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Two Ways to Incorporate a Blog into Your Business

By now, you’ve surely heard about the benefits of maintaining a business blog. In fact, it’s rare these days for company not to have a blog associated with it because there are just too many benefits that come from it. But many business owners question whether they should create a blog that is attached to their website, or create one off-site. Here is a rundown of the benefits of each.

An Onsite Business Blog

Some people choose to include a blog as a part of their business website. Here are the benefits of this type of setup:

  • It makes it easy for your customers to find. All you need to do is create a button on your site that points visitors to your blog.
  • As long as you consistently post fresh content, an on-site blog will help improve your search engine rankings.
  • By posting up-to-date and relevant content, the blog will help to establish you as an expert in your field.
  • You can inform readers on how best to use your products and services, and offer suggestions for more ways to incorporate your products into their lives.
  • A good blog will help brand your business
  • You can use internal links to guide your visitors to your product pages and other areas of your site to increase sales and profitability

An Off-Site Business Blog

Another way to carry your company message across the internet is to establish a business blog that is not attached to your business website. There are some distinct advantages to creating an off-site blog. They are:

  • You will receive incoming links from your off-site blog to your website, which will help to improve you search engine rankings.
  • You will attract customers who may not have found you before.
  • Blogger.com, which is the site we use to set up our customer’s off-site blogs, gets indexed and ranks more quickly be the major search engines, which means it won’t take as long for your marketing efforts to pay off.
  • Because the blog isn’t associated with your company website, it will lend credibility to your brand, and increase the perception of your expertise in your industry.


At Majon, we set up both on-site and off-site blogs for our clients, and see great results with either choice. If you haven’t yet decided which type of business blog would best suit your business, contact us today and let us show you which type of blog would likely work best for your business.

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4 Reasons to Use Our Blogging Services

Maybe you already realize that in order to keep up in today’s competitive online business world, you need a blog. It’s true—blogs are the one consistent internet marketing method that consistently reap results for both online and brick and mortar stores. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business blog for your business, and need some reasons why you should outsource the project rather than do it yourself, here are four to consider.

You’re Too Busy

Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people on the planet, and most of them don’t have the time it takes to dedicate to a blog. After all, running a blog is more about just writing the posts, although that takes a lot of time, too. A good blog will use keywords to attract internet visitors, include links to improve the results with the search engines and promote the blog with social media. Business owners already work countless hours per week, and typically don’t have the time for these important marketing tasks.

Your Reputation is Critical

Your business blog represents your company, and as such, you need it to be factually correct and professional. Our writers understand that when they write posts for your blog, your reputation is on the line. That’s why we only hire writers with years of experience and an ability to write for any industry or profession.

You’re Not an Expert at SEO

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a critical aspect of promoting your business blog to ensure that potential customers can find it. There is a lot involved in the process, and while it would take a novice months to learn, we are already experts at it. We will handle the SEO for your business blog so you can concentrate on the other important aspect of running your business.

You Know How to Utilize Outsourcing

Study after study has shown that today’s business owners are outsourcing a good portion of their business processes to people who are experts. This not only cuts the costs compared to having a full-time employee, but it results in better outcomes because you are relying on proven experts to do the job for you. We are the oldest internet marketing company around, and we have years of experience in creating and maintaining effective business blogs.

If you’ve been putting off starting your own business blog, why not contact us and let us tell you how our blogging service can start you on the path to the one reliable internet marketing strategy that your competitors rely on?

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Three Ways We Can Help You Achieve Blogging Success

There is nothing more disheartening that putting a lot of effort into a blog, only to have your family and friends as the only readers. At Majon, we understand the importance of your blog to your business, and that’s why we work hard to make all of our client’s blogs the best they can be. In fact, there are three areas that we specialize in when it comes to building successful business blogs.


There is nothing worse than building a blog audience, and then letting them down by not posting consistently. When we create and maintain your business blog for you, we post on it regularly—at least once a week. If you opt to have more than one blog, which we highly recommend, we will post a blog on each one of them one time per week. That consistency doesn’t only help keep your readers remain loyal, but Google’s latest algorithms demand that blog content is consistently updated with fresh, relevant postings.


Sure, you create a blog that only offers general information, but the truth is, that type of information can be found anywhere on the internet. Instead, one of the keys to successful blogging is creating content that is unique and ideally specific to your industry. For instance, if you run a bakery that specializes in wedding cakes, it won’t do to post regular articles about baking. Readers who visit your blog will want content that specifically talks about wedding cakes and how to use baked goods to make a wedding more exciting and memorable.

Sell Without Selling

One of the marks of a true professional blogger is the ability to sell their company’s product or service without making the reader feel that they’re being sold to. Let’s be honest, the last thing a reader wants is to feel that a company’s blog is just another form of advertising or a sales channel, and if they feel that it is, they’ll likely log off and look for the information elsewhere. Our writers understand the art of the soft sale, and will create your blog post with a deft touch that combines subtle sales with useful information.

If you’re ready to get started on your blog and help build your business’ brand and customer base, contact us and let us tell you how we can help.

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5 More Ideas to Spark a Blog Post

Last week, we talked about the importance of keeping your blog relevant and interesting so visitors will keep coming back to read your posts. I gave you five ideas that you could use to create the kind of posts that would have people logging in week after week to find out what you have to say. This week, we’ll expand on that subject, and talk about five more great business blogging ideas.

Write an Informational How To

If you sell a product, one of the best ways to talk about it without sounding too salesy is to write an informative how to blog that tells the reader how to best use your product. For instance, if you sell essential oils on your website, write a post giving readers information about all the ways they can use essential oils in their everyday lives. This will not only give your readers great information, but it will establish you as an expert on the topic.

Write About Recent News

If you can tie in a recent news event to your product or service, you have an instant blog post. For example, if you sell women’s clothing and a celebrity wears the same or a similar item to what you sell, create a blog post about it. Everyone wants to keep with celebrities, and if you can somehow tie them to your business in a post, people will love to read it.

Ask a Question

A great way to get your readers involved is to ask a question, and then open up the comments. Preferably, it should be a question that somehow relates to your business or website, which will make readers feel like they are part of your inner circle.

Talk About the Future

Do you have some exciting plans for the future of your business? Create a post sharing what you can with your readers and get them excited about your site’s growth and expansion. You might also open this kind of post for comments, and let your readers offer input about your plans.

Post a Video

If you want to mix things up for your readers, create a video that shows off one of your products, or previews one that you’re about to release. Studies show that people love online videos and if they’re engaging enough, they watch them to the end.

At Majon, we specialize in business blogging, and thousands of business owners like you have come to rely on our blogging services to help brand their business. Contact us today, and let us tell you how we can help put your business blog on the map.

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5 Ideas for a Great Blog Post

A business blog should be more than a sales pitch for your company. It should be interesting and informative enough that readers will not only want to continue coming back to read new posts, but will also tell their friends and family about it. But ensuring that those posts are interesting enough every time you write them can be tough for some bloggers. Here are five ideas that will help you get the creative juices flowing.

#1: Write About Happy Customers

When customers hear about other happy customers, it makes them feel good about your business. Whenever a customer sends you a note of thanks, a testimonial, or just tells you a story about how your product or service helped make their life easier, turn it into a post.

#2: Create Some Controversy

Do you have an opinion that is contrary to popular belief? Then create a post explaining to your readers how you feel about the topic and why. Because you are writing a business blog, you will need to be careful about how you approach this idea, and make sure your post won’t offend any existing or potential customers.

#3: Write About a Popular Post

Sometimes posts go viral, and if you can figure out a way to tie that post in with your business, you can create a post about it. Just be sure to link to the post that went viral to give yours even more credibility and a boost with the search engines.

#4: Compile Information for Your Readers

Digging around for information on a topic can be time consuming, and that’s why one of the most popular forms of posts are link roundups. To do it, you should select a topic that matters to your readers, and then compile a list of links that will give them more information. Your readers will be grateful that you saved them the time, and the search engines will be happy with all of the relevant links.

#5: Create a FAQ Post

Do you get asked the same questions about your products or services all the time?  If so, it’s an indication that consumers need to know more about what you offer. By composing a FAQ post, you can answer all of their questions in one easy format. And who knows, maybe it will cause some people who have been sitting on the fence about buying from you to go ahead and place that order.

Of course, the easiest way to come up with ideas for blog postings is to let us create them for you. Our writers are experienced and know how to write business blog posts that will keep your readers coming back time and time again. Contact us today and let us tell you how we can build you a business blog that gets results.

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