, Sioux lands continued to be taken by the white man. Sitting Bull traveled to Washington with a delegation of 60 Sioux leaders and in 1889 Congress offered $1.25 per acre and promised each Indian family 320 acres of land. The Sioux signed the agreement. Then Congress ordered the Sioux beef ration cut in half. Since they were no longer enemies, the Sioux were now "expensive consumers of charity"... undernourished Indian children died in epidemics of measles, influenza and whooping cough. Feeling betrayed a new movement began in hopes of protecting Indian rights. In a small battle in December, 1890 Sitting Bull died at his Grand River camp. His courage and devotion to his people were obvious. He was loved by the Indian nation and admired by the white man. The painting is of a quiet Sioux village - the bronze medal in the Presidential Art Medals Statehood series portrays Tatanka Tyetoke, Sitting Bull, Chief of the Sioux.

Only $79.95 - Special Edition - Only 50 Produced (four of which were autographed by astronauts and cosmonauts).
July 15,1975 The Apollo-Soyuz link up in space mission was commemorated by the release of two SE-Tenant stamps. The top stamp on the covers is the U.S. design showing the spacecraft in the docked position. The lower stamp is the Soviet design showing the spacecraft separated. The extremely high-relief Balfour Mint Apollo-Soyuz pewter medal is designed with English on the obverse and Russian on the reverse. The painting shows the historic clasp of hands between Thomas Stafford and Alexi Leonov. A mint pair of the se-tenant stamps is mounted in the reverse of this cover.

Only $89.95 - Special Edition - Only 35 produced
On July 18, 1985 a 22 cent stamp was issued to honor F. A. Bartholdi, the French sculptor of the Statue of Liberty. On July 4,1986 (the 200th birthday of Miss Liberty) was commemorated by the release of a 22 cent stamp by the USPS. These two special stamps and their First Day cancellations are the base for the Miss Liberty cover. A BU commemorative half dollar was struck by the US Mint in honor of the 200th birthday if Miss Liberty. The painting is of the "Head" of the Statue with the lights showing from the crown.