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Social Business Pack Comprehensive social marketing and building pack. Build BUZZ for  your business. Have the benefit of a larger more responsive social audience for your business. 
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Real Facebook Fans
You Get More Fans

We can add thousands of active Facebook® fans to your Facebook® Page. Tap into the 500 million+ Facebook® users and increase your brand awareness! There's never been a better way to get your product in front of so many people.

Gradual of Addition of Facebook Fans
Steady Growth

We manually add Facebook® fans to your page gradually over time. This helps your page grow naturally, and does not look like you purchased Facebook® fans.

Guaranteed Facebook Fans
Guaranteed Fans delivers guaranteed fans! Most other websites sell "Invites" only. Our service gives you actual fans and "likes" that become part of your Facebook® network. It's 100% guaranteed to get you the number of fans you need or your money back!

Targeted & Worldwide Facebook Fans
Targeted & Worldwide

With our service you can choose targeted USA Facebook® fans OR target Worldwide fans. can deliver fans to help boost your company's social popularity

Delivered On Time
Delivered On Time

Get your fans in the time specified on our website, or otherwise agreed upon. We are known as a quality and effective provider of Facebook® fans. All of our fan packages have specific delivery time frames. There's no better way to advertise!

Increase Revenues
Increase Your Revenues!

Social platforms are an ideal venue to improve your company's brand awareness and pitch ads to a listening audience. Working with us is a first step to better fortunes. Get a wider audience, better sales & more profits. It's worked for many others, and there's no reason it shouldn't work for you.


Viral Marketing Works Best With More Fans!... Grow Your Social Network!

Facebook® Fans and "Likes" Packages...

SPECIAL! Limited Time Offer! Get an EXTRA 100 Fans FREE With All Orders!

Would you like to have a custom fanpage created for you?
Additional 50$ setup fee will be applied to your current order.

Yes, I need a facebook fanpage.

No, I already have a fanpage.
Worldwide Fans
Targeted USA Fans

1,000 Fans

USA Fans Delivered in 5-7 days. Worldwide sooner.


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2,000 Fans

USA Fans Delivered in 5-7 days. Worldwide sooner.


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5,000 Fans

USA Fans Delivered in 5-7 days. Worldwide sooner.


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10,000 Fans

USA Fans Delivered in 15-22 days. Worldwide sooner.


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20,000 Fans

USA Fans Delivered in 20-60 days. Worldwide sooner.


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100,000 Fans

USA Fans Delivered in 45-60 days. Worldwide sooner.


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*Due to the Nature of social networking a large percentage of your fans will be young. We recommend turning up the age limit for your fan page in your settings until our campaign is complete if this is an issue for your company.

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" During our search for the best company to help market our online presence, we were directed to Majon International. Risk and expedited timetables are the norm when getting a project..."

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Michael Daemon (CEO)
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Discover the Power of Facebook® Fan Pages and Viral Marketing Through Facebook®!

Facebook® cannot be ignored.... it is now rivaling Google in terms of exposure on the internet.
If you don't already have one, your business needs a Facebook® account. Having a Facebook® account puts your business into a social arena where hundreds of millions of people worldwide are convening almost daily. With those kinds of numbers and that kind of exposure, you cannot afford to let this new opportunity for business pass you and your company by. Having a Facebook® account is a little like having a specialized email account that reaches direct to those people that have joined your Facebook® account by becoming "FANS". The more fans you have, the bigger the base of your "social" exposure. This Fan base is where WE come in...

Your Facebook® "Fan" base is YOUR group of people that YOU have available to communicate with over and over.
People become familiar with you and your company thru repetition. The social advertising platform of Facebook® has become so valuable because it enables people in businesses to build relationships with other people thru communication and familiarity. Relationships are an essential element of growing your business.  Facebook® fans are essential for success in the social marketing arena. Now, let us help YOU BUILD your Facebook® Fan base! We follow all Facebook® guidelines so your Facebook® page is never interrupted.

We Target Your Facebook® Fans to be either Worldwide Fans or be from the USA.
We can target either Worldwide fans or reach USA and Canadian Fans to join your Facebook® Fan page.  We invite millions of Facebook members to join your Facebook fan page... If they are interested in what you have, then they will join your Facebook® Fan page. It is that simple. If they are not interested, then they will not join. This way, you get a targeted interested audience as your Facebook fan base! We do not provide incentives or ever pay others to join your Facebook® fan page... We do the invitations and fans join voluntarily. We will continue to invite Facebook® members to join your fan page until we get you the desired number of Facebook® fans you request.

All Facebook® Fan Building is Completed within the time specified for your selected order. All orders are always completed within 60 days of Placing Your Order. Our service cannot be used to promote Facebook® APP pages. We will not accept Facebook® pages that promote hate, contain pornography, promote gambling or spamming of any kind. We reserve the right to disapprove any Facebook® account that we feel does not quite meet our level of quality.

Take Action Now! Diversify your marketing strategy and include these elements of social advertising as part of your marketing strategy to deliver more traffic, sales and profits to your web business! 

Don't have a Facebook® Fan page yet? No problem! We will take care of that for you too. We'll create a customized Facebook® Fan page on your behalf and give you full access to it once it has been created. The important thing is that you  get started now! The social advertising train has left the station and the question is... are you on board? Act now! This is a quality service that is a solid investment in your business and it gives YOU the ability to have more social advertising exposure for your company regardless of what level you are at right now.