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Majon International 1995-01-01
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Majon History and Mission Statement

Matthew Hesser - President of Majon International

My name is Matthew J. Hesser. As the founder of Majon International, my entrepreneurial experience and history is extensive. I grew up in the produce business learning the ins and outs of the trade from my father. I began selling produce door to door at the age of twelve. At age thirteen, in partnership with my cousin, we opened our own fruit and vegetable stand. That is when I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Years later, after learning and working in my father's company in various capacities during my teen years and early 20's, I decided to start out on my own, I have been successfully self-employed ever since. As every entrepreneur knows, living out your dreams often times brings many and varied challenges.

In 1988, Majon International was officially born as a marketing company. Equipped with nothing more than a dream, a college education, and some marketing knowledge, I set my sails for Hong Kong where I personally found and negotiated for the exclusive marketing rights for the USA for an interesting new electronic product called "Musical Hands" - gloves that played music by simply pressing on the fingertips. I returned to the USA and successfully performed press release services that resulted in feature articles being placed for this (and other new products as we grew) into every major newspaper in the USA, as well as many popular national magazines and TV shows around the world!

In January of 1995, Majon began to make a transition after discovering that the entire format of marketing was making a dramatic worldwide shift. There was a new marketing paradigm taking place and bringing unlimited opportunity through the use of ecommerce and online marketing via the Internet. Today, Majon International deals exclusively with these unlimited marketing and advertising aspects of the Internet.

Majon International is a fully integrated company that offers a complete set of marketing services that have been developed and continually updated to achieve actual online sales results. Majon's online marketing and advertising services translate into real visitors and actual sales for your company. Our premise is to be the champion for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs... However, even large public companies use our services on a regular basis. Small and medium size businesses and enterprising individuals with a dream and a desire to succeed on the Internet now have an intelligent and effective means to launch their internet businesses and advertising campaigns - successfully and affordably!

We at Majon, know what it takes to succeed in online marketing and advertising and what it takes as an entrepreneur. Furthermore we are experienced professionals with a keen focus on conducting business on the Internet. 

Here is what just a few of our customers have to say...

Majon is great! After using your services in February I have been featured on over 150 radio shows - some interviews lasting over an hour in places like New York, Washington D.C., and San Antonio! Also I have been interviewed by the New York Post since using your Advanced P.R. Service. Thanks Majon.

Randy Welsh - Author
Computer Disaster Survival Guide

For years, I have owned a local retail food store, and recently I started this other side business selling motorcycle and auto parts. I launched my new parts business in Majon's Mall using their mall link marketing service, and well, heck, my new British parts business is doing so well, I'm thinking of selling the food store!!!

Phil Brown
British Tools and Fasteners

Majon's Advanced-PR Press Release Service is awesome! We started getting calls the day after the press release was sent! We got written up the next day! I have also given dozens of radio interviews! I will use Majon's Advanced-PR Press Release Service for all of our future press releases!

Robert Wolseley
The Lovegety

Majon created and designed a very professional web site for us - even better than I imagined! I am very pleased with Majon and happy to be on the internet...

Jeri Cain
Merit Court Reporting

Thank you for a tremendous job! We received an almost immediate influx of inquires and coverage after using your Advanced PR Service! Thank you!

Dennis Stemmle
President NO Boundaries, Inc.

Having Majon redesign and create our website is the best thing that's happened to our internet presence. Not only is the site more professional, sales are up 445%!!! Thanks Majon!<.p>

Richard Biederstedt
Marketing Director
Gematria Inc.,

We have thousands of affiliates - but having our web site Mall Linked in hundreds of your online shopping malls - has put Majon among the TOP 15 places that our company generates actual internet SALES! Nice going!

Alison Levy
Marketing Manager
The Jewelry Spotlight

Taking a chance with Majon and Advanced PR is like betting on a football game after it's been played! Scale Free International increased its web-site hits by 50% the first few weeks. We are expanding our product line and will use Majon International again and again as part of our marketing strategy.

Kevin Yanker
VP Marketing
Scale Free International

At Majon International all of our services have been developed out of a need to succeed on the Internet ourselves. This means we fully understand the struggle and tradeoffs that must be weighed and balanced to reach success on the internet. We understand the entrepreneur. We understand small and medium size businesses with large marketing and advertising challenges. We understand that you have a number of decisions and barriers to break thru to make your success happen. We make our services affordable, yet provide all the functionality and proven effectiveness to ensure that your maximum potential for success is achieved. We invite YOU to stand on our shoulders of experience, integrity and knowledge to reach your own goals of success and prosperity. Many Blessings! Happy Marketing!