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What are the Advantages of Web Link Building?

Your website will benefit greatly from search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization means your website will rank high in search engine results pages or SERPs of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Bing. The increased visibility means you will have greater hits and consequently greater ROI (return on investment). A high ranking also allows you to compete with larger competitors since ranking is not based on annual turnover. One of the most effective White Hat SEO techniques is Web linking. There are several reasons other than SEO why you should create website links.

Credibility and reliability – linking website with credible and reliable websites through reciprocal linking brings you out as credible and reliable. Having links in articles meant for article submission directories brings you out as an expert in your field.

Self-promotion and information sharing – creating links through blog commenting, press releases, and similar methods that allow for contextual links allows you to share information and to advertise yourself.

Ease of navigation – web linking is making the Internet more usable and useful. Website link building provides a simple navigation avenue in that people are able to move through websites, documents, and Web pages within a website more easily. The unparalleled convenience is making the Internet the place of choice for such things as shopping and information gathering, meaning there is a lot of money to be made and you reach millions from across the world.

Targeted Web traffic – one of the greatest reasons why you should create website links is that they bring you targeted Web traffic. Targeted Web traffic is important because when it comes to the Internet, quality always beats quantity. Targeted Web traffic means you are more likely to sell your product/service since Web users who click the links in such places as blog comments and articles in article submission sites are only those who are interested in what you have to offer.

Cost benefits – Web linking usually leads to permanent links. These links are important in that they save you money since they are one-off. Most of the link building methods such as the building of reciprocal links and placing links in articles, press releases, and blog comments are free of charge.

Cheap advertising – linking website is one of the most effective and one of the cheapest advertising methods. You will reach millions of people from around the world with your ads and you will pay a fraction of what you would with traditional advertising methods.


The Different Methods of Website Linking Building

Website link building is the process of hyperlinking with other websites. This is done because link building is an effective SEO (search engine optimization) technique since Google factors in link popularity algorithms to rank websites in its search engine results pages, as do most of the other major search engines. This is also because linking with credible and reliable sites brings you out as being credible and reliable, and because links bring you a more targeted Web traffic, meaning you will get greater ROI (return on investment). There are several methods that you could use to build website links. These include:

Reciprocal linking – reciprocal links are mutual links between websites. A reciprocal link is advantageous in Web linking in that you get to choose the website to link to, meaning you will only link to credible and reliable sites. To get a reciprocal link, simply submit your website to a reciprocal link exchange directory where you will get linking partners.

Resource linking – resource or information links are links that are either 2-way or 1-way links that are basically hyperlinks to websites or specific Web pages in websites that contain comments that are believed to be relevant, useful, and beneficial to visitors.

Forum signature linking – consider forum signature links when doing website link building. These links are basically backlinks to websites that are in forum communities that allow for outbound hyperlinks in members’ signatures. This is one of the fastest ways of doing inbound website link building and it is also advantageous in that it brings in targeted Web traffic since they are placed in forums in your niche. You should however note that these links will not affect your SEO value if they are in forums that NoFollow attributes.

Blog commenting – you could build website links by leaving blog comments – this leads to relevant DoFollow Web linking in the individual’s blog, but they are however NoFollow links for you. Although these NoFollow links will not have any SEO value for you, they will bring you targeted Web traffic.

Directory link building – you could build website links by submitting your website to a website directory. Website directories list website links and they put them in categories and subcategories. There are free directories and paid directories.

You could also do Web linking in:

* Press releases
* Social bookmarking sites
* Social networking sites
* Articles meant for article submission directories
* Testimonials


Web Site Linking and Maintaining Live Links on Websites

The search engines that are used in most Internet searches are Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL Search and Ask.com. Search engine software is constantly searching the Internet, visiting websites and indexing the contents to build a database. When a user initiates a search, the search engine searches its database for the websites that provide keywords and content it believes most closely matches the criteria typed in by the searcher. Web site linking is paramount to this process.

How a Search Engine Creates a Database

Search Engines use software called a “spider” or web crawler to move around the Internet and index website content. They also collect details of the URL of the searched pages on the website. The URL is a web site’s address—how that particular web site is found on the Internet.

Search Engines and the Importance of Effective Linking on a Website

A web crawler may visit a website via a back link from another website. It will index the first page (the linked page) but it requires effective linking to the rest of the website in order to optimize the chances of the rest of the content on the site being indexed as well.

Gateway Pages and Effective Link Building

Internet searchers and search engine crawlers enter the website via a link either on a search result or from another website. The page they first enter on the website is called the gateway page. The gateway page should act as an index linking to every other page on the website. The web crawler will follow the links to other pages and continue to index those pages and give them a page ranking. It is vital that every page provides a live link to other pages and that there are no dead links on a page.

Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization

Site maps provide a convenient way of insuring that web site links are active and lead to all other pages. A site map is a directory on a website that directs search engines to the pages on their website. It does this by creating an XML file that lists all the URL’s (links) along with added information available on that website. A website that’s effective in creating a sitemap, finds and eliminates dead links, and is optimized for key words and content, should be able to achieve a high ranking on the search engine page rankings. And that is how the game is won.


Effective Website Link Building Strategies for Better Online Business Performance

If you have been running an online business or website for some time now, then you know the importance that good SEO plays to the success of your undertakings. For good SEO to take place there is something that must be added to the mix and that is website link building. This is the process of increasing the link popularity of a website by adding the number of linking websites that are connected to it. What makes link building a very effective SEO tool is that it not only provides good optimization for the search engines but it is also essential in ensuring an overall better performance of a website.

There are two main types of links that you can get when linking websites; there are one-way links and there are two-way links. One-way links are those that do not have to be reciprocated while two-way links are reciprocal links and are the links that are achieved through link exchange programs. While both of these have positive effects on your overall link popularity, it is the one-way links that are given a higher weight by the search engines. They are therefore more effective than the two-way links in terms of producing results within a short period of time.

To guarantee even more success, the linking website should be one that is niche related. This means that you should strive to draw links from sites that deal in products and services that are similar to yours or that are related to yours. For example, if your business is all about selling mobile phones, niche links could be links that come from sites that offer information on phones or that cell phone’s accessories such as phone covers or batteries.

When you have a large number of niche one way links from linking websites you will have effectively doubled your link building efforts and will guarantee results from your campaign. This is due to the fact that such links will serve to improve your credibility to clients and potential clients since they act as references from different people to your business. They therefore set you apart as an authority and people have more faith and trust as they do business with you. This makes it easier for you to develop brand loyalty, which will help to promote repeat business that is essential for online business success. So, the next you go about website link building, ensure that you use these link building strategies.


Want to Carry Out Some Web Linking? Try Article Submissions

Web linking has since the inception of the Internet been one of the integral factors that determine the success or failure of a website. It is through the linking of websites that the search engine crawlers are able to determine the popularity of a site and thus reward it by giving it a high placing in search engine results pages. There are various techniques that one can use to build website links each with its own pros and cons. Most people usually adapt a mix of all the techniques they know in order to provide a multifaceted approach to link building.

One of the techniques of web linking that is known for its effectiveness and that features predominantly in any link building campaign, is the use of article submissions. In this case, one comes up with original and creative content regarding an issue or products and services relating to their niche. At the end of the article, they can add an author’s resource box where they can add a link or two back to their main site. Thus, if someone reads the article and are interested in what the author has written about, they can click the link and end up back at the main site.

The reason why people love to use article submissions to build website links is the fact that you get to create contextual links, which are usually very highly rated by the search engines. By using certain keywords as anchor text and linking them to the homepage of your main website or to deeper pages, you will be increasing the chances of someone actually landing on your site and maybe carrying out some conversion. The fact that you are free to write about anything related to your niche means that one has the freedom to come up with articles depending on what they intend to achieve in their marketing campaigns.

Apart from being an effective way of optimizing your website for the search engines, web linking using article submissions can also help to improve your credibility. When you constantly spin high value content about you niche on a regular basis, people will learn to see you as an authority in you field and this can help to improve the trust that customers and potential customers have in your business. In the long run, this translates to brand loyalty, which in turn leads to repeat business for you and thus a better ROI. So, if you are looking for a cost effective way to build website links, article submissions is the way to go.