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Voice Mail Increases Credibility

It's important to use voice mail and other tools to put the most professional face on our home-based businesses.
Added Mon Mar 13 2006

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Marketing Your Merchandise on eBay

If you haven't yet dabbled your toes in the eBay waters, it may be time to consider marketing your merchandise on eBay.
Added Tue Mar 07 2006

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Work at Home Income Opportunities

Whatever the reason one wants to work at home, the Internet is providing exponentially more income opportunities than the more traditional work-at-home choices.
Added Sun Feb 26 2006

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Prosperity Automated Systems

Prosperity automated systems, also known as PAS, are gaining in popularity as a way for people to earn passive income.
Added Sun Feb 19 2006

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Business Presentations with a Punch

Even the hardest-hitting corporate executives sometimes need to punch up their presentation skills.
Added Wed Jan 25 2006

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Online Shopping for Profit

As Internet retailers continue to thrive, enterprising entrepreneurs are finding new ways to cash in on the online shopping phenomenon.
Added Mon Jan 16 2006

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Advertising Balloons: The Five W's

Advertising balloons allow small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations to compete with their larger counterparts.
Added Fri Dec 23 2005

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Advertising Balloons: The Next Step

Whether you're a retailer or an event planner, you should know that advertising balloons can take marketing to a whole new level.
Added Tue Dec 20 2005

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At Home Sale Business Opportunities

With only a computer and an Internet connection, you can start your own online sale business and grow it to a size that fits your lifestyle.
Added Sun Dec 11 2005

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Public Relations 101

When you're trying to get your message out to the masses, follow the lead of public relations professionals. Their approach to promotion is to use multiple channels, both in traditional media and in new media.
Added Thu Nov 17 2005

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Submit Your Writing

Writer's Relief--Author's Submission Service, Request our FREE email Writers' Newsflash for poets, short story authors, book authors. More time for you to write.
Added Mon Nov 07 2005

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Wristbands: Perfect for Events

Whether you're planning an event for 100 or 10,000, wristbands are an invaluable tool in making sure your event runs smoothly.
Added Wed Oct 26 2005

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Advertising Balloons Draw Customers

The key to attracting customers is to leverage your advertising budget to garner the most attention for the least amount of money.
Added Sun Oct 16 2005

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Business Presentations Work Magic!

An effective presentation can serve to communicate your message, enhance your credibility, and close the deal. On the other hand, a poor presentation can diminish even the most promising product or service.
Added Wed Oct 05 2005

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Make Money with a Home Business

No one ever got rich working for someone else. If you're ready to leave behind the stress of working on someone else's dime, you'll find plenty of business opportunities waiting in the work from home world of business.
Added Sun Aug 28 2005

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Fun web site promotion

Web site promotion isn't just about search engines and optimizing keywords. Have fun marketing your web site - and so will your visitors.
Added Sun Aug 28 2005

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Make Money on the Internet

The internet has brought down the cost of starting up your own business from thousands of dollars to nothing but your own sweat equity. Take a look at a few free home based business opportunities.
Added Sun Aug 28 2005

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Make Money Online

You can sell ANYTHING on the Internet. Find out how to sell your expertise with your own internet business.
Added Sun Aug 28 2005

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Plan for your Home Based Business

A business plan for your home based business can help solidify your ideas and help you kick start your business into high gear.
Added Sun Aug 28 2005

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