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Local Directory Business Listing Service

Business Listings Get You More NEW Local Customers!

LOCAL Database Submission & Business Listing Service


Do You Need Local Customers?

Get Your Business Listed - & Listed ACCURATELY!

Be Found in Over 100+ Local Search Databases & Directories!

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 LOCAL Database Submissions & Business Listing Service
This is One of the Most Important Internet Marketing Steps You Can Take...




  • Get Listed In Over 100+ Best-In-Class U.S. Local Business Search Platforms (Searches Done from Mobile Devices, Cell Phones and Navigation Units)
  • Improve Your "Find-ability" In U.S. Local Searches With Accurate Local Business Listings
  • Your Business Will Be Listed in Major U.S. Local Search Databases, Auto GPS Navigation Systems, Mobile Device Business Databases, and Local Internet Business Directories
  • Includes An Exclusive Customized VIDEO Created Exclusively For Your Business
  • Includes Video PROMOTION for Your New Video
  • Manage ALL Your Local Directory Listing Information from One Convenient and Easy to Use Member's Interface

Google - Yelp - Yahoo - CityGrid - White Pages - YP

Yes! Lots of People are Looking for You and Your Business!
Help Them FIND YOUR Business! Ensure They Can Find YOU!

Why is the local database submission & directory listing service so important for all local businesses nowadays?

One word:  MOBILE!

More and more people are now doing searches from cell phones & mobile devices than ever before. As a matter of fact, there are MORE SEARCHES now are being done from mobile devices than from desktops and laptops! The reason WHY local searches are so important is that searches from mobile devices are relevant and sourced from the users location. Therefore these local search databases are different than the regular search engine databases! You need your business listing to be found in the local databases!  Our local business listing service gets the job done from one central interface.

See some of the local databases where you will have your business listings indexed with our service!

Some statistics showing how people are using the Internet:

70% of All U.S. Households use some type of search for local products
or services on a DAILY BASIS

75% of All Internet Users
looked for products and services close to
their home or business

55% of of All Internet Searches
have references to local
products and services

66% of All Internet Users
expect to find businesses within 15
miles of them

Most Local Businesses realize that standard yellow page advertising is dead! Why spend thousands of dollars on old yellow page advertising or on other print advertising that nobody uses anymore? For a low cost, very affordable solution that effectively handles all your local business listing needs - Get the Local Directory Submission service!


Read What Others Have to Say...
"I made up my mind to completely cancel our yellow page business listings that were costing us over $10,000 per year. Instead, I now rely soley on our local business listings in local databases and directories on the internet. Our business is growing dramatically - It's up 200% in the last year alone! Local search listings are the best money I have ever spent!"  .......... Dr. Bass, DDS

"My business is very competitive in our local area. I was spending more and more money in print advertising and getting nowhere. Then I discovered why! People are doing many more searches on the internet and cell phones these days to find local businesses such as mine. I got my business listed in all the appropriate local search databases and now my business is doing better than ever! Not only that, but my overall advertising costs have gone way, way down too! Life is good again!" ........ Annie Marie Laurie, CMT Licensed Masseuse

"Having our business found for our niche on cell phones and in important local directories has literally saved our business. Every single day we get new customers that are finding our business listings on Google Maps and in other key local directories and databases. Those new customers have now become part of our regular client base. Business is growing. We couldn't do without our local internet listings anymore." ..... Marins Automotive Service

"Local business listings on the Internet are an essential part of our overall advertising approach. I can tell you this, our local listings are much less expensive yet much more valueable than almost all of the other advertising we do! In my opinion, really good local internet directory listings do more for our business than just about any other advertising we do." ........ Jeri Cain, Merit Reporting

Act NOW for our Amazing Offer!

PLUS - There IS MORE to this Quality Service!!!

It is Well Known that we Live in a "Multimedia" Era... Your Business Cannot Ignore It!

Take Full Advantage of the Benefits of Multimedia for Your Local Business Listings!

  • Included: We create a professional high-quality slideshow-style VIDEO for your business (We use the information found on your web site; or from the information you provide on the order entry form.)
  • We post your NEW VIDEO on YouTube for you
  • Included: Professional VIDEO MARKETING & PROMOTION for Your New Video - Gets You More Business Exposure!

It's the BEST Local Advertising You can Get! Don't Miss Out! Your Customers are Looking for You...

Costs MUCH LESS than a Single "tiny" Yellow Pages Advertisement!




Another EXAMPLE of a Custom Made Video Created for Clients... 




The Local Directory Submission service at Majon International empowers businesses of all sizes to actively manage their local business listings. With accurate listings, you will get links in all the top local business directories and databases that reach both consumers and businesses. If customers can't find you, they can't buy from you!

Our service provides a single entry point via our online interface that allows you to easily manage and distribute your business profile for accuracy into ALL the important local directories and databases.... over 100 of them! This is the fastest, most reliable and most cost effective way to get your local business listed in the biggest and most important business local databases in the U.S.A. You can change, update & manage your business listings at any time from one interface inside our Member's Area whenever needed.

Grow your business, grow your customer base and get more local customers... Plus increase your website traffic and enhance your overall search engine positioning. Build permanent web site links too... Act quickly to get the local database submission and business listing service working for your business NOW! 

Save Time with Professional Website Directory Submission SAVE TIME... We know that handling your local directory submission and business listings is an important part of your local marketing exposure and Internet Search Engine Marketing efforts. Our service has proven to be effective and is a fast, reliable way to get maximum LOCAL exposure for your business. If and when there are information changes about your business such as address, phone number or even other website name changes etc., with our business listing service you can affect the appropriate changes on ALL the local directories from one convenient interface! This saves you time and keeps your business running smooth. This service improves the number of listings and the accuracy of all your local listings on the Internet. Reaching a hundred or more local web directories all over the internet can be a very time consuming - and expensive process! ... We've been in business on the Internet for over 15 years and are glad to go to work for you. We are organized; we are professionals. We know what you need in order to succeed LOCALLY on the internet. We have one comprehensive service that gets the job done right.

One Interface to Add/Fix All Your Listings. Be Found Everywhere.

ALL INCLUSIVE, HIGH QUALITY LISTINGS... Our local directory submission service is very successful because we partner with the largest business databases and companies on the internet. Our long standing business relationships make it easy for us to manage your listings to make sure that your local listings are indexed and found when users and new customers are searching for your type of local business. Whether your business is a beauty salon, restaurant, hotel, tire store, professional office or one of thousands of other types of local businesses this service will work for you! It is 100% guaranteed! There is no need to do any other local submissions or local web listings services to get the new local customers you need!

One Trusted Company! One Quality Service! One Yearly Price!

100% Guaranteed!

Comparable at $595 year 

Special Introductory Pricing!

Get found Now $495 / year

 100% SECURE Online Ordering!


Your Business is Listed Accurately in 100+ Local Search Databases and Directories!
PLUS... Free Video - Created, Designed & Promoted!

Local Directory Submission Service w/Video Creation & Video Promotion

Includes Submission & Business Listings into 100+ Local Search Databases, Cell Phone Search Databases, GPS Navigation Systems, iPad & Other Mobile Device Search Databases & Directories!

Also Includes: Custom Business Video Creation as well as Business Video Marketing & Promotion


Comparable at $595

Your price $495 / year
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