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When looking at search engine marketing, there are several different scenarios that lead to success. A common mistake made by online businesses is that rather than taking advantage of all of them, they only stick with one strategy. While this might result in some traffic, it shortchanges the company in that they could actually increase the number of customers by using more search engine marketing solutions.

If you plan to use search engine marketing for your website, it’s worth learning about the various options you have so you can gain more leverage on the Internet. In this article, we wanted to address the two primary means of search engine marketing, both of which have been proven highly successful when done right. The first is with search engine optimization or SEO and the second, pay-per-click advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first search engine marketing tool is SEO. In fact, of all options, this is probably the most effective. The process of using SEO is to build a website with rich content that will help you gain more Internet exposure. For instance, the content of your homepage, as well as titles and tags, can help position your site better. By creating strong words within your site that help to get people’s attention, you increase your chances of growing.

Over time, you may need to tweak your website to improve your visibility but eventually you can reach the top three rankings for keywords. The result is a huge increase in the number of people who find your site and click through. Now, while some of the smaller search engines are free, others such as Yahoo and Google will cost. However, the price paid to get a better ranking is money well invested.

While SEO is powerful for search engine marketing, there is a downside. Getting to a top position within a search engine takes time, effort, and often a substantial investment. Therefore, you need to realize that you will not reach a high rank quickly but if you are diligent in your efforts to get better, you will. As your ranking improves, you will also see that profits improve too, as well as your customer base.

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

The second option we wanted to discuss pertaining to search engine marketing is PPC. With this, you have a platform on which you would pay a fee to gain a better ranking within the search engine. The service you use would depend where your advertising would be placed. As an example, for advertisements in AOL and Google search engines, you would use Google AdWords. However, if you want search engine marketing to focus on MSN and Yahoo search engines, the choice would be Overture.

Pay-per-click offers a number of advantages for search engine marketing. The primary advantage is that rather than waiting to build your ranking so you see an increase in traffic associated with SEO, PPC is designed to increase traffic very quickly. Best of all, not only do you end up with more traffic, but you have actual paying customers.

The only drawback of PPC is that the amount you pay is close to what you would get from customers. However, when PPC is used in association with SEO, you come out ahead. Therefore, PPC is another excellent means of search engine marketing.

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