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On page optimization is a professional service!

Web Page Optimization Service...
  On Page Optimization by the Pros!
Boost Your Search Engine Rankings & Targeted Traffic!

  • We analyze your site, its keywords AND the keyword density of those sites which have already achieved a TOP 10 ranking
  • We determine highest "traction" keywords & optimize your selected web pages for best effectiveness & efficiency of your keywords
  • Special "proven successful" optimization knowledge & techniques are used by our professional SEO experts
  • Analysis is applied before AND after your web page has been optimized for your top 3 important keywords & phrases
  • Boosts Your Search Engine Rankings & Positions
  • Maximizes the benefits from any Link-Building campaigns you are using
  • We can focus on Google, Yahoo or Bing, as desired
Different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing & others) compete with each other to provide their search clientele with the web page content for which people are searching.  Are your web pages OPTIMIZED  so these search engines KNOW you are really about these "important" keywords?

Our professional SEO service updates your keywords, meta tags, title tags, header tags & your web page content to ensure that your web site has the right keyword density & proper keyword optimization structure for the most relevant & important keywords that are vital to your business.

Web Page Optimization ... Professional Techniques...
PROVEN Success! Real Verifiable Results!

What exactly IS the - On Page Optimization Service?

We analyze your web pages, your desired keywords, your most probable success keywords & your competition who already rank in the top 10 positions on important search engines for your keywords. We then make a determination of the best and most successful ways to enhance your web pages to get the best possible search results. We do all the work!

For each web page that you want us to optimize on your site, we update the meta-tags, the page title, the page content and even the link text as needed to ensure you have the proper keyword density 7 positioning for your selected keywords.

If your keyword density is too HIGH or too LOW you won't get the desired results.  If it is too HIGH, it may look like you are trying to "trick" the search engines.  If it is too LOW, they may not believe that your page is really about your chosen keywords.

Additionally, we take great care in the placement of your keywords on your web pages to give them the best weight from a search engine perspective. Professional service knowledge in this area is a big help.

Web page optimize is a professional  service provided by SEO professionals using the latest professional tools who have developed a PROVEN track record for success!


Why Do I NEED This Service?

Search engines want to give their search visitors web pages that are ABOUT the keywords & relevant to the content for which they are searching.
By using this professional service, you will be applying the latest SEO techniques to ensure that your web pages are truly about YOUR best & most important keywords.

This service will be optimizing your web pages in a way that the search engines are expecting to see for a TOP 10 placement consideration.

Search engines decide which pages to show customers based on:

1) Relevance of the page for that keyword phrase.  If your page does NOT have the keyword phrase in it - at the proper density and in some key placement areas that are expected by the search engines, you will not get the visibility you want.

2) The number of links that are pointing to your web page using that keyword phrase is extremely important.  We have many other services such as Blog Marketing, Article Writing & Marketing, and Web Directory Submission services to assist you with this.

If you are ONLY doing link building or ONLY doing SEO / web site optimization, then you are missing a lot of paying customers!  It takes BOTH to get top rankings for your competitive and important keywords & phrases!

NOTE: If your keywords are not competitive at all, then you may rank fine with doing ONLY one of these: only link building, or only optimizing a web page.  Success with the more competitive keywords (where you can get the best traffic) comes from doing BOTH.

If you ALREADY are in the top 5 or 6 for your primary keywords, YOU DO NOT need this service.  You simply need to focus on generating more LINKS to your web page using our other services to enhance your position.

Good News! ... We Do ALL the Work for You!

One of the Web's TOP Marketing & Advertising Companies!

At Majon International, we are considered one of the most popular marketing and advertising companies on the internet. We even rank at the top or very near the top of Google for important keywords and keyword phrases like Internet Marketing (this is arguably one of the most competitive keyword phrases in the world... AND we have many more!)

To get placements like that in the search engines, you absolutely have to know what you are doing. We are SEO professionals and we understand the power of web site optimization. We have done it for ourselves, and our success is clearly demonstrated in the search engines and now, we are ready to do it for you. On-page optimization can dramatically enhance you link building strategy!

Here is your chance to stand on our shoulders of success and take advantage of our expert and seasoned professional on-page optimization & web site promotion knowledge to get your web site business growing to new heights of sales and profits! Don't delay! This is a solid investment in your future & online business!

You NEED This Service for Your Success!

Limited Availability! Take Advantage of this Offer Today Before it is Too Late!

Client Testimonial

I never realized the importance of optimizing web pages... I always knew that web links were important, but when I added the efficiency of optimization of my web pages, it really put everything into a whole new perspective and I started to get real traction in the search engines pretty fast! ..... (Read other testimonials)

Bob Starling
Real Estate Adventures

This "ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION" Service Works to Build Higher Search Engine Rankings...

On Page Optimization Service
Builds Traffic & Web Site Visibility!

Regular price is $249.00 per Page!

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Only $199.00!

Web Page Optimization Service

On-Page Optimization Service - 2 Pages

Majon's Web Page optimization service

$199 / page
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On-Page Optimization Service - 3 Pages

Majon's Web Page optimization service

$199 / page
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On-Page Optimization Service - 4 Pages

Majon's Web Page optimization service

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On-Page Optimization Service - 5 Pages

Majon's Web Page optimization service

$199 / page
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Get Higher Search Engine Rankings & Positions for Your Web Site.
Improve Your Organic Listings for All Your Important Keywords & Phrases !


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. As a policy, we do not provide services to web pages that contain adult themed content, that promote hatred, that promote any illegal activity or that we generally find to be offensive. The consideration of whether a website falls into these classifications is determined solely by our staff.


Internet Marketing - Search Engine Optimization  SEO Solutions for your website means finding the right SEO linking services to help you grow your website rankings in the search engines. We recommend using Search Engine Marketing Web Links. Also our  Mall Link Web Linking Service is a tremendously useful linking approach to build quality relevant links & targeted traffic to your site. Additionally, we would also recommend using Search Engine Web Directory Links which is also sometimes called Web Directory Linking. Additionally, all web site businesses should have an online blog to build a steady flow of content & back links to your site. Blog marketing builds BUZZ for your online business while it also builds back links to your site! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced website owner, each of these linking services, can and will, help your efforts to boost your search engine rankings. These linking services allow you to tap into the search engine driven market and capitalize on better search engine positions swiftly, effectively and for as little cost as possible.