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When most people think of a business blog, they think of one blog in one location, but after being in the internet marketing business for years, we’ve learned that there is a better way when it comes to building a blog that will get the most for your business. The secret to successful business blogging that we practice is building two blogs for one company. If you’re looking to make the most out of your business blogging, here are three reasons why you should think about having a second blog.

You Need Outside Links

When your blog is located on your website and you create links to product pages and other important pages it may do some good if a potential customer is reading the post and is led to make a purchase, but it won’t do any good in getting your website ranked higher with the search engines. In order to do that, the links going to your website need to come from an outside source, such as a blog located on a different site. We set up those types of blogs for our clients, and that allows us to create deep links for them, which attracts the search engine’s attention, as well as the attention of more potential customers who see the blog in the search engine results.

Readers Don’t Want to be Sold To

When you host your business blog on your own site, readers will always feel as if the information is only there to encourage them to buy your products and services. On the other hand, when you write a blog about your industry or niche, and locate that blog away from your website, it will have more credibility with your readers. They will see it as a source of good information, rather than talking points for your company.

You Need the Credibility

These days, consumers are looking for experts when they want to buy a product, and many of them view neutral bloggers as those experts. When your blog is located off site, and is filled with informative and interesting information, you will build your credibility in the industry and consumers will begin to trust you. And that can only be good for your business.

We are experts at business blogging, and when you enlist our services, we will build two blogs for you on an offsite location. Just think, that’s two different locations to get those deep links from, two locations to build your credibility and gain consumer trust, and two blog locations to establish yourself as an expert. Contact us today and let us tell you how we can build and design those blogs for your business.

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