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Blog Marketing and Promotion Three Different Ways

Blog marketing – the art of promoting your business through a blog – doesn’t necessarily mean putting a blog on your business website. A company-owned blog is just one of many configurations that can help generate leads and bring more traffic to your website – and your business. These are a few of the different ways that a blogging service can help boost your online profile and generate leads and sales for your business.

An Onsite Blog for Your Business

The most obvious move is to create a blog on your business website. The benefits of an onsite blog include:

-          Fresh content weekly improves your search engine rankings

-          Informative content establishes your business as an expert voice in your field

-          Engaging blog posts give your business a personality and help with branding

-          Your blog can offer solutions and/or answers to readers’ questions and needs

-          A blog gives you a “canvas” where you can use local references and links to improve your local SEO

-          An internal linking strategy helps direct site visitors to your money pages, reduces your bounce rate and improves your search engine rankings, making it more likely that people will find your business when they search for companies that provide your services in your community.

A Branded Offsite Blog for Your Business

If you want to increase incoming links to your company website but still reap the benefits of a company blog, you might choose an offsite blog branded with your company’s name. That generally means a blog at one of the free blogging sites, like Blogger.com or WordPress.com. The benefits of this strategy include:

-          Links from your offsite blog count as incoming links for your website, improving your search engine rankings.

-          Blogger.com and WordPress.com blogs get indexed and ranked much more quickly by most search engines, so your marketing strategy takes root more quickly.

-          Even though the blog is not on your website, your company still benefits from the personality and branding a blog brings to your business because you’re associating it with your company.

-          Likewise, when you blog offsite under your company name, you’re increasing recognition of your expertise.

An Unassociated Offsite Blog

A third option is to create an offsite blog that has no official connection with your company, but links back to your company website in blog posts. The benefits to this type of blog include:

-          Links from the blog increase the number of incoming links to your website, and aren’t associated with your company.

-          Blog posts that appear to be written by an unaffiliated entity have more credibility than those that are obviously written by your company.

-          Links from a blog about your industry to your website are given more weight by most search engines, making them more valuable for website promotion.

Of course, you can combine any of the above types of business blogging services to amplify each other and reap even higher benefits. For example, you can use an unaffiliated offsite blog to link to posts on your onsite blog as well as to internal blog pages, which multiplies the benefits you get from each of the blogs.

Different blogging configurations provide different levels of benefits to different types of businesses. If you’re not sure which is best for your business, talk to us and let us make some recommendations.

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Do You Do Weddings? Four Top Reasons You Need a Blog

When you’re in the wedding industry, blogging isn’t just a good idea. It’s practically a necessity. Brides have adopted the Internet like no other consumer block, with the possible exception of online gamers. They scour wedding sites, look for pictures of wedding dresses, search for reception ideas, register for gift registries, seek out wedding photos to ooh and ahh over, listen to band samples online – in short, in the months leading up to their weddings, they are likely to search for something wedding-related nearly every single day. Having a website for your wedding-related business isn’t nearly good enough. If you really want to benefit from local wedding traffic sent to you by search engines and social media, you absolutely need to have a blog.

Four Top Reasons Wedding Pros Need to Blog

Word-of-Mouth Spreads Online These Days

The tell-a-friend advertising network is still one of the most potent available in wedding retail, but these days it works a little differently. When friends are looking for a good photographer or the perfect wedding florist, your former clients are most likely to share a link via Facebook or in an email. A blog gives you a place to show off your latest work and present yourself as friendly, approachable and professional – everything brides want when they’re working with wedding pros.

Search Engines Are Increasingly Local

Search engines are increasingly using geo targeting to provide geographically relevant results when consumers search for services online. This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you need enough local content on your website (and pointing to your website!) to show up when someone searches for wedding flowers in your town. On the other hand, you have to have enough wedding content to show up when someone searches for wedding flowers. A blogging service can be especially useful on both of those counts, especially one that will maintain blogs onsite and/or offsite for your business.

Use Your Blog to Build Your Rep

When you post to your blog regularly – or pay someone else to do it for you – you’re building a library of content that can make your wedding blog a destination for brides who are looking for ideas and advice. Whether you shape your blog around just your aspect of the wedding biz or offer open-ended advice, your position as a professional in the wedding industry gives your voice some added weight – and your blog can help you grow your reputation.

Your Blog Is the Hub of Your Social Media Strategy

So, show of hands here. How many of you have had a bride come in with a picture of a wedding gown, hairstyle, floral arrangement or place setting she found on Pinterest? Pinterest can be a huge lead generator for you if you do it right – and doing it right includes having a blog to Pin things from. Every person who pins images from your blog spreads the word further and invites more people back to read your posts. The same holds true of Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter. When you have content on your own blog – whether it’s written by you or a blogging service you engage to write for you – you have a ready-made source of social media content to share, and every share increases the likelihood of engaging a new client.

You don’t have to be a writer to have a wedding blog. Talk to us about special packages for new bloggers and the blogging services we can provide to help your wedding business thrive and prosper.

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Using the Written Word to Build Traffic

Most people think about getting more traffic to their website through links posted to websites, forums, and other places. But although those are popular ways to build traffic to a website, they are not the only ways. Here are some other ideas:

1. Make another website that is full of content

In order to get more people to their website, some people build a second website for which they write articles and post them. These articles are about the subject of the other website. For example, if the original website is about jewelry, the second website can have articles on about different kinds of gemstones and how to care for them. In the articles, the person can link to their other website.

2. Put articles on an existing site

If a person doesn’t want to build another webpage, they can add a page to their website. This gives the visitor more information about the different items on the website. If they have a website that sells different types of candles, they can write articles about different types of candles and then link them to the sales page.

Because this type of article is attracting people who are interested in the topic, you may find that they are going to be willing to buy items from the website. It also shows that you are very knowledgeable about the products and that people are having their questions answered before they ask them.

3. Article submission sites

Another great place to get traffic to your website is to write articles that pertain to your subject and post them to article directories. The website can be linked in your article as a reference and, unlike link exchanges, you don’t have to post it on your own website.

As has been shown, articles and the written word help a lot when someone is trying to get more traffic to a website. That is one reason why copywriting services are so big – the people who write articles know what a powerful tool the written word is.


The Benefits of Using a Press Release Service

More and more people are using a press release service to distribute their press releases to the various news outlets and to directories. With captivating titles and rich content, the reader is drawn into the press release all the way to the end. Upon reaching the end, they then click on the link in the resource box to visit the website of the press release owner.

Reaching the end of the press release is the goal. With a press release service, that goal can be realized because the service knows a good press release from a bad one. They also have the capability to write the press releases. The press release service can also submit the press releases rather fast, which means the information will be out there quickly.

Here are some of the benefits of using a press release service:

* Your client base will increase substantially. Actually, it goes a long way in a short period of time. This makes press release submissions very effective in getting the word out about a business. In public communication, it is used as a tool to relay information about a product, a service, or an event that is newsworthy.

* Linking back to websites is another reason why a press release service is a great investment. It can’t be expressed enough how important it is to have one-way links out there on the Internet. Every directory submission is a one-way link that connects to the owner’s website. This is great for driving more traffic.

* Those who are interested can stay informed. Many people enjoy reading news about a particular company. A press release allows these individuals to stay informed on the latest happenings.

These are all great benefits and they back up why it is important to invest in a press release service. Most business people don’t have the time to sit and submit to directories on their own. They don’t even have the time to write the press release. That is why they hire others to do it for them. The return on investment is incredible because the business that is going to be received will completely outweigh the cost of the press release service.


Dollars and Sense: Making Course Corrections

We’ve been talking about the importance of setting aside a budgeted amount of money in order to undertake Internet advertising and marketing. One of the major advantages of Internet marketing over offline marketing is that it allows you to be much more nimble. You don’t have to put a lot of money into, for example, shooting a new television commercial, designing a new print advertisement, or recording a new radio ad. You can just tweak your Internet marketing campaign as you discover what works for you and what doesn’t.

For example, if your first email marketing campaign flops, you might want to try a different message or call to action. If the second one flops, you’ll know that it’s time for a switch. You might decide that mall link advertising is a new strategy to try. On the other hand, if you find that your half million popunders brought in overwhelming amounts of traffic, you’ll know right away and can order a million more.

In the process, you might also discover that some of your web pages seem to convert more visitors than other pages. If so, you might want to tweak your Internet marketing campaigns so that they send people to a page relatively deep in your site that has good conversion.

The bottom line? Spending money on Internet marketing and advertising doesn’t tie you into a single strategy for a long period of time. Instead, you can be nimble and quickly shift strategies to those that produce results.