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there IS something you can do to create real traffic results without risk...

Discover a Little Known "White Hat"
 Traffic Source That Forces Search Engines To Sit-Up & Pay Attention To Your Website...

You Must Watch This Video!:

If You're Looking for a Fast, Easy Way To:

  • Increase Your Website Exposure & Add a Steady Flow of Targeted Traffic to Your Site...

  • Add High Quality, Keyword-Rich Backlinks to Your Site...

  • Boost Your Search Engine Rankings Quickly & Ethically

Without Spending a Bunch of Cash or Risking a
'Slap' From Google - Then Read On...

"Majon has helped put our business on the
first search results page of Google, Yahoo and more for many of our products."

"The incoming links provided by their Mall Link service are a tremendous asset. This is our third year as customers and we plan to stick with Majon for a long time because they do what they say - they deliver!"

- Robert Edwards
Jewelry 24 Seven

It's no secret that you need traffic
to win big online

But it can be frustrating, confusing and expensive finding reliable sources of traffic for your website.

You can waste hours searching the internet... spending your hard earned money on "get traffic quick" schemes and still be no farther ahead when you check your bank balance.

The Problem Is Most Websites Are Like Drops Of Water
In The Middle Of The Ocean

Building your site was only 1/10th of the battle.

Getting FOUND by the right people is the next challenge.

The "Netcraft Web Server Survey" found over 182 million distinct websites in 2008. 

Some statistics claim the internet has doubled in size every year for the last 2 years...

Which means some 22,000 websites will go online as you read this message.

And you can bet your last dollar many of those sites are being built by your competition.

Getting "Search Engine Love" And Exposing Your Site To A "Buying" Audience Can Be An Uphill Battle

It takes hard work and lots of time to do the keyword research, publish articles and videos, setup blogs and social network sites, cultivate the backlinks needed to get traffic - and sometimes the results don't come in for weeks or months.

It's tempting for find shortcuts to snare enough traffic to create the kind of income that allows you to live the "internet" lifestyle.

The good news is there are ways to shortcut this process, to give your website higher page ranking and more visitors... without spending a fortune.


Many Innocent Website Owners Actually Blow
Their Page Rankings And Google Status Completely
By Getting Involved In "Black Hat" Traffic
Schemes Without Even Knowing It

There's so much hype out there about SEO and traffic.

We're all presented with an un-ending lineup of tricky advertising gimmicks that try to lure you in to these "Gray" or "Black Hat" systems with with exaggerated promises.

(Who wouldn't want 100,000 visitors for $29??)

Unfortunately - many honest site owners get pulled in without realizing the truth - and their site ends up on a link farm somewhere, paying a heavy price when Google slaps them.

That's why it's important to find a solution that gets you a steady flow of targeted traffic at a reasonable cost AND improves your search engine rankings -- without hurting your reputation with Google.

Introducing Mall Link - The Safe, Affordable and EASY traffic building system exclusively from Majon

We believe any company offering you some form of SEO or traffic service MUST demonstrate they can "walk the walk" before they deserve your business.

"Mall Link worked so fast to increase our traffic ranking on the web, the best ROI's we have experienced in our five years on the internet. Thank you"

-Susan Turner

Otherwise, you may be wasting your hard earned money on yet another scheme.

A few quick facts about us:

  • At Majon we've been on the internet helping business owners succeed since early 1995. (Our domain age is 15 years & 200 days at the time of this writing.'s domain age is only 15 years 300 days by relative comparison!)
  • In the last 3 years we've had 8,608,698 (8 MILLION) unique visitors to our website (And over 37 Million page views)
  • We have thousands of top rankings for very competitive keywords and phrases in Google and other search engines.
  • Over 8,500 website owners have trusted us to help them get traffic and increase sales online.

None of that is said to brag or toot our horn - but only to share the facts, that when it comes to helping sites get traffic, we've been very successful for ourselves and our clients.

More importantly - we know what it takes to help YOU succeed in adding more visitors and sales to your online business.

Which brings us back to our Mall Link service...

Mall Link is a unique service that quickly puts your website "on the map" with major search engines and gives you an instant boost of high-quality, targeted traffic.

Before we go further... this must be said:

-> We're NOT promising you first page rankings on any search engine. 

We can't do that we don't own or control the search engines.

It's true that many of our customers DO see a big jump in rankings, (and we'll explain WHY in a moment) but we have no control over it -- nor do we promise any specific improvement in your search engine rankings.

So what does Mall Link do for you?

"Majon has consistently been an excellent source of high quality traffic
to our site"

"Exposure in your online malls has become one of our top ways of generating business"

" continues to improve in traffic and ranking with the help of Majon International's Mall Link Service. Thank you!"

- C. Abraham
Marketing Director

First - it puts your website in front of targeted visitors who are actual buyers & consumers in our privately owned network of thousands of online shopping malls.

Now - to be clear...we don't put your link on thousands of shopping malls sites (this isn't a link farm).

Instead, we capture and redirect all the targeted, niche-specific traffic from these thousands of sites and shopping malls and point them to your website link in our Majon Marketplace. Your web site will be listed in our high ranking authority web site at: Majon's Marketplace Shopping Directory.

When you join Mall Link, your website gets listed at the TOP of the Majon Directory in the niche category that best suits your business.

This gives you instant exposure to a steady flow of new traffic without expensive and time consuming Pay Per Click campaigns, article marketing, or any other labor intensive SEO techniques.

Once you signup for Mall Link using our secure online form, within 24 hours you'll expose your site to...

Thousands of New Opportunities To Attract People looking for your products.

Web visitors will easily find your web site over and over again because each of our online mall web sites are independently promoted and linked around the web. Your web site will be accessible from online shopping malls such as: WorldMall, MrCyberMall, King of the Mountain Mall, USA BestBuy, Clean Green EnergyCrazy Cool Shopping, Arizona Diamondbacks, Treasure Alerts, Outertube, WebsiteMarketingPro, AllSearchPro, Euro Riches, CharityMeter plus thousands more!

The people who find your site through our sites and marketplace shopping directory are shoppers (they're in a shopping "mall" site) and are looking for products and/or services in your specific category.

As a Mall Link member you get the exclusive access to this flow of traffic - something you can't find anywhere else.

But that's not all...

By listing your site with Mall Link (which
takes about 2 minutes) you get immediate
"Action and Traction" with the search engines

According to Google, what really makes your website rocket up the rankings are BACKLINKS.

We currently rank # 2 in MSN and # 3 in Google for the popular term "cell phone accessories" ...

"I attribute this success to our Majon multi-mall incoming text links!"

General Manager

Here's what Google says on their website when asked how to improve page rank:

"In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages."
- Google


The key there is finding "high-quality" sites that link to you.

When it comes to backlinks, quality is better than quantity.

Here's why...

Google's number 1 goal is to deliver "relevant content" to people who search.

If you get a back link from your uncle George's hobby website, and a backlink from an "Authority" website like - which one do you think Google will give more value to?

Clearly a link from will mean more to Google than your uncle George's site (Even if uncle George is a really nice guy).

Why? Because CNN has more "Authority" in Google's eyes.

And a site builds "Authority" when it has lots of people linking to it.

The more "Authority" you have, the more confident Google is It Won't Be Embarrassed By Showing your site on the 1st page for relevant keywords

Nobody knows for SURE what Google uses in their algorithm to rank web sites in the top of their search engine except for Google.

From the research we've done, the extra "love" that Google shows to web sites that are linked from "authority sites" are at least 100 times greater and probably as much as 200 - 300 times greater than getting links from almost all of the "average" sites on the web.

Google uses the term "page rank" in their methodology for evaluating web sites. That means they evaluate web sites and give them a page rank grade from 0 - 10. The higher the grade the better the site and more regard that Google shows to those "authority" web sites.

Content & links from these authority sites are given more attention and recognition in the search engines than from any other sites on the internet.

(Without exposing too many of our secrets, one of the back links you'll be receiving as a Mall Link member is from our own "authority" web site where we are very highly regarded in the top 6% of all web sites on the internet).

When you Join Mall Link, You Get High-Quality, Keyword-Specific Links Back To Your Website.

"I have seen our traffic double since using your Mall Link service"

You have helped our company and its bottom line. AWESOME, that's what the Mall Link service is... just Awesome!" 

James Bradshaw 
President and CEO

The Mall Link Yearly option gives you 50 high-quality backlinks to boost your rankings and add instant credibility to your domain. With the Mall Link Platinum Yearly option you get 600 high-quality backlinks!

These backlinks go to work immediately improving your site position, authority & traffic. And these links continue to work day in and day out.

Also with mall link, over time, because we are always increasing OUR own web site authority and back links on the internet, we pull your site along with us for the ride.

It's like an investment that continues to grow in value year after year.

And it all happens FAST!

Because is considered an Authority website, Google spiders our site Every Day

Which means within 24 hours of joining Mall Link you'll be immediately included in the next Google Sweep.

When Google sees these impressive back links from us to you - your site will suddenly be a lot more valuable in Google's eyes.

Immediately, because of your association with Majon , you've gone from a rain drop in the ocean to a mini Tsunami sending ripples across the internet.

And finally - How Would You Like an Extra 10,000 Visitors To Your Website In the Next 30 days - for FREE?

As a new Mall Link member, we are going to do something extra to welcome you to the Majon family of internet marketing services.

Being traffic experts for the last 15 years & counting, we now have access to millions of web visitors that we funnel through our network.

We can literally "turn on a fire hose of traffic" to any given website if we want.

So when you sign up for Mall Link, we are going to send you 10,000 targeted web site visitors direct to your site in the next 30 days.

These are not "Junk" visitors. These are REAL people.

If they find your site, it's because they expressed an interest in the type of product or service that you're selling.

They are looking for you. And we're going to send them your way.

That's 10,000 new people learning about your business and getting to see what you offer.

Consider it our gift, a way of saying "Thanks" for trying us out. And it's included in your first month's subscription fee.

Our Guarantee of Satisfaction

Mall Link is not something we want you to take any risk on... There are already too many risky aspects of business to worry about, without adding one more.

We know that if you TRY Mall Link for a reasonable period of time, you'll stick with it.

That's why you can order with confidence, be safe in the knowledge that you have a full opportunity to put it to the test with your website.

If for any reason you're not 100% confident that Mall Link is an asset for your online business, just call us or send an email and we'll refund your first payment.

Why We're Lowering The Price For a Short Time:

In the past we've sold Mall Link for as much as $1295 per year.

With the economy in the shape it's in, we're trying something new:

Recently we've decided to "Test" a lower price for the following reason:

We've found that Mall Link is a perfect "Gateway" product for introducing new customers to Majon and our other services.

When you try Mall Link and see the amazing results (more traffic, higher rankings, and extra income) that can come from this service, our guess is you'll be open to trying other Majon International services.

So it makes sense for us to lower the price of Mall Link as a way to quickly fill up our available membership openings and invite as many new members as we can into the family.

That's why we're making Mall Link available
for only $69/month.

That's right... only $69.00 per month plus a one time $40 setup fee. This low monthly rate is only available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

OR you can choose to pay for a full year of Mall Link for only $485 and save $223 right off the bat!

At the same time, you will also get additional marketing for your site by having a professional article written about your business with many additional direct permanent links pointing to your site. This article will then be linked in our own authoritative article directory & promoted on your behalf to 300+ other article directories & sites on the internet.

OR if you are ready to invest a little more in your internet business for the long term & want to get higher search engine rankings even faster, you can choose our Mall Link Yearly Platinum option for only $775.

This option includes EVERYTHING the Mall Link Yearly option includes, PLUS you will also receive 600 Guaranteed PERMANENT web directory links pointing direct to your web site. Since many web sites on the internet reach the first page of Google search results with only 1000 backlinks or less, you will be well on your way to growing your online business with one very smart easy investment.

These options are available to you for a limited time only:


EXCLUSIVE! Mall Link Web Linking Service

Click to see sample information required when ordering (Step 5 of ordering process)

Summary of Features - What
You Get As a Mall Link Member:

  • Thousands of shopping mall entry points bringing actual "consumers" and real people & "buyers" into the shopping marketplace directory.
  • Visitors arriving from highly optimized and heavily promoted online shopping malls sites that have unique domain names assigned to them. 
  • Many of these Shopping Mall web sites are ranking very high for many different keywords in the search engines.
  • Targeted traffic that arrives direct to your site from other promotions and search engine listings that we have in place for our shopping mall network.
  • You site receives a prominent listing & link in the Majon Marketplace Directory.
  • 10,000 bonus targeted traffic visitors to your website as a way to give your business a jump start the first month if you chose the monthly sign-up option.
  • 15,000 bonus targeted traffic visitors to your website for the 1 Full Year Mall Link subscribers.
  • Mall Link yearly & Mall Link Platinum subscribers get the extra benefits of a professional Search Engine optimized content article written, distributed & listed in our authoritative article directory & circulated to over 300+ other article directory sites.
  • 600 Guaranteed Permanent web directory links pointing direct to your web site for all Mall Link Platinum members.

Membership In Mall Link is STRICTLY LIMITED

This is not a trick or a gimmick...

If we let too many websites join Mall Link, then we dilute the amount of traffic each site receives - ruining the effectiveness of the system for everybody.

Plus, every time we provide out-bound links from our domain, it actually HURTS our authority and page rank with Google.

We're giving a little piece of ourselves away with every site we put on our directory.

(Google likes to see links coming IN to your site, not going out. Your site will be getting all 1-way links direct to your site.)

For these reasons, that's why we have a very strict limit on the number of sites we allow in our shopping marketplace at any one time.

If you're reading this, it means there are some opening and you DO have a limited window of time to secure your links in the directories.

But We Will Shut This Page Down In A
Heartbeat When We Hit Our Limit

And with more than 70,000 visitors seeing this page in the next 30 days, there's no doubt that the few remaining spots will sell out.

So if gaining access to exclusive traffic from our network of thousands of online malls, the 30+ high-quality backlinks and the 10,000+ targeted traffic web visitor "Welcome Traffic" package makes sense to you, take action now and secure your spot.

Remember, ORDER NOW & link your web site where the buyers and consumers are.... 

(Mall Link will get your site immediate internet exposure...)

All it takes is $69 to get your site "on the map" with Google and the major search engines.

The longer you stay with Mall Link, the more you build secure positions in the search engines and the more momentum you build for your online business.

If you're like many online business people, you're looking for a lifestyle of freedom, a passive stream of income that gives you the ability to travel, enjoy life, and pursue your passions.

We're willing to lend OUR hard-earned web site authority to give you a leg-up on your competition, ease your marketing burden and helping you to accelerate your "climb to the top".

For only $69/month you get to piggyback on the millions of dollars we've spent to create these online malls & web sites, build massive traffic, and utilize Majon's "heavyweight" reputation with Google and other search engines.

$69 secures your place with a top spot in your category on our shopping marketplace & our web directories.

Take the 2 minutes to sign up now and your
website link will be spread out and available
to our mall customers within 24 hours.

And by this time tomorrow Google may have found your site and been confronted with your website's new-found "Authority".

(And don't forget we'll send you 10,000 targeted visitors right away when you join)

EXCLUSIVE! Mall Link Web Linking Service

Click to see sample information required when ordering (Step 5 of ordering process)

The choice is yours.

Keep doing what you've been doing (and getting the same results...)

Or take our risk free offer to jump on board and gain immediate activity in the search engines, exposure to thousands of online shoppers, and a solid boost for your online business.

You can cancel at any time, and if you're not thrilled with the traffic, visitors and better search engine positions, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we'll refund your money.


The Majon Team

P.S. Here's what a few other satisfied customers have to say about Mall Link...

"We are very satisfied with your
Mall Link Service!"

We started to use Majon's Mall link service about 3 years ago and still continue to use it.

Immediately, from the first month on, we were pleasantly surprised by the positive effect it had on our search engine rankings and thus on our increasing number of targeted visitors and sales.

Ever since, we've only been going up with our website positions and we got results we've never dreamed of."

Michel Van Denhaute
Bolero Labs


"Looking on the internet for ways to promote my web site was a very difficult and somewhat painful experience with all the so called claims that say ... we will get you on the first page of SE's in one day etc... "

Ha, Ha, Yeah sure!

I had been receiving updates from Majon International for the past year because I signed up for their info. Then I finally decided to call them on the phone and Marti returned my call immediately and went over what I need to do to properly promote my site.

I found the Company was very knowledgeable in SE optimization and Marti suggested areas on Majon that would help my company become more recognizable on the internet.

Less than one month later, I found my site was more active in customer response rates because of the help from the Majon International team - they are a group of very knowledgeable people.

They follow thru on their promise to list your web site in the best Mall Link categories. A special thanks to Marti and all at Majon!

I submitted my key words and subject line for my business and they put it all together and even suggested a few changes on my web site that would be best to help promote my site.

I highly recommend their expertise in this field to promote any site that you have and bring you the traffic that you would expect and to market your online business thanks to all at Majon!" 

Dave Chretien

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