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Are you bogged down trying to figure out what to post on your business blog? It’s a pretty common feeling. The fact is that few business owners are natural writers – that’s why we offer a highly customizable set of blog writing packages to get you started. If you want to write and post your own stuff, though, one of the first things to consider is your style. Deciding on a distinctive voice and style for your blog posts makes it stand out – and contrary to what you might think, actually makes it easier for other writers to add content if you later decide that you don’t have time to do blog marketing justice. While there are lots of blogging styles out there, these five are among the most common for local businesses.

Business and Industry News

Professionals – lawyers, accountants, doctors and dentists, to name a few – will often benefit most with this blog marketing style. The tone is business-like and informative, and the posts consist of industry updates and news about your business and your profession. Check out some of the most popular law firm sites for an idea of how this works to attract visitors and make it easier for Google to index your website.

Tips and Tricks

Does your business offer a service or a useful product? Blogs that offer tips and tricks on specific subjects are nearly always popular, as evidenced by the popularity of LifeHacker.com. Fit your tips and tricks to your business expertise – and remember, you are the authority on your business. It’s a great way to gain credibility and recognition while increasing visitors to your main website.

Featured Products

If you sell products, a blog that allows you to feature them can work to your benefit. Post about new products in your inventory, about best-sellers and about loss leaders that you want to highlight. This type of blog also works very well for restaurants and sandwich shops. Post once or twice a week, or post a daily special to see your sale soar.

Local Perspectives

Small business owners can reap spectacular benefits from increasing their visibility with other local businesses. A blog that frequently talks about local issues and events is a great way to network with other business owners and customers in your area. Pepper in links to your website and products to increase your visibility to Google, too.

Showing Off

If you deal in a visual product or a service with visual results, show off your stuff. Florists, photographers, garden shops, restaurants, landscapers – these are just a few of the businesses that benefit from showing off their best work.  By including a portfolio – or building your blog around it – you can give people a sample of your work to help them realize just how great you are.

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