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3 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Local Business

If you run a local business, you may have put off starting a business blog because you don’t think it will help attract local customers. The truth is, a business blog is absolutely necessary for a local business. That’s because more and more consumers are looking for information online before they buy products or services, and that includes those who plan to buy locally. If you operate a local business, here are some reasons why you should consider starting a business blog right away.

Get Word of Mouth Business Via Your Blog

Today’s consumers still rely on recommendations from friends and family when they make their buying decisions, but they don’t pass along the information over a cup of coffee like they used to. Today, people use their social media accounts to let their networks know when they have found a product they are pleased with. And when you run a business blog, it gives them an easy way to recommend your business to their friends by liking, sharing, or tweeting your blog posts.

Boost Your Local Search Engine Results

More and more consumers are relying on local business directories and search engines that use geographically relevant results to find businesses in their area that sell the products and services they need. In order to show up in these search engine results, you will need quality content that points the search engine spiders to your website. One of the best ways to quickly build enough content is to use your blog to create posts that are optimized for local SEO.

Build Your Local Reputation

Local consumers want to do business with the area expert, and maintaining a business blog is one of the best ways to build that reputation in your area. By posting relevant, well researched information about your industry, local consumers will come to rely on you for the information they need. There is just no marketing strategy that can compete with a good reputation when it comes to reaching local consumers.

Our blogging service not only specializes in in creating quality business blogs for our clients, but we also understand how to create localized blogs that use the latest SEO techniques for those businesses that are looking to increase their local business. Give us a call and let us tell you how we can help to build your local market share today.

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Three Ways We Can Help You Achieve Blogging Success

There is nothing more disheartening that putting a lot of effort into a blog, only to have your family and friends as the only readers. At Majon, we understand the importance of your blog to your business, and that’s why we work hard to make all of our client’s blogs the best they can be. In fact, there are three areas that we specialize in when it comes to building successful business blogs.


There is nothing worse than building a blog audience, and then letting them down by not posting consistently. When we create and maintain your business blog for you, we post on it regularly—at least once a week. If you opt to have more than one blog, which we highly recommend, we will post a blog on each one of them one time per week. That consistency doesn’t only help keep your readers remain loyal, but Google’s latest algorithms demand that blog content is consistently updated with fresh, relevant postings.


Sure, you create a blog that only offers general information, but the truth is, that type of information can be found anywhere on the internet. Instead, one of the keys to successful blogging is creating content that is unique and ideally specific to your industry. For instance, if you run a bakery that specializes in wedding cakes, it won’t do to post regular articles about baking. Readers who visit your blog will want content that specifically talks about wedding cakes and how to use baked goods to make a wedding more exciting and memorable.

Sell Without Selling

One of the marks of a true professional blogger is the ability to sell their company’s product or service without making the reader feel that they’re being sold to. Let’s be honest, the last thing a reader wants is to feel that a company’s blog is just another form of advertising or a sales channel, and if they feel that it is, they’ll likely log off and look for the information elsewhere. Our writers understand the art of the soft sale, and will create your blog post with a deft touch that combines subtle sales with useful information.

If you’re ready to get started on your blog and help build your business’ brand and customer base, contact us and let us tell you how we can help.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Second Blog

When most people think of a business blog, they think of one blog in one location, but after being in the internet marketing business for years, we’ve learned that there is a better way when it comes to building a blog that will get the most for your business. The secret to successful business blogging that we practice is building two blogs for one company. If you’re looking to make the most out of your business blogging, here are three reasons why you should think about having a second blog.

You Need Outside Links

When your blog is located on your website and you create links to product pages and other important pages it may do some good if a potential customer is reading the post and is led to make a purchase, but it won’t do any good in getting your website ranked higher with the search engines. In order to do that, the links going to your website need to come from an outside source, such as a blog located on a different site. We set up those types of blogs for our clients, and that allows us to create deep links for them, which attracts the search engine’s attention, as well as the attention of more potential customers who see the blog in the search engine results.

Readers Don’t Want to be Sold To

When you host your business blog on your own site, readers will always feel as if the information is only there to encourage them to buy your products and services. On the other hand, when you write a blog about your industry or niche, and locate that blog away from your website, it will have more credibility with your readers. They will see it as a source of good information, rather than talking points for your company.

You Need the Credibility

These days, consumers are looking for experts when they want to buy a product, and many of them view neutral bloggers as those experts. When your blog is located off site, and is filled with informative and interesting information, you will build your credibility in the industry and consumers will begin to trust you. And that can only be good for your business.

We are experts at business blogging, and when you enlist our services, we will build two blogs for you on an offsite location. Just think, that’s two different locations to get those deep links from, two locations to build your credibility and gain consumer trust, and two blog locations to establish yourself as an expert. Contact us today and let us tell you how we can build and design those blogs for your business.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Blog

If you don’t already have a business blog, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, if you speak to any internet marketing pro, they will tell you that having a business blog is one of the most important parts of your internet marketing strategy. So, if you haven’t taken the leap, here are three reasons why you should do so quickly.

Reason #1: A Business Blog Gives You Authority

It’s important to be considered an expert in your field by potential customers because that raises their trust in your and your products or services, and one of the best ways to give yourself that authority is to have a well written and informative blog. Today’s consumers are savvy enough to thoroughly research a product before they pull out their credit card, and the way  they research is by reading online content. If your blog gives them the information they’re looking for in a way that makes them see you as the expert in your field, they will likely look to your company when they’re ready to buy.

Reason #2: Search Engines Like Business Blogs

With all of the changes to Google’s algorithms, it only makes sense to do all you can to get your website at the top of the listings. Google has made it clear that informative and useful content will do just that.  And in addition to using your content to bring your business higher up in the rankings, you can also link to your blog from your website, and vice versa, in order to get an even better search engine ranking.

Reason #3: A Business Blog Builds Client Relationships

Do you read any blogs on a regular basis? If so, then you know how it feels to build a relationship with the blogger, even though you may have never met her. When you invite readers into the world of your business, it creates an intimacy that, many times, leads to initial or increased business. Think about it—bloggers are the new celebrities in our culture, and that’s why a good blog can do wonders for your business.

Of course, writing a blog isn’t easy, especially for someone who spends so much time running a business. Our business blogging service is the answer for thousands of business owners who understand the importance of creating a blog, but simply don’t have time to do it themselves. If you’re one of the few who don’t already have a blog set up for your business, contact us today and let’s get started.

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5 More Ideas to Spark a Blog Post

Last week, we talked about the importance of keeping your blog relevant and interesting so visitors will keep coming back to read your posts. I gave you five ideas that you could use to create the kind of posts that would have people logging in week after week to find out what you have to say. This week, we’ll expand on that subject, and talk about five more great business blogging ideas.

Write an Informational How To

If you sell a product, one of the best ways to talk about it without sounding too salesy is to write an informative how to blog that tells the reader how to best use your product. For instance, if you sell essential oils on your website, write a post giving readers information about all the ways they can use essential oils in their everyday lives. This will not only give your readers great information, but it will establish you as an expert on the topic.

Write About Recent News

If you can tie in a recent news event to your product or service, you have an instant blog post. For example, if you sell women’s clothing and a celebrity wears the same or a similar item to what you sell, create a blog post about it. Everyone wants to keep with celebrities, and if you can somehow tie them to your business in a post, people will love to read it.

Ask a Question

A great way to get your readers involved is to ask a question, and then open up the comments. Preferably, it should be a question that somehow relates to your business or website, which will make readers feel like they are part of your inner circle.

Talk About the Future

Do you have some exciting plans for the future of your business? Create a post sharing what you can with your readers and get them excited about your site’s growth and expansion. You might also open this kind of post for comments, and let your readers offer input about your plans.

Post a Video

If you want to mix things up for your readers, create a video that shows off one of your products, or previews one that you’re about to release. Studies show that people love online videos and if they’re engaging enough, they watch them to the end.

At Majon, we specialize in business blogging, and thousands of business owners like you have come to rely on our blogging services to help brand their business. Contact us today, and let us tell you how we can help put your business blog on the map.

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