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Online marketing is a must for any local business. Since 2010, study after study has shown that when most people are ready to spend money on just about anything, they start looking for it online. They may research cars for sale at local dealers, check out menus when deciding which pizza to order, or look for a new dentist. Google has become especially adept at returning local results for general queries. A shopper who searches for “prom dresses,” for example, is likely to get links to local shops selling prom dresses even if they don’t enter the name of their town. That doesn’t happen by magic, though. If you want your local business to be one that pops up when folks in your town are looking for your products or services, you need to do a little setup on your end. These 10 steps can help ensure that Google – and other search engines – knows where you are so it can tell people where to find you.

Have a Website

Silly as it seems, some businesses rely purely on directory listings and Google+ pages to establish an online presence. Your website is essential. It’s the only place where you have complete control over all of your content. While social media platforms and review sites are important for online marketing and publicity, your own website should be the hub of your Internet marketing strategy.

Write an Onsite Blog

Blogs are awesome components of an online marketing strategy. They can become the vehicle for many of the other online marketing tactics that will guarantee your business is listed whenever people are looking for services you provide.

Maintain an Offsite Blog

A blog on your website is great for attracting people – and search engines – to your website, but offsite blogs are also valuable for local SEO. A blog on WordPress.com or Blogger.com can link back to your website, talk about your products and generally provide information that leads people to discover your business. And every one of those links coming from that blog to your website helps boost your visibility with Google searchbots.

Put Your Address on Your Website

You need to tell Google where you are, after all. While you’re at it, grab a Google Maps snippet to post a map and directions to your business on your website. It’s a nice service for your customers, and helps Google pinpoint your location.

Reference Local Landmarks and Events

Use that blog to talk about local landmarks and happenings. The more you connect your website to the local scene, the easier it will be for search engines to figure out where you are.

Set Up a Facebook Page

People increasingly connect with local businesses through Facebook. Set up your page, and try to post status updates at least a few times a week. Master Hint: Share your blog posts – both onsite and offsite – on your Facebook page. It links back to your blog, giving it a boost in credibility, which in turn makes links from your blog to your website more valuable.

Grab a Google+ Page

While fewer people use Google+ for socializing and sharing, it has a valuable social media marketing purpose – Google tends to give more credibility to businesses that set up Google+ pages. It’s a great place to post business hours, specials, photos of your business and more.

Claim Your Profiles

Check out the various review sites and business directories. Many of them build generic pages for local businesses based on databases. If you claim your business profile, you’ll usually get to customize it with your logo, your own photos, your menu and more features. You may even be able to respond to positive or negative reviews left about your business.

Start Tweeting

Twitter has come of age. Connect a Twitter account to your website and blogs, and be sure to make connections between it and other social media accounts. A good social media promotion strategy incorporates the best features of each platform. For Twitter, that means engaging directly with customers, tweeting links to your website and sharing your blog promotion posts via tweets.

Get Professional Help

Writing blog posts is a time-consuming effort, but it doesn’t have to be your time. Check out our blog writing services and social media promotion services to see how we can help you improve your business visibility and results.


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