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One of the most effective online marketing strategies is commonly called “wheel and spoke” or “hub marketing.” It makes use of multiple online marketing tools – social media promotion, blog marketing, advertising, email marketing and directory listings – using all the different sites as feeders into your own business website.

How Wheel and Spoke Marketing Works

Visualize a wagon wheel, with spokes leading out from a central hub. That hub is your business website – the one you want to attract more traffic or sell more products. Each of the spokes lead out to a different offsite marketing tool. They can – and should – include:

-           Social media accounts for promotion and customer care. Most businesses have Facebook and Twitter profiles at the very least. LinkedIn is helpful for professionals, such as dentists, lawyers and accountants, as well as for businesses that do a lot of B2B sales and consulting. Pinterest and Instagram rely on visual content, and they’re becoming more useful as social media marketing tools every day.

-          Directory listings – local and national – to help people find you and to add a little extra link love into your marketing mix.

-          Email marketing – to get the word out to your customers on a regular basis.

-          Blog, or blogs – to link back to your business site, especially deep links

The links back to your main website have two purposes: first, they count as backlinks, which Google uses to help determine the popularity and usefulness of your website. Second, and just as important, they each serve as funnels to send real, actual people back to your business website.

Blogs are a particularly potent piece of this marketing strategy. If they’re well-written and useful, they’ll rank well in search results and that increases the value of their links to your main business. In addition, people tend to trust what they read on “expert” blogs, and are more likely to click on links to products and services recommended by them.

Offsite Blogs vs. Onsite Blogs

There are two kinds of blogs used in blog marketing: onsite blogs – you’re business’ official blog – and offsite blogs that may or may not be publicly affiliated with your business. Offsite blogs offer an extra boost of credibility to your business because most readers won’t see them as advertising. Instead, they’ll treat them the same way they treat advice from a friend.

The Easy Way to Blog Marketing Success

Few busy business owners have the time to maintain one successful blog, let alone two or three. That’s where a blog writing service can come in handy. Check out our blog writing services and social media marketing packages to see what we can do for you.

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