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How to Use Your Professional Skills for Article Marketing



Article marketing is one of the most powerful and effective means of advertising and of generating income available to businesses and individuals – and the best part of it is that it’s completely free. It relies more on a barter system than on buying airtime or ad space. You give something – free helpful information -and you get something – links to your website and the increased traffic that comes from it.

The more articles you write, the more likely you are to get people to come to your website. But knowing that quantity often leads to success can make it difficult to think of something to write in the first place. Consider this, though: there are two reasons to write articles for article marketing. One is to offer help and expertise; it’s in your head, and you can share it with others. The other is to advertise your business or skills.

Article marketing

Therefore, your business or skills are the place to begin. Here are some ways to start with article writing.

* What do you do? Consider beginning by explaining what you do. Are you a political blogger, an accountant, or an interior designer? Do you sell makeup, luxury pet accessories, or herbal supplements? Explain the business as though your audience had never heard of such a thing before – not to dumb it down, but to cover the basics.

* How did you get into it? This is material for “How to become a _____” article. If you find this business interesting, someone else might also find it interesting, and they are likely to go to your site to learn more about your business.

* Why would someone need your goods or services? If you offer accounting services, you can write an article about why someone would need an accountant, or how to know when it’s time to call an accountant. You can do that with any goods or services, because of course, you know why someone needs you.

* How many different things do you offer? Every single item, opinion, or service can provide its own article. If you are an interior designer, you might do color analysis, carpentry, and window hangings, and there you have three articles.

Remember, article marketing is about marketing yourself, and you have a lot to offer.

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How to Write a Good Article for Article Marketing

Article marketing is a powerful tool for Internet marketing. If you have offered readers useful advice, your articles can get them interested enough in what you have to say to go to your website. But people do not have the time or the patience to read through an article that is not helpful, uninteresting, or difficult to read. Remember, on the Internet, the next website is just a click away. If your article is good, that next click will be on your site.

So, how do you write a good article for article marketing? Here are some suggestions.

* Grammar and spelling count. On the Internet, the line is often blurred between oral speech, where spelling doesn’t count, and written communication, where it does. But the Internet is a visual medium, and we can see whether your commas are in the right place. And if you aren’t smart enough to know the difference between “its” and “it’s,” why should I trust you with my health, business, or whatever concern has taken me to your article?

* Make your titles compelling. Even in article directories, several people will have written articles on the same topic. Yours has to stand out, and the title will do just that. Professional article marketers often find that if an article isn’t doing well, they can simply go in and change the title and it will begin to perform better.

* Start strong. A compelling headline will not save a boring first paragraph. The first paragraph should let your readers know the point of the article and why it will interest them. If you can keep them through the first paragraph, chances are good that you will keep them through the whole article.

* Stay strong. The whole article should be filled with good, clear, and helpful information. Don’t get sidetracked and go off topic, and don’t talk about things you don’t know anything about. But say what you know clearly and cleanly, and readers will stay with you until the end.

* Make the most of your resource box. If you can get readers to stick with you to the end of the article, you get your payoff – the resource box. Your information will include a link back to your website and any other information you want people to know. Remember – stay focused, and keep them wanting more.


Internet Marketing Services: Article Marketing

Article marketing is an invaluable part of any web marketing campaign, and one that Internet marketing services can assist you with. Most Internet marketing services help web owners with writing and distributing articles and content throughout the web. You may find an Internet marketing service that can distribute your articles to e-zines, newsletters, article hubs and other content owners.

The purpose of these keyword-rich articles is to drive visitors to the web owner’s site. Articles should not contain sales-driven content, though. Rather, the content should be helpful and informative. The payoff is that you can include a link box at the bottom of the article that contains a link to your website.

Article marketing is most effective when the articles are between 500 and 700 words. They should have catchy headlines, and effective use of subheads that draw the reader’s attention. Some article directories have stringent submission guidelines, so it pays to pay close attention or to have an Internet marketing company write and distribute articles on your behalf. After all, if your articles aren’t published, they won’t be distributed. Then, you’ll have wasted your time.

Article marketing is not a one-time deal. It must be something you carry out regularly if you want to see the number of visitors to your site steadily improves. Most web owners realize that monthly article marketing efforts significantly increase the page ranking of their sites.

Article marketing is also very helpful as a web linking strategy, because it ensures that links are distributed throughout the web. If you combine article marketing with other services provided by Internet marketing companies, undoubtedly your page rank will rise. Sustained effort is what wins the race in today’s competitive Internet marketing marketplace.


Tips to Redirect Traffic

If you want to increase traffic and redirect traffic, the best thing you can do is get your online business listed with the top search engines, positioning yourself high in the ranking. To accomplish this, you have a number of solutions to consider, one being inbound links. Remember, search engines use spiders or crawlers that go out to websites on the Internet, looking to see what they have to offer. If you have created a website with tons of links, the search engines will simply bypass your site, making it nearly impossible to get the position you want.

Now, you could purchase advertising and/or links to redirect traffic, or you could write articles that have relevant and helpful information, which are then submitted to a number of article directories. If you are not confident with your writing abilities, you can hire a professional writer to assist. In either case, once you have the content written and distributed to free article directories, you have just created inbound links.

Once you have established inbound links, search engines will use them as doors to locate your online business so your page can be ranked. Now, if you want to redirect traffic through a web promotion tool such as this, there are a few things to know. For instance, you need to make sure the article directories have a lot of traffic, and that your written articles will be accepted. Many article submission websites will use articles to help build their own company, especially if the content coordinates with what they sell. Therefore, never be afraid to offer articles, even to new and smaller sites.


Article Marketing: Finding Topics for Articles

Article marketing can be an excellent path into a regular income on the Internet. Whether you sell products or services on your website, are an affiliate marketer, or earn revenue through programs like Google AdSense, article marketing can drive traffic to your site and generate income.

But it’s not always easy to think of topics about which to write. A blank Word document can be one of the most intimidating sights on the planet. Sometimes you stare at the screen with a vague memory of having known something at one time, but you can’t quite figure out what it was.

Don’t worry; coming up with topics isn’t as hard as it seems. There are three main sources that you can plumb for ideas: your professional life, your personal life, and your interests.

Finding topics in your professional life. If one of the reasons for writing these articles is to promote your website or online business, it follows that your site is an excellent source of ideas. What made you decide to start a business in the first place? What product or services do you offer, and when might people need them? If you sell home medical care supplies, you have a dozen articles right there. Why would someone buy or rent these supplies from you, how can they make people’s lives easier, what precautions should people take when buying or renting these items? Then go to each individual item; who would benefit from using an aluminum walker? A portable toilet? An adjustable bed? Tell everything you know about that item, and you may find yourself with more information and article material than you know what to do with.

Finding topics in your personal life. Are you married? Then you know something about being married. Are you single? A parent? A homeowner? A renter? Do you drive or take public transportation? If you do those things, then you know something about how to do them. You can write about that.

Finding topics in your interests. This is more than just your hobbies – though your hobbies are an excellent source of article material. This also includes your opinions, values, and choices. When you sit down and watch the news, what amuses you and what upsets you? What makes you vote for or against a political candidate? Do your children have curfews – why or why not?