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Aggressive Marketing with Online Banner Ads

Let’s face it, marketing today is nothing like it was ten or twenty years ago. Not only has media for marketing changed the competition, the available market has also increased. Many online businesses are finding it hard to stay in the competition. Your business may be in a similar position. However, this isn’t the time for you to give up. This is the best time for you to show what you are truly made of. One way of getting the word out about your business more aggressively is through online banner ads.

Just as in the physical world, online marketing ought to be aggressive. However, it shouldn’t irritate the viewer. Your online advertisements should be able to grab attention and cause the viewer to take action. Banner ads are an effective and easy way of doing this.

While creating banner ads is a skill, using them effectively also requires some skill. Aggressive marketing using online banner ads requires much more than simply placing an ad and a website. You need to have a strategy to ensure that the ads are placed properly.

To understand how to use online banner ads effectively, you must think of the banner ads as you would think of print ads. Anyone with an ounce of business sense knows that you have to identify a target market and place your ads strategically so that they are more effective. If you were selling the latest running shoes for example, you would place posters in gyms, health centers and spas. Your ads are likely to capture more attention this way. The same goes for online banner ads. They should be placed on websites that are relevant to your products or services. Avoid the temptation of placing ads on popular sites just because they are popular. You may not see a big response as you would on a less popular but more relevant website.

People often think that one banner ad placed on the home page of a website is enough. Not everyone lands on the home page of a website. People often land on different pages on the website based on the information that they are searching for. If you want to ensure that your banner ads are effective, you ought to place them on more than one page on the site.

Although including banner ads on different web pages is effective, you also need to ensure that the ad is not ignored. You can therefore vary the location of the ad within the website. For example, you may place the ad at the top of the home page and the bottom of the second page. You may even opt for a side banner on the next page.

Banner advertising is a highly effective tool if used appropriately. Online marketing should be treated just as marketing in the physical world. The same principles for effective marketing apply online and in the physical world. However, you have a greater chance of reaching a larger audience with online ads.


Evaluate Your Banner Advertising for Best Success

If you are looking for effective ways to increase Internet sales, there are various market strategies you can employ. You might choose to employ various methods such as Internet directory submissions, keyword optimization or banner ads. These options can be used alone or in combination but one that is likely to deliver results is a strong banner advertising campaign.

Evaluating a Marketing Campaign

Planning an online marketing campaign is about making sure that the financial outlay is justified by the return. With traditional advertising methods such as a TV ad, the cost is known but it is impossible to know how many potential customers you derived from it, or how many viewers were converted into buyers. This isn’t such an issue with web marketing and by using the right tools it is possible to fully understand the costs and benefits of a specific banner advertising campaign. You can prepare a budget in advance but most of the time, it will be based on assumptions and predictions. You can also evaluate post-campaign.

To do both you will need to know the costs of the banner – you might be paying a fixed fee or you can opt for a pay per click rate. Post evaluation, you’ll know how many customers responded to your call to action (clicked through) and then you can calculate the costs per customer. If you invested in trackers that are able to follow a click through to a sale, you’ll then be in a position to calculate the benefits and financial success of your banner campaign.

Once you have this information you or your accountant can turn your number into financial statements, such as a return on investment ratio graph to be used for future marketing efforts.

Post Evaluation

Once you have all of your valuable marketing information, you’ll be in a position to identify whether or not you need to find host sites with less expensive fees or click thru rates. Or you might find that you need to review your pricing strategy including postage and packing fees and possibly payment fees. There are many things to review during the evaluation of your banner advertising, some of which is the computational value around the costs and benefits but others might be about the aesthetics. The experience might lead you to consider upgrading the content of your banner or if you had previously designed them yourself, hiring a professional to do it for you in order to obtain better results.


Current Trends in Banner Ad Advertising Campaigns

There are several reasons why you should do banner advertising. The greatest advantage of banner ads is the fact that they are an effective online advertising tool. Banner ads will lead people directly into your site’s landing page and this means greater returns if you are running a commercial website and passing your message to many people if you are running an information-giving website. There are several trends that you should follow for a successful online banner advertising campaign.

1. For success in banner ad advertising, your banner ad must be stylish. The banner ad must also be original and creative to attract people. You should keep up with the times and use the latest advertising trends in banner ad advertising if you want success.
The current trend in banner ad advertising is a shift towards curves and organic shapes such as circles and arcs. These are appealing to the target audiences as opposed to hard-edged shapes such as squares, mostly because they are more ‘comforting’ and ‘approachable’.
2. The current trend is indicating a shift towards the use of orange and blue color combinations in online banner ads. These colors are popular because they are associated with computer and technology firms.
3. Yet another current trend is a shift from the extensive copy-and-image format to a heavier usage of stock photography showing ‘customers’ or such things as happy children playing, satisfied mothers, and productive looking offices. Today’s online banner ads are using direct copy as enticement.
4. Another of the current trends in banner advertising is interactivity. Such ads range from the popular punch-the-monkey ad to complex formats featuring simulated form fields.
5. There is a shift from serif fonts such as Times New Roman to sans-serif fonts.
6. Today’s banner ads are following the ‘thirds’ formula where 2/3 of the ads contain pictures and the main ad points while the rest is devoted to clickable buttons that are minimal copy.

If you want success with your banner ad advertising campaign, consider enlisting the services of a professional. Professionals know the latest trends in banner ad advertising, meaning you will reap maximum benefits from your banner ads. These professionals have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that you get the best possible banners. Hiring a pro is important in that you get unparalleled convenience. This means you can continue concentrating on your business/organization and it will not interfere with your social life. You should hire a pro for online banner advertising because these pros have the necessary tools for the jobs, tools that would be costly and difficult for you to acquire.


Making Money through Banner Advertising

The Internet has revolutionized the economy by providing companies and individuals with a new medium through which they can make a profit. There are numerous websites launched on the Internet daily. Many companies and individuals are experiencing growth as a result of placing their products and services on online platforms. However, like in the physical world, the success of your products and services is dependent on your ability to get the information across to potential customers. There are various Internet marketing tools available to draw traffic to your website. Banner advertising is one of the easiest and effective ways of getting your message across to potential clients.

Banner advertisements are special hypertext links. The advertisements apply the same technology as normal links. However, the link is not displayed in the form of text. The link is displayed as a box containing graphics. These graphics may be a simple image with text or an animation. Therefore banner ads are similar to advertisements included in traditional newspapers and magazines. The ads therefore have the same impact on clients with the added advantage of having the ability to direct potential clients to the company’s or individual’s website. It can be compared to a client flipping through a magazine and finding an advertisement that interests them. When the client touches this advertisement, they are immediately transported to the store or supplier of the products or services advertised.

How can you take advantage of banner advertising to drive quality traffic to your website? The first step would be to have your banner ads designed. If you are Internet savvy, you can do this on your own. After all, who knows more about your products and services and the image you intend to present to your potential clients? However, competition on the Internet is even higher than in the physical world. It is therefore advisable to get your ads done professionally so as to present the best image and ensure that your audience is drawn in.

Next is to identify websites in which to place your advertisements. These websites should be related to your products or services. You can offer to place banner ads for the websites on your own websites in exchange of having yours displayed on theirs. You can also pay for the placements. In order to truly take advantage of banner advertising, you need to have ads placed in as many websites as you can. Hiring a professional Internet marketing firm may assist you to get wider exposure.


Banner Advertising Basics

If you are a regular Internet user, you’ve probably had your fair share of banner advertising. Banner advertising is an Internet advertising strategy that employs the use of banner ads. These are rectangular advertisements that appear on websites. Some of the most popular free email service providers include these advertisements at the top of the webpage when you load your emails.

How do banner advertisements work? Well, think of banner ads as small billboards on the information superhighway. However, these are special billboards. Have you ever clicked on a banner ad? If you do, you will be automatically taken to the website of the company advertising. These advertisements are made using simple HTML codes. The HTML code simply instructs the server to load the page of the company advertising when the Internet user clicks on the banner advertisement.

There are several types of banner ads. They vary according to the size of the banner. The size is measured using pixel dimensions. If you are unfamiliar with the term, pixels are the smallest unit used in computers and televisions to create an image on the screen. Full advertising banners that measure 468 x 60 pixels are the most popular banner size on the Internet.

The relationship between the size of the banner ad and its success on the Internet is the reverse of the size of real life advertisements in paper and billboards. The larger the print ad the more attention you are likely to get. Therefore larger print ads are usually preferred to smaller print ads.

However, the case on the Internet banners is quite to the contrary. The size of the ads is affected by the amount of memory required by the banner ads. Larger banner ads will require a larger memory allocation from the website and will therefore increase the time taken by the browser to load the page. Smaller banner ads require less memory and web pages with these advertisements load much faster. The full banner measuring 468 X 60 is popular as it takes only 12 to 16K of the websites memory size. You will probably have noticed this effect as you surf the Internet. The web pages with larger banners that include elaborate graphics take ages to load even on superfast servers. This is likely to reduce the number of sales you make and should therefore be avoided when employing banner advertising.